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    Michael Staley

    The republication of the Typhonian Trilogies continues with Outer Gateways, the seventh book in the series, and the opening volume of the third and final trilogy. The book will be going to the printers later this month for publication in July, and ordering of the standard and deluxe editions ahead of publication is now open.

    Further details of the book, its contents, and how to order, can be found on the Starfire Publishing website, and a link to the relevant pages is here:


    With chapters on ‘The Double Voice Behind Liber AL’, ‘The Madhyamaka & Crowley’, ‘Creative Gematria’, ‘The Fourth Power of the Sphinx’ and, of course, ‘Wisdom of S’lba’ and the subsequent chapters of commentary and analysis, Outer Gateways has long been my personal favourite of the trilogies since its preparation for publication in 1994, and thus I am particularly delighted to be able to republish it.

    Michael Staley,


    Michael Staley

    This book took a lot longer to prepare for the printers than originally envisaged. However, I’m pleased to say that the standard edition was delivered from the printers earlier today. Pre-publication orders will be despatched next week.



    I’m reading this Grant book at the moment and it’s intriguing.

    Kenneth Grants books (as I’m less acquainted with him in general compared to earlier hermetic occultists) tend to go between being quite insightful and enlightening/logical and then seemingly speculative fiction.

    The thing about that, is somehow I don’t mind that. I’m not invested in his ideas/concepts (unlike Crowley for example, who’s ideas I am able to practically use in daily life), but then Grant’s books tend to be more on the analytical/essay-like side of things. An occult ‘case-study’ (which I like)

    To use the word colloquially, reading his books is quite ‘entertaining’.

    Some stuff is obviously over my head and the Lovecraft stuff sort of irked me at first but I’ve come to see it as being a less-literal, more ‘grain of salt’ kind of thing (as there is an occultish flavor in his novels). This isn’t my first Grant book however.

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