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    surely all that extra effort would have the opposite effect – how many freely available seconds is it going to take to need to shave your head every day instead of just simply trotting off down to the barbers (say) once a month?

    I think he was referring to saving on all the time spent on coiffing and styling: combing, brushing, or even pomading, waxing, etc. If I remember he wrote that he used a straight razor! Seems to fit with his persona as a big game hunter and adventurer.



    ed grimley

    Beg pardon if my image link fails but I just had to weigh in…Ed Grimley is a Thelemite.



    Don’t youknow
    Tin Tin is just the mundane form
    whose false memory
    doesn’t recall
    the other part of his being
    at another level
    that commands the elements
    and whose balls are pointy




    Hair is a conductor for electricity, power currents and energy that has no business being … well that’s how I think today…

    Samson lost his power when his hair was cut.. I feel that when my hair grows… and I wore long hair for my first 51 years…

    my kids decided to purple me up,….gross… it looked fake and reminded me of the old blue rinse set

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    solar-phallic forelock…. ?????

    widows peak



    The whole issue of hairstyle and Personal Power is goofy and yet significant (in my humble estimate).

    Ala OZ, we are free to do whatever we want with our scalps. Also, ala OZ, if someone wishes to compel a “Solar-Phallic Forelock,” we’re free to kill them.

    (That escalated quickly)

    But it’s obvious that “The Prophet” swiftly lost ability to grow a Unicorn Horn. Better to write of a “tonsure” than a “toilet bowl.”

    There is, however, a relationship between the seeming outer form and the inner idea. In this matter, dogma inspires impotence but imagination evokes a tranformative power.

    Name it and claim it.

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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