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    Office of Correlation
    General Transmission



    StarBase 11.8 is pleased to announce that …

    MEGATRON – The Movie

    The Crystal Chip Directory – Chapter 00 – Levels of Consciousness
    (Intro to The 49 Ashrams of the Great white Brotherhood)
    is now live and operating for your viewing pleasure at …


    This 26-minute video is promoted and presented as an Oral (written, in this case) and Symbolic transmission.

    This “chapter” is just the detailed TABLE OF CONTENTS for the series, of which eight more are in the pipeline. Production is slow; it takes one day to produce two minutes of video.

    MEGATRON – The Live Program

    The macrocosmic (big picture), interactive, online version is now up and running at …


    This is the whole, holy program, completely rewritten and recently realigned.

    MEGATRON – The Book

    The Crystal Chip Directory is also available as a full-color, casewrap hardcover, handbook (one ashram to a page). Complete info will be forthcoming on this channel, as the book is currently being fed to the spirit-demons at Lulu for magickal production.


    The Movie format is the most passive approach, and what you see is what you get. But both the Online Program and the Book are designed for divination purposes, more similar to the I Ching than other well-known divination systems. Preliminary experiments indicate a high potential for successful divination.

    93.’., Shiva

    I am Not A Rajah or a voyeur
    I Am Shiva the Destroyer
    I destroy illusion
    and other little things



    This is a very useful and clear description of the route ahead of those who pursue the Work, with excellent retro ’80s style video content (just joshin’).

    I particularly liked the Bollywood clip, and had never thought of the “Dense Material Vehicle” = DMV formulation, which explains many things. For you foreigners, “DMV” to Americans is “Department of Motor [surely a blind?] Vehicles”.

    As such, this video is officially “Endorsed By Me” for use by all persons, and other entities, that may wish to consume it.



    Great Interface space exchange housing

    Well done !

    love the music love the pace !



    Ig: … this video is officially β€œEndorsed By Me”

    Than you. Your check is moving towards your PayPal account even now.

    For anyone who wants to cut right to the Crowley part (in the online version), you can transit directly to the 7th ray here:
    Scroll down a bit and you’ll find Therion, with Perdurabo all over the lower half of the scroll.

    The 7th ray video is still a ways in the future. I just started the first frame of the 1st ray last night.



    The hard-copy, full-color, hand-held Megatron book (The crystal Chip Directory) is now available at:

    http://www.lulu.com/shop/frater-shiva/the-crystal-chip-directory/hardcover/product-2400090 8.html

    It’s been LOT OF FUN releasing the Directory in book, video, and www formats … more or less simultaneously. You don’t need to buy the book unless you are a book collector and will settle for nothing less. The entire text/game/divination-tool is available for you online.

    An economical, b&w, paperback will soon be available for financially impaired book collectors.



    Care Fr. Shiva,
    I am quite enjoying your website version of the Crystal Chip. The table with the rays is very useful in regards to connections/correspondences, and all the information is nice and succinct which makes it easier to digest.
    *happily full*

    Question: I see each entry in the table as more of a reference, how would you perceive using it as an oracle?




    Frater Shiva!

    I initially read this as The Crystal Ship Directory not Crystal Chip and was reminded of the song by the Doors which was written and produced at the same time you were residing in Los Angeles in 1965.

    You have spoken about all the UFO reports in the 60s confirmed both by the many newspaper reports at the time and also witnessed by you and your friends. I’m wondering if you and Jimbo (Morrison) maybe were/are tuned into the same frequency?

    “The crystal ship, is being filled. A thousand girls, a thousand thrills. A million ways to spend your time. When we get back i’ll drop a line.” – The Doors

    – frater micro (tyranny)



    chris: I see each entry in the table as more of a reference, how would you perceive using it as an oracle?

    The divination instruction (how to do it) is described in the Introduction to the Book and the Introduction to the website.
    You can access those Instructions here:
    scroll down about 3/4 of the page (where you see the electrician working) and it’ll tell you the formal method.
    In the informal method (not given online) you take 7 little pieces of paper and write the numbers (1-7) on them. Fold ’em up and put them in a black hat (or a green shoe) or a vasket. Draw a number, put it back. Stir. Draw the second number.

    Divination can be done with the Book (easy) or online (easiest), but the movies are passive and divination cannot be easily performed.

    ty-ranny: I’m wondering if you and Jimbo (Morrison) maybe were/are tuned into the same frequency?

    It’s funny, but I lived through the 60s and never knew who The Doors were. Only much later, like in the 80s or 90s did I see the movie, The Doors, (or was it some title related to The Doors?), and recognized a few tunes … but was amazed at the story/history I had missed.

    Same frequency? Yeah … with notations:

    Solar Lodge was 7th ray (Ceremonial Magick); Morrison was 7th ray (film-performance-music). Same ray … possibly the same band (that’s the frequency). UFOs don’t play any part in the path ’til you get up to Binah or Chokmah (the Quantum neurocircuit), and that can be arranged with heavy application of absolutely-legal LSD. Guilty on all charges.

    Personally, I’m not 7th ray. I’m a different ray whose dual colors create a violet (7th ray) “cloak” around my inner energy field. So I’m part of this 7th ray deal, but I’m holding something else in reserve.

    I have more Love than anybody I have ever met, and i have native powers that will cause you problems if you write sarcastic or accusatory things about me. I guess that about covers it.

    Note on notations: The paragraph in italics, immediately above, is a parody.

    Or is it parrotry?

    “Yes shall know and destroy the traitors.” – AL

    Says so in the scriptures.



    Thanks Shiva, I had skimmed that page at work so I missed the last bit.
    I have had some interesting UFO experiences (completely sober) whilst at the Sand Dunes and also a few times I had some ‘praeternatural’ encounters at my old house while doing LAM /grey meditations. Just felt like briefly sharing due to mention above πŸ™‚ They didn’t really give off a higher Binah or Chokmah vibe to me though, more of a lower scarier Yesodian vibe…



    Does anyone have a copy of the LIBER MMCD? I’m having a lot of trouble finding it. The only link I found was dead from 10 years ago. In case I didn’t get the name completely right here’s a link to the first few pages of the text I was able to find. Cheers!




    bs: Does anyone have a copy of the LIBER MMCD?

    This is a thread about Megatron – the Book, Program, Movie.

    You are supposed to start a new thread if you’re going to change the subject under current progression.

    It’s hard to find, but THERE IS a box saying: “New Topic,” or something like that.

    Maybe the Moderator will move your request to its own column.
    Maybe it’ll stay right where it’s at.
    It doesn’t matter.

    cs: I have had some interesting UFO experiences …

    Please download a Free copy of this doc that relates to you (or anyone who has had such an encounter) – (in person or in visions/dreams):
    This shows the basic format for the 3rd ray of Megatron.
    Just click the links and you’ll checkout with a free pdf.



    Thanks Shiva! I appreciate it. I’m new to the forum.



    Ummm ok, so I had a pretty crazy dream maybe less than a month ago of making contact with a spaceship. Of course I got scared or something. I felt like I had chased it off, as I’ve done in the past when meeting benevolent spirits. I got good vibes from the spaceship at least.

    Then though this morning something strange happened. I was looking up at my ceiling as I had just woken up and a red dot appeared, like a sniper laser. It kept turning into inverted pentagrams, images of beelzebub, and skulls. Are these events related to an initiation into the galactic federation? Should I begin setting up more psychic protections for myself?



    β€œI had a pretty crazy dream maybe less than a month ago of making contact with a spaceship.
    Are these events related to an initiation into the galactic federation? Should I begin setting up more psychic protections for myself ?

    β€œ Dr. Jung said that in olden times, the UFOs might have been called “gods,” but the unconscious of modern man sees it differently. Ancient men saw dragons or monsters and divine Ixnngs in the heavens; modern man sees mechanical archetypes -mysterious spaceships manned by extraterrestrial entities. β€œ

    Coruscate Liber Nesek by Frater Shiva pg xi

    β€œ The subconscious realm is said to lie “beneath” the conscious mind. This would include the autonomic functions of the physical body and the “elemental” workings of Mother Nature, as well as the memories of unresolved, traumatic events that are “stuffed down” out of sight and out of mind in what is called “repression.”

    But the actual location of these memories is “above” our conscious mind in a “higher,” rather narrow, frequency range in the overall spectrum of visible and invisible light. Metaphysicians call this generalized realm the outer court or the lower triad and other similar names. Technically, this includes the emotionally-based astral plane and the computer-like concrete mind of the lower mental plane. The Qabalist would say that we are talking about the combined Spheres of Yesod, Hod and Netzach

    Operationally, these divisions and distinctions need not confuse us or concern us. In fact, they should probably be dismissed, for once a person steps through those Doors of Perception into the next available dimension, he or she is going to be confronted with concepts, symbols and images that are both thoughtforms and emotional impulses combined.

    In other words, the symbol carries an emotional charge and there is no difference between seeing and feeling, for these entities and memories dwell in the Kama-Manas (“desire-mind”) realm of being. This is a zone where each singular memory complex is stored in emotionally-energized mental thoughtforms that jointly act as a barrier between the physical world and the perception of cosmic reality.

    Although we may speak about the “astral” plane, in this case it is but a generalized term. For the actual location of these archetypal symbols is “above” our emotionally-based astral world, existing in a frequency range that appears almost endless in its height. God, or other fabrications that describe the ultimate archetype, is often invisible, but in the first row out from the throne there are archangels or buddhas – and they can be seen, sensed and correlated.

    After long studies, many medical and philosophical researchers have concluded that the archetypes appear to be dynamic, living beings. Whether or not this is true is often debated, but the truth of the matter is that they are able to wield power and to influence events as though they were superior, independent entities.

    So, at the very least, we better show due respect for their power, because if they are not gods, or masters, or universal lighthouses, then they are a part of our own self at some unreasonably high level of consciousness; and both these scenarios may, indeed, be the same thing.

    Now it may come to pass that a person will have a problem telling the difference between subconscious and unconscious entities, between repressed, personal demons and normally-superconscious, universal archetypes. This is a common dilemma.

    The solution is to not concern one’s self with such matters while in an altered state, but to save these distinctions for later analysis and discussion. The best protection against this concern is to recite the phrase, “I will interpret ALL phenomena as a particular dealing of God with my soul.” β€œ

    Coruscate Liber Nesek by Frater Shiva pg 15,16,17

    β€œ dialog with the inner Sun, Ra the Magnificent, The Secondary Clear Light, undertakes an adjustment of his or her consciousness.
    … the person sees things from a different perspective and thus the world appears different. You shift your assemblage point – and you change the world.

    the Light “tells,” that is, it directly shows, the participant what needs to be changed. You see, the dialog is not all flowery words, mystical symbols and magickal delight. The incoming radiance will energize the person’s vehicles -and the weakest point, the most illusory circuit, will become overloaded and cry out for attention. The dialog can quickly become a lesson .

    The “lesson” includes a revealing of the illusion, along with , a shift in perspective that reveals what action (rajas) must be taken. It is all crystal clear. The first time this takes place, the initiate can truly be said to have “discovered his or her Will.” There are, of course, more advanced forms of Will still to come. In order to affect a permanent change, the “action” will take place in Geburah, first as an acceptance in solar consciousness, then followed by some type of corresponding activity in the outer world;

    Sooner or later, a shift in inner perspective will bring about an analogous setting in the external world. β€œ

    Coruscate Liber Nesek by Frater Shiva pg 87,88

    β€œ initiate or the psychonaught will have “conversed” with solar Ra, The Secondary Clear Light, and he or she has taken “action” as an acceptance of the message, followed by some type of corresponding activity, and as a result of “right action” (one definition of Will),

    the primary archetypal symbol of “the Light of the Mind;” it is “the Lamp that burns without a wick and without fuel” β€œ

    Coruscate Liber Nesek by Frater Shiva pg 95

    β€œ The Aspirant, a single human being, a self-evident, individualized, sentient point of awareness, recognizes and controls his or her triple nature [physical, emotional & mental], bringing these three aspects into alignment with the Light of the Soul, the Holy Guardian Angel.

    Viewed directly, this Light of the Soul is a star, although it may appear to the initiate as a Sun or a Bird or a Man, depending on the initiate’s ray and karma. β€œ

    Coruscate Liber Nesek by Frater Shiva pg 114

    β€œ in anyone’s approach to life (and death) after a cosmic voyage, the only material that really counts is what one brings back into ordinary consciousness as a vivid, sustaining memory.

    When it comes down to identifying one’s real, operative level or degree, it merely depends on what “expansion” can be accessed by a person’s ordinary consciousness, “at will.”

    There is an universal principle which decrees that the crisis of an initiatory degree must be undertaken in full, waking consciousness. Only in this way can the higher level of awareness be permanently fixed in place. β€œ

    Coruscate Liber Nesek by Frater Shiva pg 116

    β€œ the initiation process will have been embedded in the conscious mind of the participant and there will be no return to the world where “ignorance is bliss.” Subsequent cycles will take place in a similar manner, but each on a grander scale.

    The negotiation of the path of the wise is more a matter of piercing the veils than keeping one’s feet on the walkway. Each veil is an event horizon. Each veil requires the application of the zero-formula in some manner – either as alignment or balance or total surrender. β€œ

    Coruscate Liber Nesek by Frater Shiva pg 119



    It might be possible
    that there are others on your block,
    and that your block is not the only block .

    Look around
    there may be things
    going on about
    unheeded .

    Your world system
    may not be the only operative .

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