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    I will have to watch that movie,

    Wildwitch just saw “The First Purge”. This film is a prequel to a trilogy of films about a yearly event in which people are permitted to indulge in whatever illicit activities they choose. (According to these films, the indulgence is known as a “Purge”.) The First Purge reveals the story of how this event originated.(Here’s the storyline for the film: A political action group known as “The New Founding Fathers of America” seizes control of the American government, appoints a President and the President suspends all law enforcement actions for 12 consecutive hours as a “test” to discourage criminal activity.) The First Purge is directed primarily toward African American audiences.

    Sounds awfully like real life with Trump cards



    For fans of movies about race wars in America, do please check out one of my favorite moves, The Spook Who Sat By The Door.


    Directed by Ivan Dixon, who my fellow Americans of a certain age may recall as tech-expert Sgt. “Kinch” Kinchloe of Hogan’s Heroes.

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    My reaction on reading the description of the film is that it’s not valorizing Trumpism but is on a par with the televised adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. And that there’s more to it than what it seems like on the surface. A portrayal of a possible dystopia, not a rallying call for the Caucasian Christian Capitalists for Commerce.

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    producer of the purge James DeMonaco

    some people get paranoid and perhaps rightly so but sometimes not but i think ignant666 might be on to somethin .
    and some times people take offense when they feel their cultural bias is portrayed as mafia gestapo or crime gang related .
    don’t know anything about the movie but it might be better with heavy metal music

    footage of Trinity College
    Henry VIII

    wonder what A.C. thought of Henry VIII



    The ones that allow the wrong goods in
    can always scapegoat
    the youth without a means

    most people don’t know their religion
    There’s a sucker born every minute

    “a film that seems designed to take money from black folks including music popular among black folks. Capitalism, son.”
    yeah that was my initial response




    oops don’t know how that last link got in there



    the Diggers and the Ranters



    The Century of the Self (Full Documentary)







    To Live & Die In LA

    One of my favorite films. Directed by the great William Friedkin who also directed French Connection and Exorcist.

    One of the greatest chase scenes and shows a side of Los Angeles that was more realistic. No palm trees or shots of the Hollywood sign.

    I was truck driver all through my early 20’s drove many types of heavy trucks and spent a lot of time up to my ears in dirt concrete garbage etc. I finally settled on a 6-ton dump truck and often carried as much as 8 tons on top of that. This film showed a more working class view of Los Angeles IMHO. It was released in 1985 as I was beginning my 7 years as a truck driver.

    Mind you I was also knee deep in metaphysics, sex magick, and regular LSD par-takings as part of my “inner work” at the Inner Guide Meditation Center. The physical work shoveling dirt and driving the truck was probably very grounding for me. And I could take a day or two off after a 12 hour acid trip. I was a good driver never had any accidents.

    Around 1995 as I was getting ready to direct EVICTED (often referred to as one of the worst movies ever made! i’m quite proud of that!) I ran into Debra Feuer at the health food store sandwich counter. I had been studying all of Friedkin’s movies and told her as much and how much I loved the film. She was exactly like her character in the movie. Cool and silent. She just stared at me, looked me up and down a little, no smile or frown. Not a word. No reaction whatsoever just looked at me with a blank face until I ran out of words. I felt like an idiot LOL.

    Later about late 1996 or early 1997 I ran into William L. Petersen at the Hollywood YMCA in the steam room. Me and my uncle went there often in the heart of Hollywood. In the Friedkin movie there are several scenes in steam rooms where meetings took place between Petersen (cop) and Dafoe (bad guy.)

    I decided to have a little fun with the opportunity. The steam room was very small so I sat next to him. I was wearing only a towel. Petersen was naked and not self conscious at all unlike me the future porn star afraid to remove his towel.

    I sat down and muttered to myself as I look at my feet. “If you can’t come up with the 50k…then you’re not for real.”

    Petersen laughed and we talked about the movie. He was a great guy real friendly and really interested in the fact that I had just directed a film. He was very encouraging. Then I suddenly realized I was talking to one of my favorite actors and he was sitting nude right next to me and in some sort of homophobic panic I quickly said goodbye and good luck and left LOL.

    But as I was leaving I did get in one more line from the movie. I looked back as I was closing the door.

    “You like your work Mr. Jessup?” doing my best impersonation of Dafoe’s cool demeanor. He laughed.

    Petersen plays a dirty cop who goes undercover and will stop at nothing to catch Dafoe who is a counterfeiter. The chase scene is great…better than French Connection:

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    I just saw “The Darkest Minds”. This film is an adaption of a novel about persons with telekinetic abilities who are feared and ostracized and placed into a concentration camp specifically designed for persons with such abilities. A group of such persons in the camp eventually coalesce and escape the camp. I never read the novel. I don’t even recall who wrote the novel, but the film adaption is a somewhat pedestrian but enjoyable sci-fi film about the “evils” of prejudice, xenophobia and hatred. Critiques of this film have been varied. Some critics have expressed admiration for this film while other critics have panned the film. I am ambivalent about the film. I love sci-fi films, but The Darkest Minds would be much better with alot more drama and special effects. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’ll give The Darkest Minds a 5 overall. You might enjoy The Darkest Minds if you enjoy sci-fi films as much as I do.



    Once in a lifetime session with Nile Rodgers
    Oh Yeah !
    on netflix

    my favorite guitar player


    Being a big Lovecraft fan, I recently tried to find films with a Lovecraftian atmosphere and after being recommended the usual “Alien” etc, I watched “A Cure for Wellness” with the wonderful Jason Isaacs, a very good film I thought.

    And I also recently found tv series “Happy!” on Netflix, a Grant Morrison original, very dark, very funny.



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