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    D: Thanks Shiva but all i received was a spam reply.

    Slow down. You are SPEEEDIINGG.

    You received a “Vacation Responder” message telling you that your message would be reviewed, and that this particular address was not used for general correspondence. I only check gmail occasionally, and I do not offer Instant Response. I am not wired to a “DING-DING! You have a Message” circuit.

    If you sent an email, you will get the secret documents as offered. But first I check the News (BBC), then LAShTAL (the eternal now), three business/communication email providers … THEN I go to the Borg HQ, er, Gmail.

    If you can just wait another 30-60 minutes (maybe longer if I get embroiled in a lengthy dialog), you’ll get one or two Chapters delivered by Mercury, the Cosmic Messenger Boy.




    I can wait thanks, just checking progress.


    Jamie J Barter

    @dom :

    Maybe Kia is HGA [Reply # 110314]
    Why should this be though? You never explained your reasoning…

    “Still waiting”,
    N Joy

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)
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