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    Hello everyone..

    I am new to the concept of Zothyria of Michael Bertiaux. I am very much interested in knowing about it and its correspondence with Kabbalah and Kliphoth. Could anyone help me in understanding this concept? Thanks in advance.

    note- I tried reading Gnostic Workbook but sadly its too advanced and beyond my present comprehension.



    Has anyone here had first hand experience working with the Lucky Hoodoo Grimoire in the VGW? With the dedication ritual (and perhaps also the version from David Beth’s Voudon Gnosis? I would love to hear feedback. Any positive or negative experiences?

    Read more: http://theprimalgrimoire.proboards.com/thread/83/bertiaux-works-typhonian-tradition?page=2#ixzz56vRym2eX

Viewing 2 posts - 226 through 227 (of 227 total)
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