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    AC/DC: saw ’em live in Minneapolis Dec 1983 in their prime. I was there for a chess tournament. I’ve never been much of a concert goer. But this was great. Amazing performance. I wasn’t a big fan before or after but i’m glad I got to see them in their prime. It was the Hells Bells tour and huge Bells came down from the ceiling. This was long before computers took over. The only thing high tech was Angus had a radio transmitter for his guitar as it was the new thing then so he could roam all over and walk through the audience while playing. The band was tight and the audience on the floor banged their heads for 2+ hours non-stop…



    A song from early childhood that seems to have had an influence on my spiritual thinking.

    I adore this apocalyptic song from Joanna Newsom. Among other things it does for me, it prompts contemplation of the following quote from Liber XV:
    whether they will absorption in the Infinite, or to be united with their chosen and preferred, or to be in contemplation, or to be at peace, or to achieve the labour and heroism of incarnation on this planet or another, or in any Star, or aught else



    Once again, so many Caucasians! A little balance:

    (in addition to inventing “free jazz”, “This Is Our Music” has one of the greatest album covers of all time. This is the only song from the album not blocked on US YouTube, hope it works in other countries.)

    (Iggy is on record as saying The Stooges began as an effort to do a rock version of “Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt”. As a NYC bicycle messenger for 20 years, i delivered to many celebs, but when i got a signature from an old black dude in a kufi who signed “Farrell Sanders”, i just began genuflecting and salaaming)

    Finally, just to prove i am no musical racist, a song by white folks Third World War, an early 70s Communist skinhead band from London:

    As should by now be clear, my main musical criterion is that i like it annoying.



    Ecclesiam a Jesu Christo!

    One knows hardly where to start, especially since I do not listen to music much anymore. (I know it is terrible, perhaps I will begin to wake up to the song once again). Amongst thousands and thousands of songs across all the genres and all the nations a little rock and roll in memoriam (i.e., rock and rollers who have died in the last couple of years even if they were not my favorites) is as good a place to start as any. It is fairly random. I mean we have all heard all the songs over and over and over again, and danced to them in pubs and taverns and in the hills and at concerts and in living rooms) of the last hundred years.

    For years I thought the following video was actually Django, and then one day (last solar eclipse in the USA), I ran into a man from India who believed in Jinn (I was actually quasi-drunk on Gin) who asked me to send a few links of my favorite songs and as I examined the matter more closely I realized the guy was just a Django look a like! It shows how idiotic I can be. These are all classic videos so I apologise.



    This music thread reminds me of an anecdote: I was walking in a very dark place on the Brooklyn waterfront with some African-American associates when someone cracked an old African-American joke:

    “Don’t no one smile, or they gonna spot us!”

    Getting the obvious reply:

    “[N-word], [Ignant’s civil name] so damn white, he glow in the dark!”

    From time to time, this thread threatens to glow in the dark.

    Remember AC’s respect for the Tom-Tom, and “Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay!”.

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    With apols for double-posting, but trying to be part of the putting-some-raisins-in-the-oatmeal problem not the solution, and coming down from the high-brow tone of my free jazz post (said tone of course a tad lowered by Third World War’s pinko pop), some classic bits of “New York Hard-Core” [Punk], from the early 80s Lower East Side street-skinhead scene of which i am an unfortunate product:

    1) Bad Brains, “Destroy Babylon”: DC jazz-funk guys who discovered punk, and realized they could play faster than anyone else, and then became Rastas and moved to NYC to become the gods of NYHC. Note that by the “Babylon” they want to destroy, they (as Old Testament fans (ie Rastas)) mean what Thelemites would call “The Old Aeon”; nothing to do with our “BABALON”.

    2) Antidote, “Something Must Be Done”: LES Hare Krishna hardest-core. I met the singer, and then the drummer, through getting in fistfights with them at shows, and then became close friends with both- the drummer was at my 50th birthday party thirty years later, the singer having retired to Puerto Rico where he’s from. In my opinion, the epitome of the “NYHC” sound/vibe, along with the Urban Waste track below.

    The Hare Krishna skinheads were the most violent and dangerous kids on the Lower East side at the time; i am not sure how Krishna felt about the enormous amount of weed they smoked, but i can vouch for the fact they were all devout vegetarians, and very sincerely religious (despite being violent psychos). For most of these kids, the Bhagavad Gita was the first/only book they ever read.

    3) Antidote, “Real Deal”: from the same “Thou Shalt Not Kill” EP as the last one (with a Krishna-art cover of a cow-faced man taking an axe to a man-faced cow):

    4) Urban Waste, “Public Opinion”: Teenage kids that sat on my couch the early 80s and smoked all my weed (that members of Antidote and Cro-Mags didn’t get). Harder than most, as anti-social as it gets; very “un-mutual”.

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    Take a journey



    Bringing a couple more ladies and their sacred music to the party:



    Translation by youtube user Sudhir Desai

    O my friend (God), I am devoted to becoming a fakir – renouncing everything.
    O’ Kabir, what is the point of beautifying yourself with sindoor and kohl. When your beloved (God), is immersed in your eyes you do not need any
    Once you are in love, all else is forgotten, every pore of the body keeps calling the lover (God), this is not the faith expressed through the mouth (in words)… (this love is beyond words)…
    Let people say whatever they want, (you) live in poverty (away from material things).
    Sati (the abhorrent practice of a widow committing suicide for love), has prepared a pyre of thorns (puts herself through suffering). While her lover takes her garment (sari/ego), and sets the universe on fire (fire of love – it is all around her, yet she unnecessarily puts herself through suffering).
    Guru and God – both stand side by side – whose feet should I touch? I am grateful to you O’ Guru for you led me to Govinda (God).
    Nothing within me is mine, whatever there is, is yours (God’s), if I then hand this over to you – what difference would it make (it is yours anyway)
    When I was conscious of myself (I had an ego), then there was no God, Now that I have found God, there is no me any more…
    Eat and drink frugally, do not envy the wealth of others
    It is difficult to be a sadhu/fakir/someone who has renounced – it is a tough climb (on that tree)… If you get there you will enjoy the nectar of love – if you fail however, you are shattered.
    Eventually this body will turn to ashes, Why do you roam around with pride?
    This is not about accounts and transactions – once you have seen your love – it is like when the bride and groom come together in love – no weddings can match that brilliance
    When you are attached to the world – there is no devotion – only he who breaks all attachments can be truly be called a devotee
    Everyone lives within the boundaries (of the finite) – nobody transcends – between the finite and the boundless no one remains intact.
    The wooden bead necklace asks – why do you keep turning me? – turn the bead (of love) of your mind (inner self) and you will immediately make both ends meet (mind meets God)
    The one who remembers (stays awake) during the day, he lights up the day. Keep the music (of devotion) going unbroken – let it not be interrupted
    If by worshipping stones, I could find God, then I would worship a mountain – it is better that I remain engaged with the grinding wheels of life – that my life be useful to the universe (as ground flour)
    O Kabir – accumulate only such wealth, that takes you forward – (nobody cares for your caste)
    Even bigger than God are God’s people – those who have an understanding in their hearts – When you find God – you will find God in all his creation/people
    Kabir says – Listen oh Sadhus – those who are patient alone will find God.



    Tiger and i could DJ parties together. Love that Philly soul!



    Nice Party enjoying the different styles of music from everybody
    (i don’t get out much these days)

    and yeah ignant666

    I opened for the Bad Brains a few times
    The first time was at a sold out show in club that held about 700 people and there was about another 300 outside that couldn’t get in .
    The club was about 3 stories up in a mill and we were in the band room when there was a crash and the window busted open .
    The folk outside on a ladder said they wanted in and Joseph jumped up to give them a hand in .



    My best HR story was told to me by their road manager.

    They were driving down the Autobahn in a very packed van. HR spots a discarded washing machine on the side of the road, and makes them pull over, and repack the gear, so they can drive on with the washing machine.

    The road manager, having worked for them for years, knows better than to question this procedure, but after they are underway again he asks “So Joseph, why did we have to do that? Why do you want that busted-up old washing machine?”

    HR replies “After the tour, I will take it to Saudi Arabia, and trade it for a fine Arab charger to ride!”

    The inside back page of HR’s Bible was literally almost black from rolling so many spliffs on it (as Tiger can probably attest from sharing a dressing room with them).

    Somehow, i totally missed what video you posted, Tiger! I have known Jimmy Gestapo since he was the 15 year old bouncer at an illegal after-hours club near my house. An old old comrade!

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    I never have music on loud become I’m conscious of how the neighbours feel.


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    Fortunately, mine are far enough away that my ears would bleed before they would be bothered.

    I did convince a nearby bar to stop having an Eagles cover band playing outdoors on the weekends (forcing me to listen to them) by putting my 150 watt guitar amp on the porch, hooking up the laptop, and alternating “Big A, Little A” by Crass, and Black Sabbath “Iron Man” every time the band started playing for two afternoons.

    Band started playing indoors the next weekend. Much quieter. But that was tactical audio, vastly louder than normal very loud music-listening level

    Apposite Dictators lyric from their ode to living in “New York, New York”:

    I can’t stand my neighbors
    Screaming all the time.
    If I wasn’t blasting “Sister Ray”,
    I would lose my mind!

    They didn’t really think that Lou was a creep.



    Eagles cover band. No!

    Has anyone posted any Killing Joke tracks yet? One of my favourite bands…sometimes accused of being fascist sympathisers. I almost forgot they are probably the most openly Crowley-influenced band (e.g. early songs such as “Fall of Because”) and they’ve been around since the original punk scene. The singer said in an interview that they were dickheads who were just trying to stay off welfare and they used to break into chemists…no doubt as a guess as a means of acquiring free horse tranquilizer or something? Whether Crowley would be proud of having such emissaries I don’t know ha.

    and Jimmy Page loves them.

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