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    …I’ve been reading the book by Stephen Flowers which is available for free on Archive.org & therein DR.Flowers has a section on AC wherein he quotes Michael Aquino in this agreeance that AC was a ‘left hand path’ practitioner whether he liked it or not. In fact he says that AC was fooling himself to think that he was anything but. Have any of you read this book? I put this in the KG territory because he was obviously AC’s best student overall & that maybe they are correct in their assertions?



    Firstly, it must be admitted that you are quoting someone who is quoting someone else, so it’s all hearsay (heresy?) and merely somebody’s opinion.

    Secondly, the term LEFT HAND PATH has many definitions.

    In India, there are sects who abstain from sexual activity and recognize no outward symbols/devices/instruments. They look at their associates who practice sex and utilize yantras and mandalas as Practitioners of the LEFT HAND PATH.

    Then there are the oh-so pure white adepts who frown upon their brethren (and sistren) who evoke demons, calling them LEFTERS [sic].

    Ultimately, and in very specific Thelemic terminology, we have the Adepts who do ALL the work, but refuse to let go of their Ego in the Abyss. Then they turn to aggressive acts and eventually fall apart.

    As usual, I have covered all this (with an interesting Case History) in a Chapter of The Master Codex, and (as usual) you can get a free copy of this Chapter by sending an email (Subject Line: SEND DARKO) to me at NotaRajah@gmail.com.

    Finally, my point is: LEFT HAND PATH has many definitions, and any accusations or labeling are launched from a shaky foundation.



    I put this in the KG territory because he was obviously AC’s best student overall…

    Grant was Crowley’s ‘best student’? Really?



    Thanks for the replies. Stephen Flowers has a set of criteria (pun intended) with which he delves into history to find these rascally left hand pathists. In regards to AC he gives a place of prominence & also foreshadows early on through calling him ‘ambiguous’ that his conclusion in regards to him will be worth the wait. I thought it odd as well that he would quote Michael Aquino to do so but this is subtly nuanced with Blake’s summary of Milton. Whether or not Kenneth Grant was AC’s ‘best student’ is up for debate I guess. If you look at the elucidation & expansion of AC’s work by Grant, executed with such a calm confidence, it is suggestible that Stephen Flower’s conclusion carries some weight based on this alone.


    Jamie J Barter

    KG territory because he was obviously AC’s best student overall
    Some would argue this was Israel Regardie, in terms of being closest to the message. Doubtless others (in the Cornelius A.’. A.’. for instance) would argue for Grady McMurrty; or for Jane Wolfe (pace, Eshelman A.@. A.’.)… Even Raoul Loveday could be considered in the running, in terms of unfulfilled (unproven) potential and the fact that A.C. never spoke higher of any of his students.

    Secondly, the term LEFT HAND PATH has many definitions.
    Not only many definitions by many “occultists”, but even KG gives alternative versions (as with some other items in his esoteric vocabulary) depending on which book in the Typhonian Trilogies one happens to be looking in at the time.

    Ambidextrously yours
    Norma N Joy Conquest



    I saw a bit the other day that was talking about the black path and the white path can’t remember which one was alpha and which one was beta.. and Im sure it said the highest form is the yellow path the gamma path … hello mercury again 🙂 well he’s a lil yella fella to me… black absorbs light, white reflects it and gamma does what gammas do.. whatever they will

    I lean towards no definition and no difference

    good and evil are human creations

    someone might know more.. heck everyone will know more 😀

    also as a left hander I take offence at this connotation *grins


    Michael Staley


    Grant was Crowley’s ‘best student’? Really?

    It’s a matter of opinion, of course, but I agree with Horemakhet. I take Jamie’s point about Regardie, but (again, in my oponion) his work doesn’t have the depth or sweep of the Typhonian Trilogies.




    What page ?
    Have you read Darko ?

    “Although the law of Thelema posits no universal code of morality, it does insist upon the idea that for each individual soul there is one natural path and that all such right paths lead to one goal: annihilation of the self. From a purely left-hand path perspective this is a disqualifying factor. All this clearly puts Crowley in a gray zone when it comes to our topic .”
    pg 142 Lords of the Left-Hand Path



    I sent for DARKO but have yet to receive the promised chapter.

    “…Was Crowley a Lord Of The Left-Hand Path? Crowley himself sends a variety of mixed signals. He clearly defines what the left-hand path is in his own terms and carefully explains how he is not a ‘Black Brother’. So we must take him at his word that he was not a treader of the left-hand path.

    In my opinion the key to Crowley’s attitude can be found in his self-image. He thought of his ‘mundane personality’ as a fiendish demon–he often called it ‘the demon Crowley’. He saw himself as limited and insignificant– but his True Self he saw as god-like. So the idea of self- or personality-annihilation and rebirth in the True or Higher Self appealed to him greatly. Analysis of his life shows, however, that the personality of Aleister Crowley appeared to be as strong emerging from the Abyss (on 3 December 1909) as it was going into the Abyss earlier that same year. Of course, our eyes may be deceived.

    From the outside looking in it appears that A.C. meets all the criteria to be a Lord Of The Left-Hand Path. He practiced antinomianism with a vengeance–but within a theory of strict monism (certainly inspired by his Buddhistic leanings). Self-deification is his goal clearly, as he defines it in his own initiatory system. It is fundamental to his work that this deification is that of the individual self and that it is accomplished by the will of the individual magician by means of Magick. So, as I have established the criteria, Crowley is a Lord Of The Left-Hand Path– but not by his own estimation or evaluation.

    One of the major theorists and practitioners of the left-hand path in the latter 20th century, Dr. Michael Aquino, analyses Crowley’s vision of himself and his work as being confused– or ‘perplexed’. Given Crowley’s criteria for initiation in the A.’.A.’. coupled with Crowley’s continued, and even heightened, manifestation of self and personality, a paradox exists. At the level of Magister Templi the individual self and its capacity to discriminate between one thing and another (i.e. logical thought) has supposedly been annihilated– how then can he ‘Understand the existing Universe in accordance with His own Mind’? Dr. Aquino writes: ‘The inevitable conclusion is that there is no Right-Hand Path to the initiatory level of Magister Templi (at least not as prescribed by the original G.’.D.’. and A.’.A.’.). There is only the Left-Hand Path, and it is fraught with danger– not a one time crossing the Abyss test, but a continuous peril that exists from the moment the individual completely realizes him-Self as a Magister.’ Aquino’s analysis is essentially that Crowley was a Black Brother who, because of his unique position and Aeonic Work, could not clearly see that fact himself.”

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    Hor: I sent for DARKO but have yet to receive the promised chapter.

    Well, you sent to the wrong place. Your request has NOT appeared at NotaRajah@gmail.com (I just checked). If you want a copy, make sure you got the email address right … and try again. We provide free services with a smile … if you can only get to the gate.

    Was Crowley a Lord Of The Left-Hand Path? Crowley himself sends a variety of mixed signals. He clearly defines what the left-hand path is in his own terms and carefully explains how he is not a ‘Black Brother’. So we must take him at his word that he was not a treader of the left-hand path.

    I can agree with that. The primary characteristic of a Leftie is their Aggressive nature. Crowley sponged off of everybody, but he didn’t assault them (well, maybe once or twice as described in Confessions). He assuredly attacked the Church, but in print. We can understand and excuse that obsession.




    Thank you for the chapter. I found it to be an entertaining read. It reminded me of Richard Cole’s work in it’s format of Words & Illustration s colliding in a humourous way with the balance weighted heavily enough on the Words so that, by the end, it slides into a comic book dialogue naturally with the core ideas presented earlier still intact.

    You had originally offered me the chapter in regards to a ‘case study’ to be contained therein… This is covered over very quickly with this Superior creepily reading his Inferior’s diary & finding that the young man has stabbed him with an Astral Dagger. This anecdotal evidence is used to support an inflexible, yet highly suspect, outline as to the machinations of the Enemy upon history in the guise of The Holy Lance. USA= Horus. Germany= Set.

    … Lords Of The Left Hand Path is a work of scholarship & thus strives to present an unbiased viewpoint on the matter irregardless of international or interorder politics. Perhaps, Shiva, your views are not?



    @shiva Many thanks indeed for the chapter…thought provoking, entertaining (as Horemakhet has said) and amusing, love the cartoons too! I have also researched the Spear of Destiny and the Thule Society.



    As regards the speculation and conjecture over whether A.C. was “Left-Hand Path”/”Black Brother” or not I became convinced he was not when first reading His essay “Black Magic is Not A Myth” several years ago, and watching the BBC Scotland documentary back in the year 2000 e.v.


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