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    Another attack by the fu**ing Black Lodge. They don’t want this sensitive material being seen. I find the following link (as posted above) works for me, but it’s marked “Private.” I’ll keep any eye on it and try to make adjustments.



    Perhaps this URL will work for others, as it has for me?:



    Ig: Perhaps this URL will work for others, as it has for me?:

    Yes, that seems to work just fine.

    Here is the text upon which StopLine is based, and is a great companion for my latest “favorite film”:

    0. Liber Signum Prohibere (The Book of the Stop Sign) came into being when I started using Stop Sign images in my books whenever the word STOP was used … Then it started appearing automatically at th first (banishing) act of my meditation began. But it (the SS) quickly turned into my usual Neti-Neti. I have found that this gives 3-10 seconds of “stopped mind,” and one can take advantage of the lull in order to formulate The Line.

    One Line in Sight

    A refined method of Rising on the Planes

    0. Perform the Banishing (Liber Stop Sign).

    1. Step into the astral body.

    2. Draw the astral body into a straight vertical line.

    If any doo-dads or residual imagery remain outside this line, they must be drawn into the line, so that only the line remains.

    3. Cause this line to ascend; straight up; no deviation.

    Unlike the effort of a rocket-ship ascent common to Rising, this ascent is slow, like an elevator … for only a few seconds.

    4. Paroketh may appear, or be sensed, as a covering, a veil, a dark cloud, sheet, or net, or some other form of dark restraining obstruction.

    5. ⇞ If one is perfectly aligned (“in line”), the veil will part automatically and without struggle or conflict.

    6. ⊙ And as it parts, behold the Sun, directly above or directly in front. This is the causal body.

    7. Go, as a line, into the center of the Sun.

    Stop here – WAIT for the next step:

    8. In the center, another line descends,1 and the two lines meet.

    Contact with the HGA or Solar Angel or Higher Self. Realistically, just be alert for a tingle, a spark, or some similar, subtle connection.

    9. ⌾ When the two lines meet, a spark is struck. This spark then begins to burn outward from the center.

    Alternatively: When the two lines meet, a void is created. This void then begins to expand outward from the center.

    Alternatively: Any other metaphor or model that depicts an expanding annihilation of the causal body.

    10. The Fire/Void expands outwards … This is your causal/soul body in the process of annihilation.

    11. … Right out to the periphery of the Mind …

    In life, this expanding void may take years or decades to reach the periphery. In this exercise, give it a second or two.

    12. … Until there’s nothing left … Try not to be surprised if your Mind and your sense of Self

    13. Then look for the Star …

    This Star is called “Heaven” by the heathen Chinese, and Da’ath by the Qabalists.
    This is the point where one must surrender, and allow the higher self to take over the vehicle.

    14. If you move toward the Star, even slightly, it will move forward, passing through your brow and coming to rest inside your head.

    What? If my Mind and my Self disappear, then how can I see a Star out there,
    and who or what sees this mysterious Light in the Head?

    Don’t be confused by terms such as “Losing your Mind” or “Loss of the sense of Self.” There is a conscious awareness at any and all the levels that we are discussing, and these visions or concepts can, and do, leave an impression on the Mind and your memory.

    Well, yes, it’s true that in the beginning, you might simply black out and have no memory of the event … that’s why you need to keep at it: It’s called practice.

    15. There then ensues a delicate balancing of light and darkness, of white and black. When they are balanced, they merge into each other and nothing is left but Atma, seen face-to-face.

    This is called Atmadarshana by the Hindus.

    16. Then Atma is dissolved and you are the Adi.

    This is called Shivatmadarshana by the Hindus; And Ain Soph Aur by the Hebrews; it is a form of Samadhi.

    17. The Adi gives way to limitless space that is manifested by The Line, which is invisible, yet radiates out to infinity.

    This is called Ain Soph by the Qabalists.

    18. The Line disappears, and all that remains is an unlimited expanse of colored clouds in which you can sail without effort.

    The Greeks called this CHAOS, which merely means “gas.”

    19. You may be offered the opportunity to “leave.” That is, to enter Ain.

    Such a decision, yes or no, one way or another, may result in physical death, or permanent living enlightenment, or a descent back into Mind, Matter, and the Mundane.

    I guess that about covers it.



    Shiva this appears to be another version of what should happen in LRBP?

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    Jamie J Barter

    There is a conscious awareness at any and all the levels that we are discussing

    But could you please explain how at least Atmadarshana and Shivatmadarshana would be included in this, wherein the Mind is supposedly left behind?

    Neti neti & nanoo nanoo,
    Norma N Joy Conquest



    Nanoo B: could you please explain how at least Atmadarshana and Shivatmadarshana would be included in this, wherein the Mind is supposedly left behind?

    This matter is covered in the text from which the quote was take. Essentially, the presence of a Universal Self and a Universal Mind, called Atma by the heathen Hindoos, is proposed and identified. Now we know that Binah-Chokmah-Kether (the 3 phases of Atma) are “above and beyond” the human mind, but Atma‘s Mind works differently than our puny mentat, using intuition (sometimes called “understanding”), wisdom (“Will”), and 2=0 (the equation of fusing the two opposites). This last phase (2=0) is Shivatmadarshana, wherein even Atma is destroyed.

    There is no FORM above the Abyss, so these factors (understanding, Will, dissolution) are “stepped down” to Chesed, where they register in some form(at), and the person is able to describe his or her experience in reasonable terms with descriptive pictures. But they are what we call a model, or a metaphor, or a symbol … they are not the supra-abysmal experience itself.

    This transfer from one or many phases of Atma to the Chesedian Abstract Mind is furnished courtesy of Da’ath, which is called “the false sphere” because it allows or dissolves (transduces) knowledge.

    Lesser forms of knowledge and form are received at Geburah (from Binah via the Chariot), at Tiphareth (via the Twins and the Star), and at Chesed (from Chokmah via the Hierophant).

    But these assorted linkages don’t integrate and register as describable form that has full integrity unless that “missing path” or “missing link” is temporarily created (as a link from level to level in the cosmic hologram) without the agency of Da’ath, of which its motto is I Am All in All. Anyone may look up “Indra’s Net” in order to gain appreciation of this entry point into Samadhi.

    These concepts are now being directly transmitted to participants in the Rite of the Thunderbolt. Talking and writing about it, even making pictures and videos, is not the same thing as direct perception (gnosis). The truth is, it cannot be “learned,” it must be experienced.

    So that’s it! But my explanation is just words and can be picked apart by nits. This is why I have created the entire scenario as a video. So people can just go do it … and have their own experience, and then they can write documents and make up pictures in order to “explain” what takes place.





    Happy Vulgar New Year,

    I saw a superb film this last holiday weekend called Byzantium. Not about the old Byzantine Empire, but rather about 2 women who end up running a brothel in Hastings (I just realised the AC connection right now lol).

    The catch is, both of them are a type of vampire and are over 200 years old. Really wonderful writing and acting, a smart dramatic film, not a stupid slasher horror.
    Same director as Interview with a Vampire!

    Wonderful Irish scenes as well.





    magnetizing a larve to my aura



    ālāyavijñāna for scientists



    It’s a bit of a treat to see a Jane Roberts video posted. She’s different than I expected from her books. In a good way. The vid shows a distinct difference between the personalities.
    But this isn’t about leading into Glass this is about mentioning one of my new favorite films – Annihilation.

    The movie Annihilation whether by coincidence or intent is a film that conveys something of the spiritual experience of Tiphareth.
    It opens with the main character being interrogated after having been recovered as the lone survivor of an expedition beyond a phenomena known as The Shimmer. Interpreting these first moments in relation to the spiritual experience, the first basic answers she gives are similar to those given by some who have gone through it, namely time distortion and lack of food. The interrogator and observers are like those disparate parts of the self that were outside the veil trying to comprehend the memory of that experience.
    To avoid spoiling I won’t go much further with this in this post.
    Elements like transformation, sexual betrayal, and rainbows are placed, connected and interact in the story in way that makes them reminiscent of Death, the Devil and Art from the tarot. Which, as those here know, are the traditional Tarot associations of the paths leading to Tiphereth. There is a lot of corresponding symbolism of varying depths like this throughout the film.
    The film isn’t as straightforward, traditionally bound and mechanical as Dark Song which tells a similar tale but ends before completion and the aftereffects. Annihilation is more about conveying something of the completed experience in an abstract way to the emotional level and engaging the lower intellectual process in trying to reason it. Which, if a person hasn’t gone through this experience, they will likely never ever land on without assistance and will remain thoroughly confused. Although, as mentioned, this interpretation may be a projection of metaphysical views onto the film which by coincidence work.
    Alex Garland who wrote the screenplay for Sunshine and directed Ex Machina, a film about ai, directed Annihilation. The film has some beautiful scenes and an amazing soundtrack.





    The story of his experience


    Jamie J Barter

    It may have been because I was having high tea with my good friend Mary-Jane earlier on when I saw it, but thank you so much Tiger for submitting this most hilarious clip featuring some Freak Brothers-type character fondly (I think?!) reminiscing about — not as he seems to think, an O.T.O “initiation”, but some most “irregular” performance of the “Gnostic Mass” instead. All of which of course involves something to do with that there “evil-monger, son-of-a-bitch Aleister Crowley” [pronounced as to rhyme with “foully”] and his no-doubt no-good no-how teachings to do with his “cult” of “do as you will: putting anarchy on steroids…”

    Think of Jack Nicholson’s character’s performance sitting around the twilight campfire in Easy Rider, amiably rambling on about Venusians being among us & whatnot, and it will give you a slight soupcon of the flavour of this particular stoner’s mixed/false and/or drug addled memories. To my particular frame of mind, anyhow. Or maybe an old Cheech & Chong record. Anyway, the bit which had me rolling around on the floor (metaphorically speaking; I slightly exaggerate), the “meat” of the performance as it were, is roughly between 9 and 14 minutes in, and from which the above quotes are taken.

    Say, wasn’t Bill Breeze involved in a (c)O.T.O. / E.G.C. group when he lived in Austin Texas around that time? No, it couldn’t have been — surely not, it wasn’t him who was the Priest in the story, was it?! No, unfortunately I don’t think it could have been…

    As ever non-bogartingly yours,
    N Joy

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