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    In Ozzy’s song “Mr.Crowley”, Ozzy mis-prononounces the name Crowley.
    The name is supposed to be pronounced CROW-LEE (to rhyme with HOLY)
    Should Ozzy re-record the song? What do you think?



    Er, WildWitch, forgive me but: What does it matter?

    Why would anyone here care? And what difference would it make if many members here did or did not “think” that Ozzy should re-record the song?



    I think he should re-write it entirely, lol.

    The lyrics show that he has never even read Crowley. He may have been a founder of metal but it certainly doesn’t mean that he knew what he was singing about



    And of course, in the light of today’s spirit, there are accusations that Crowley overstepped a few borders when treating some women, and some men too. Maybe “Mr. Neuburg” or “Mrs. Hirsig” could be alternatives, or else just beep the whole lyrics dead?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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