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    Crowley doesn’t seem to have practiced martial arts, although he was challenged by William Butler Yeats at The Battle of Blythe Road when he attempted to commandeer the Golden Dawn temple, plus he reportedly beat up a few folks (see Confessions) and was beaten up himself a time or two. Maybe he should have practiced martial arts? Anyway, he suggested that the aspirant engage in some sport or physical activity that was calculated to keep his (her) body in the best physical condition, and many Thelemites are martial artists, so this little offering should qualify for airing on the LAShTAL “Stuff” forum.

    We shot a video in May (2017), “Tai Chi,” which you might not want to miss. I suggested we do it soon as my footwork is getting a bit clumsy. We had four (4!) cameras going, but only one was usable: a tiny digital recorder that fits in the palm of your hand – and it was on a tripod (steady), but the results are a bit grainy. The other 3 were stupid smartphones that bobbled and shook and cut heads off, plus they were all shooting in that ridiculous vertical axis, so that when cropped to movie standards they had a HUGE black border around them. There was no male Uke (“faller”) available, so I had to beat up on a woman. Uke, in the “Applications” section, had never fallen even once before, so I had to be very gentle , what with the concrete “mat.” It’s only 11 minutes long. Don’t get bored by the slowness of the first few minutes … It speeds up as time goes by.

    You tube is famous for compressing it’s videos, and the quality degenerates even more, But that’s Life in the Fast Lane.

    Now showing at …

    <a href="https://youtu.be/jK8ANV_wA_0“>https://youtu.be/jK8ANV_wA_0`



    Loved the outro music. I keep meaning to go to the tai chi classes my town offers, it seems like good old man exercise. You look remarkably like me when you peer at the camera at one point, and in general body shape. Since you are a good deal older, this tells us something about my misspent youth.



    93 Shiva

    Ironically, the path that led me to Thelema was started with Korean Daoist Tai Chi and Meditation.

    I was in College here in Colorado and it was a kind of cult to be honest. But in Colorado such things often go under the guises of commercial institutions that ‘teach’ you if you pay enough. (search Dahn Hak, or Dahn-hak)

    I was young enough and interested enough (my ‘teaching’ at that time being formulated by synchronicities and readings such as Ramakrishna’s Gospels falling on my head literally out of nowhere at the library; dreams of bathing in the Ocean of Milk with Kali and leaving my body; magickal moths leading me to places of power etc etc) that I joined because my friend urged me too.

    At that class we did a lot of qi gong exercises enabling the (as the Koreans say) Tan Jon ,
    or perhaps Dahn Jon (or dan tien) to energise. Via tapping of that organ, and also strenuous postures (asana essentially but very hard core) like lying on your back for an hour at a time with all limbs up in the air like a crawling infant (‘the sleeping lion’) I gained a lot of qi and interest in the field of energetics.

    Now that I am 17 years older and slower I find those things enviable and unnecessary, but highly useful to my development.

    I just wanted to input my own personal experiences in this realm of prana/qi.

    My version now is just sitting qi gong, cycling the energy through all my chakras from base to spine and head to down again, and feeling the chakras light up. Also I like the God Asana.

    I actually saw a guy doing tai chi in the park last week and it looked fun. It is too bad that a lot of people poo-poo it so he felt the need to hide amongst the pines.

    Keep up the Good Work.





    movin that shit around
    makin it flow

    nice shiva
    pivot, redirection, control, direction, flow mixture soft and hard.

    the beginning solo sequences are spectacular !

    what a kundalini shakti pat


    I used to specifically read Crowley to check for his writing on fighting.
    I believe in confessions he describes a fight where he conveys he knows the art.
    I would find it hard to believe that his teacher matters would not have asked him to put on the gloves at least for a minute.

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