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    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

    Hey guys, so I’m attempting to answer the questions for different exams (the Student Exam) that we can find at astrumargenteum.org and I came up with this question: Make a study of all the multiples of the number 11 below 1000, and endeavor to trace a connection between them. Where would one go for this, besides looking into Liber Al? 777? The Complete Magician’s Tables? I’m a bit lost here, in the beginning it kind of went well but I suddenly hit a sturdy wall.

    Apologies for any mistakes I may have made in english, it’s not my first language.

    Love is the Law, Love under Will.



    NotNed: I’m attempting to answer the questions for different exams (the Student Exam).

    Your English is fine.

    If you are taking this exam under the aegis of one of the many A.’.A.’. lineages (of which there is only One True Line, and all the others are fakirs)<haha>, then you are out-of-school by coming here to get any help, and you should be ashamed of yourself for “cheating.”

    But if you are testing out all the various exams you can find, so that you can plan your approach to the Invisible Order that has No Name among men, and by yourself without any lineage-link, then you’re on safer ground and may enjoy dialoging or trialoging here.

    Although the question/instruction is well-designed to reveal the numerical-word-meaning-solving ability of the poor Student, it was written by someone who had a candidate for Hod, 3=8, in mind. Even at that level, the number of multiples up to 1000 is excessively robust.

    A Student is expected to “familiarize” himself or herself with a variety of books, finding what all these systems HAVE IN COMMON. Student Exams should be limited to the general nature of the texts and specialize in common factors running between them.

    The ridiculous question you have posted (quoted) is not in conformity with the objectives or the requirements of a Student. It exceeds its claim to authority. No wonder you’re having trouble. I went to the website you cited, which was a new one for me. It seems it’s a caricature of the A.’.A.’., posted in officious style, that is composed of a group! It also implies that they (the group) are the Supernal Order, which is pretty weird since the Supernal Order is beyonf form, above the Abyss, and invisible except for Exempt Adepts, who may get a message now and again.

    I didn’t find any specific leaders or authorities (although authors names are given by magical name or motto), so I won’t be able to report their indescretions to the Grand Tribunal of the Great White Lodge.

    You have the right idea. 777, Sepher Sephiroth. 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88 (The Book of Lies is just great for these early numbers), then get our Sepher Sephiroth and go for (looking up) 99, 110, etc “til you get so high there’s nothing recorded (or it means nothing reasonable). I guess that’s what you did?

    You failed to indicate where you stopped. Please reply with THE LAST SOLVED NUMBER on your parchment paper paid or digital papyrus.



    The site gives four exams purportedly given by AC; three include the requirement that the student discuss all the multiples of a given number below 1000 (the other two exams are the same task as to multiples of 17 and 37):

    Notes on The Original Student Exam

    I agree that this is a burdensome task. Many of the rest of the exam questions are similarly excessive for the task of a student. They do strike me as authentic, so we are left with another example of Crowley as a bad guide to, and in this case, bad judge of progress in, his own system of attainment.



    Also, it seems to me that AC to some extent realized these exams were ridiculously hard: the oldest one is the one where the student must parse the 90 multiples of 11 below 1000, then the next version has the 58 multiples of 17, and the third has only (?) the 27 multiples of 37. 11 is rather more central to Thelema than 17 or 37, so that adds another level of difficulty to the first version.

    The last exam given, the one that it is said that Kenneth Grant took in 1945, includes no such “times table” question, and is of a far more reasonable level of difficulty.



    Had to triple-post to redeem my schoolboy error in the last post: there are of course 91 multiples of 11, 59 of 17, and 28 of 37, below 1000.

    I forgot that zero is a multiple of all integers since n * 0 = 0. Not an error AC would have been likely to overlook.

    I would have flunked all three versions.



    Ig: I agree that this is a burdensome task.

    It’s a test of general, manipulative numerology. It tests 3rd circuit, mental, numerical skills. It’s MATH, and included in the name Mathers, the arch-protagonist (Apep the serpent) of early-days Thelema (the Egg). But it tests nothing in line with “the common thread in all systems” or “basic Thelemic concepts and Terminology,” which I would condider the only “fair game” in a Student Examination to Pass to Probationer.

    AC insisted on sharp pencils in his students’ minds. It’s funny how some systems ignore this lower mental, Qabalistic mumbo-jumbo, yet they stick to the spiritual path. I guess they’re in some stream of The Great White Brotherhood NOT known as the A.’.A.’.

    I liked the “question”: Devise and prepare a talisman to cause a temple to be built for the Order. Write out a ceremony proper to consecrate it.

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