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    I will have to watch that movie,

    Wildwitch just saw “The First Purge”. This film is a prequel to a trilogy of films about a yearly event in which people are permitted to indulge in whatever illicit activities they choose. (According to these films, the indulgence is known as a “Purge”.) The First Purge reveals the story of how this event originated.(Here’s the storyline for the film: A political action group known as “The New Founding Fathers of America” seizes control of the American government, appoints a President and the President suspends all law enforcement actions for 12 consecutive hours as a “test” to discourage criminal activity.) The First Purge is directed primarily toward African American audiences.

    Sounds awfully like real life with Trump cards



    For fans of movies about race wars in America, do please check out one of my favorite moves, The Spook Who Sat By The Door.

    Directed by Ivan Dixon, who my fellow Americans of a certain age may recall as tech-expert Sgt. “Kinch” Kinchloe of Hogan’s Heroes.

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    My reaction on reading the description of the film is that it’s not valorizing Trumpism but is on a par with the televised adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. And that there’s more to it than what it seems like on the surface. A portrayal of a possible dystopia, not a rallying call for the Caucasian Christian Capitalists for Commerce.

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    producer of the purge James DeMonaco

    some people get paranoid and perhaps rightly so but sometimes not but i think ignant666 might be on to somethin .
    and some times people take offense when they feel their cultural bias is portrayed as mafia gestapo or crime gang related .
    don’t know anything about the movie but it might be better with heavy metal music

    footage of Trinity College
    Henry VIII

    wonder what A.C. thought of Henry VIII



    The ones that allow the wrong goods in
    can always scapegoat
    the youth without a means

    most people don’t know their religion
    There’s a sucker born every minute

    “a film that seems designed to take money from black folks including music popular among black folks. Capitalism, son.”
    yeah that was my initial response



    oops don’t know how that last link got in there



    the Diggers and the Ranters

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