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    No posts on any threads in 7 hours. Let’s take a break from Politics, Energy Weapons, and the Re-Burning of Boleskine (once is not enough) to review a rather insignificant word from our sponsors.

    The wider scope of my philosophy is recorded in The Master Codex, which is 572 pages and pretty expensive, what with the premium paper and full-color pictures on every page.

    However, a reasonable Summary is found in only four Chapters of that bigger book of 20 Chapters and 8 Appendices. I have extracted those four Chapters, plus the Intro and a one-page Appendix, and re-published that stuff as …

    The Human Mind – A Quick Start Guide.

    So, 572 pages has been reduced to 140, but the fancy paper and full color has been retained.

    “This booklet deals with the so-called Spiritual Path, allowing few digressions that might be distractive to the serious aspirant. Actually, this essay is a smaller-sized, and more reasonably-priced, extraction of one Introduction, four Chapters, and a one-page Appendix from “The Master Codex,” a Magnum Opus of 572 pages. There’s only one streamlined perspective here, and it’s a summary of all the concepts in “The Codex.” Presented in “straight-talk” format, with no punches pulled, there are full-color illustrations on every page, and a less-expensive, but still fully-colored, premium softcover version is also available.”

    Full-color Casewrap Hardcover: $41.25

    Full-color Softcover $24.75

    If you already have The Master Codex, or have somehow acquired the four, Operatio Chapters, you don’t need this book. It would be wise to buy a copy, then burn it immediately after the first reading. Failure to do so has no implicit or implied consequences.



    It would be wise to buy a copy, then burn it immediately after the first reading.

    This is an excellent plan for selling more books, or at least keeping the used book value of a title high.

    Comic book collectors often buy two copies of everything, one for reading, one for immaculate storage.

    Perhaps you should suggest that everyone should buy two copies: one to read, one to burn.



    ooops, i burnt my copy before reading it..for future reference, how do u burn a pdf? …j/k…i will order Master Codex next time I return stateside and pick it up in person rather than send it overseas..the other books i ordered will be in my hands later this month…great work as always, thx Shiva!



    em: ..for future reference, how do u burn a pdf?

    You have to burn the whole computer, including external, connected or jump, drives where the pdf might have hidden.



    Flat tire, car taxes, insurance bills among the pile.
    Once i climb out i will buy 2 of them.
    Though i have the The Master Codex, I like different formats; and a streamlined Quick Start Guide sounds enticing. So one to get a quick review zap jolt and another perchance to loan or give . Just a little apprehensive a fire might initiate in my temple.



    This is where all these grimoires are outdated- where is the Abramelin talisman “Against flat tires”, or “For a car insurance payment”?



    I will definitely be getting a copy of Master Codex.

    That seems to be the most over-arching, all-encompassing book compared to say, Esoteric Anatomy or Blazing Diamond?



    cs: Master Codex. That seems to be the most over-arching, all-encompassing book compared to say, Esoteric Anatomy or Blazing Diamond?

    The Master Codex contains many chapters, most of which expose the spiritual path from start to finis in a specific school of thought. Thus one finds neurocircuits, tree of life, AA, Transhimalaya, martial arts, etc. Over and over again, and back, in seven systems. Seven is a metaphorical number. I just scanned the Table of Contents to see what the real number is. I found approximately seven versions of approach, but many Chapters are just portions of a path (like The Bodhisattva, or The Black Lodge, or Afghanistan of the Brain, so the count gets blurry. Anyone who has the Codex is invited to count the ways and report a number.

    The subject of this thread is The Human mind, which is a four-chapter extraction from the Codex, which summarizes all the systems and weaves them together in a coherent hole, no, whole. It may therefor be considered a holy book, and if anyone finds any holes in it, feel free to expose me in your review. Short of funds? Need to save your bread to buy alcohol or dope? These full-color books are not inexpensive. I will send you all four Chapters, free of charge or obligation of burdensome Oaths. Contact notarajah@gmail.com … say SEND ALL FOUR.

    Esoteric Anatomy and Physiology only takes one trip up the path (through several chapters), and is exposed in terms of bodily functions and the various stages/levels of the energy field. Crowley once remarked that the goal is not to see auras, but to discover one’s Will. Sure, that’s true. But what if the leaders of ANY lineage of any kind could actually see the present and potential status/grade/etc of any given student or associate? Well, there goes the “good ole boys network.” This ability is generally missing in many sectors of contemporary Thelema.

    Blazing Diamond is strictly a textbook of the outer order, comparable to Book IV, Parts 1 & 2, but with more practical info. It’s still available for free online:
    Say, didn’t somebody recently say “I never saw anybody give their work away for free?”



    ‘…but is it marketable?’ 😉

    I will definitely be sending you payment for printed materials. Do you take payment in barter? Just kidding. I will lulu u. Cthulhu. lou lou lou I got some apples. Ok back to work.



    cs: I will lulu u.


    Anyone using direct links to Lulu simply must remember to FIRST go to the Llulu home page (lulu.com), scroll down the scroll, and search for ADDITIONAL MONEY-SAVING CODES. Right now, today, they are offering …

    Save 15% on orders of print books and calendars

    Use Code: ONEFIVE

    Cannot be combined with other offers
    Does not apply to ebooks or services
    Ends August 8th at 11:59 PM



    The new video ‘2nd ray’ in regards to the 7 rays of humanity-sphere (see Bertiaux [Michael] and Shiva [Fr]) is really good and informative.
    Just watched half



    Posted for follow-up. Excited to read this material! The Master Codex is an amazing book, worth every penny. I’m only on page 213 as of yet, but it’s been well worth the price of admission so far.



    Holy hopping Jesus on a pogo stick!

    Long time no see Azidonis, glad to see you back.



    Yes welcome back Azidonis 🙂

    ‘You’re one of us!’

    I have been mostly lurking the last few days and staying away from crazy Oz ladies. There must be something in the water down there. That makes 2 or 3 in a year. Things were going fine for awhile but a major blow-out seems to have occurred.


    Jamie J Barter

    Yes, hail again Azidonis! It’s good you’re back once more, I hope you’ve been keeping well. Been on a very long holiday, perhaps?

    Norma N Joy Conquest

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