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    I have a theory I adapted from a good friend who gave me the idea for it: There are people with “new brains” and people with “old brains”. The first are very open, like to experiment, like their minds to be challenged and feel everybody is equal, while the lot with the “old brains” are typical squares, they love authority, love to bully people and suck up to persons stronger than them.

    Maybe this is cliche, but I think there is a bit of truth to it. RAW wrote something like this in his Illuminatus! trilogy. I think he was one with a new brain, like Unca Al was, too.
    And the members of this forum as far as I can see from lurking 🙂



    This is most certainly true. It is a sad state of affairs to see peoples synapses snap shut but it is alas a natural progression on the karma of life. I am in my 30s and while my life is certainly set in its ways I pray to always positive and exciting view of endless discovery available in these times. Continuing to drink deeply from all springs is a rare and magnificent gift, do carry on.

    ps- however check your “everybody is equal” cultural conditioning trap. They are neither equal, equivalent, or the same, they are unique and different and it is mature to respect those differences.



    “typical squares, they love authority
    rank and file
    maybe they don’t know quite how to do it
    or maybe thats how the get busy
    like the pennsylvanian and his pig or mother mary and the holy spirit do .



    rl: check your “everybody is equal” cultural conditioning trap.

    Oh, that one originally was used in the context of “everybody is equal under the law

    Any other interpretation, application, or mantra has been usurped by idealist ninnies

    At least that’s how it works on Terra Firma.

    But at a certain elevated state, one can find no barriers nor lines of differentiation between people; they are all seen as part of a cosmic whole.

    This vision, universally proclaimed by samadists throughout multiple cultures, is a tremendous realization, but if applied in any practical demonstration below the Abyss, trouble is bound to arise.

    Tiger: maybe they don’t know quite how to do it

    Exactly so!



    however check your “everybody is equal” cultural conditioning trap.

    uh who thinks a billion dollars invested is on the same meritocracy field of a dollar invested; and everyone looks the same ?
    Governments instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed are trying to secure Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness among all created beings equally .
    Not to secure the privileged in their privileged position .

    Well maybe those that abide in the realms created by the Archons pays their tithes, works to pay taxes, works to pays their bills and again get taxed; find that they have been herded and shorn only to hear the word from the stock-yard that its time to be fed to Ialdabaoth .



    “The ‘Black Brother’ opens his arms to his fellow men and cries out,
    “Come unto me, ye who suffer, and be consoled !”
    In point of fact he will enslave them “

    Marcelo Motta – The Equinox Volume V No I pg 94

    ““Come unto me” is a foolish word: for it is I that go. “
    Liber Al II, 7



    Hm seems to me “equality” is some kind of trigger word as in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQdiJoGoTxU&t=0m55s 😉

    Just kidding.

    Lord Shiva has my meaning of it, I thought something along the lines of “every man and every woman is a star”. I didn’t mean forced equality but more of a “natural equality”. I just wanted to express that the “new” brains types are more open to communication like “being on the same level” in the NLP communications model and so on.



    eisen: I didn’t mean forced equality but more of a “natural equality”.

    “Natural” as in samadhi. There’s no other way to reach this “Star” equality. Each unit must directly experience this dissolution of individual barriers. I suspect it will take a while.



    Maybe a bit of fun on my part but also a true story. Trying to show that you can have it both ways. I have both an ‘old’ brain and a ‘new’ brain depending on how it suits me.

    I will never forgot one morning in the Army in my second to last company, we were forming up for morning inspection and right before everyone was in formation, I looked around me (I had been doing astral ritual and some meditation constantly still) and no one was any different from any one else. Yes this of course started from the mundane ‘malkuthian’ realisation that we were all uniform, and a great team/brotherhood/group. I felt the joy in the mundane connection.

    But then it branched out and I felt the more Ketherian (?) connection of all humans as one. At that point I transcended my mundane little ego for just one second and felt a part of the cosmic whole or maybe even ‘as it.’

    So one can be obedient and still transcend. Or one can bounce between knowing no one is equal in their mundane abilities or attributes but we are all equal as our worth as Stars.



    Nice vision

    One in a team in one formation fusing a cosmic whole .

    Thanks for sharing your siddhi of being in two places at the same time .



    Everyone with a NEW brain also (still) has that OLD brain in place. The core of the human brain is called THE REPTILIAN BRAIN (Malkuth – first neurocircuit) and surrounding the core, there’s THE LIMBIC brain (Yesod-Hod-Netzach). Finally, we get to the Cortex, which houses the NEW Brain, which most people use, but they’re unable to get a grip (control) of that because they’ve nor received their 5th neurocircuit imprint (initiation at Tiphareth).

    Only a small percentage of our brotherly brethren and sisterly sisters have taken that imprint. They have NEW brains (because all humans have a cortex), but they can’t use them properly because they don’t have a NEW BRAIN DRIVERS LICENSE.


    Jamie J Barter

    @shiva :

    Only a small percentage of our brotherly brethren and sisterly sisters have taken that imprint. They have NEW brains (because all humans have a cortex), but they can’t use them properly because they don’t have a NEW BRAIN DRIVERS LICENSE.

    Before that even, they’ll need a tip-top fully up-to-date OPERATOR’S MANUAL on “How to Use Brain” for the latest (=20th/21st century E.V.) model of homo sap – without possession of which*, in the words of Shelley [Pete], one’d “just fall apart without you”.

    Norma N Joy Conquest

    * (Don’t suppose you’ve happened to see one left lying around anywhere, anyone? I no longer seem to have my own personal copy anymore & instead am having to unreliably rely upon memory and dreams…)



    lol Jamie not even going to go there. One COULD say that after attaining self-hood and being imprinted by parents/environment, then everyone chooses their OWN manuals. Whether they start off as hard copies and then start going astralworks is personal preference perhaps.



    JB: Don’t suppose you’ve happened to see one [Manual] left lying around anywhere

    Why, yes. Chapters 14-17 of The Master Codex, titled Operatio 1,2,3 & 4, are presented under this banner:

    Part 1 This Side: Unfortunately, there is no Operations Manual for the machinery of the human Mind.
    This Chapter can be used as a QUICK-START GUIDE.

    The 4 Chapters were presented in the following context:

    – An unethical or illegal business: a fencing operation for stolen goods.
    – A surgical procedure for remedying an injury, ailment, or defect.
    – A mathematical process or action, such as addition, substitution, transposition, or differentiation, performed in a specified sequence and in accordance with specific rules.
    – A military or naval action, campaign, or mission.


    Serpent 252


    AC writes in the Moonchild:

    “She had asked him about it.

    “Some people,” he had said quite seriously, “have one brain; some have two. I have two.” A minute later: “Oh, I forgot. Some have none.”

    She had refused to be snubbed. “What do you mean by your having two brains?”

    “I really have. It seems as if, in order to grasp anything, I were obliged to take its extremes. I see both the sublime and the ridiculous at once, and I can’t imagine one
    existing apart from the other, any more than you can have a stick with only one end. (…) I am never happy until I have identified an idea with its opposite. I take the idea of murder – just a plain, horrid idea. But I don’t stop there. I multiply that murder, and intensify it a millionfold, and then a millionfold again. Suddenly one comes out into the sublime idea of the Opening of the Eye of Shiva, when the Universe is annihilated in an instant. Then I swing back, and make the whole thing comic by having the hero chloroform Shiva in the nick of time, so that he can marry the beautiful American heiress.” (Chapter X)

    (Hermetic Library: here.)


    none brain – obvious
    one brain – “old brains”
    two brains – “new brains”

    Now you have both AC and RAW on your side. Great.

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