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    Serpent 252

    Me too (sic).

    (But I haven’t had the courage to point the obvious.)



    christibrany: “Do you mean the kid in the photo in the article about bullying, has snake eyes?”

    Hmmmm!? If the person in in the said photo is not just some random generally healthy young model picked for good looks, and told by the photographer to stare into the distance, I would rather suggest this person demonstrating an example of “the thousand-yard stare or two-thousand-yard stare” (= “a phrase often used to describe the blank, unfocused gaze of soldiers who have become emotionally detached from the horrors around them. It is also sometimes used more generally to describe the look of dissociation among victims of other types of trauma.”) (Source; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thousand-yard_stare)

    My snake eyes example is a person that very rarely have smiles “reaching up to the eyes”, and who has a glance or glare that appears mostly as though calculating or judging. My example is easier to detect in real life, than in a photo.


    Serpent 252

    My snake eyes example is a person that very rarely have smiles “reaching up to the eyes”, and who has a glance or glare that appears mostly as though calculating or judging. My example is easier to detect in real life, than in a photo.

    wellreadwellbred, you could be wrong, you could be right regarding the said
    “snake eyes,” but we are talking here about “reptile eyes,” which is the precise term for the phenomenon Shiva has noticed & used.

    Said phenomenon has also been noticed & confirmed by Serpent 252 when I’ve seen the said photography. Damn me if that female reptile shows anything else but the “reptile eyes.”



    Don’t know if this is an example of “reptile eyes” or “snake eyes” (understood by me as two terms for the same phenomena), but Chris Shelton (an ex elite Scientologist) mentioned the following Oscar-winning film scene, as a good example to describe what its like to be in an organization of elite Scientologists, getting a visit from senior management, to enforce increased production, following guidelines provided by LRH: Glengarry Glen Ross Speech – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elrnAl6ygeM

    Scientologists within the Church of Scientology, are trained to have a particularly hypnotic way of looking at a person. I experienced this once when interacting with three elite Scientologists (they all wore jewelry only to be used by elite Scientologists, and said yes when I asked them if they were) in California (USA).

    In the situation I and a good-looking female elite scientologist dressed like a flight attendant, both stood speaking face to face, with two other elite scientologists (a male and a female) sitting on chairs slightly to the left behind her. She looked into my eyes the whole time we talked (3-4 minutes), before I sensed “a disturbance in the force” making me turn my glance to my left, and saw the two other elite scientologists in tandem and simultaneously looking into my eyes. I looked them both deep into their eyes and finally acknowledged them with a nod, they nodded back at me, and then I left them.



    Snake eyes. What?!! Is GPO lurking? Is this some sort of thread deflection brought on by one of GPO’s sigil rituals? Lol.


    Serpent 252


    Thank you very much for sharing your experience.

    Lot of youngsters have “reptile eyes.” Only snakes have “snake eyes.”

    You know, and I certainly know – “for I am of the Serpent’s party; Knowledge is good, be the price what it may.”


    Jamie J Barter

    Only snakes have “snake eyes.”

    & so do dice ..

    “Watching you”
    N Jyoo



    wr: Scientologists within the Church of Scientology, are trained to have a particularly hypnotic way of looking at a person.

    Yes, you can spot it in Travolta’s and (who was that actress?).


    oh, yeah. Karen black is her name.


    Tom Cruise shows his gaze in some pics, but in others he’s apparently not the hypnotist.

    Then there were the Savants … (begin quote from Inside Solar Lodge):

    Ho hum! I was getting tired, so I sat down in the middle of a
    large couch in the expansive reception area. Members of our group
    were talking in pairs and threes, and some were still being
    interviewed. Other members of the public mixed with the staff of
    the savants.
    Then the heavyweights came in. There were three of them and
    by their energy fields alone, one certainly knew that they had been
    called and that they had arrived.
    The apparent leader, obviously a commander of some sort, had
    a quick chat with two ladies of the church. One lady pointed at
    various people as she whispered to him. Then, without any
    pointing, all their eyes fell on me.
    The commander disengaged himself from the ladies and began
    to move across the entrance hall toward my couch. He was casually
    dressed in light-colored slacks, loafers and a white polo shirt. As he
    came forward, a broad smile broke out upon his face as he asked in
    a gentle voice, “May I help you?” What a nice fellow! His friendly
    attitude was only marred by the look in his eyes, which was that of
    cold death.
    Here I was, the only person sitting quietly in a church full of
    chatting people. There was no immediate question of physical
    confrontation, all of that having been dealt with a long time ago,
    but I was comforted by knowing that my Japanese teachers had
    laid some emphasis on defense from a sitting position and I
    adjusted my posture slightly to allow for any rapid movements
    should they be required.
    His right knee was particularly vulnerable, yet he was not
    aware of it because all of his efforts were devoted to sensing and
    projecting energy from a point behind his eyes that was focused on
    infinity somewhere just above and way, way behind my head.
    I have stated that I never saw anyone turn into an animal, but I
    have also described the overshadowing of people by animal-like
    images. Well, this gentleman took that description to a higher level.
    He was the first of the serpents.
    Since that time, I have only seen this type of influence in four
    other people: Two of them were attorneys, one was an undercover
    police officer, and the last was a Sicilian don who made a vast
    fortune in the vegetable market and heaven knows what else; he
    was my grandfather-in-law.
    So here we were face-to-face. We each knew that the other
    knew that an energetic confrontation was taking place, even if he
    probably wasn’t under the influence of a full dose of LSD operating
    at full-throttle. If this wasn’t the embodiment of the daily drama of
    Horus versus Set, then it certainly was a reenactment of Asar
    versus Apep.
    I defused the whole scenario by simply saying in a bored and
    tired voice, “I’m just waiting to go home. My friend is still being
    He then drifted away to assess other people, but he was not
    fooled. He knew the whole place was filled with agents from
    another agency, but he wasn’t quite sure who was who.
    We purposely stayed on, even with the presence of higher
    authority in attendance, chatting in small groups until everyone
    had seen and heard and felt enough. We had not come here in a
    psychedelic state for any aggressive purpose, but merely to fully
    investigate the philosophy and the habitat of the savants.
      
    There was a noticeable result that arose from our visit. As the
    weeks and months passed by, we would see the savant recruiting
    teams harassing random pedestrians on the sidewalk in front of
    our bookstore, but they never again entered The Eye of Horus.



    More than 2 pics requires multiple posting. Think of it as two chapters in the same book.



    Scientology “Confrontation Training”:


    There are even better pics available via Borg search. Just enter “Scientology stare.”



    No, not seeing any special gaze there.



    Cruise’s eyes, in addition to the blank interior they reveal, are what junkies call “pinned” [very tiny iris-openings- i am sure there is a some medical term Shiva can provide, but i only know “dilated”, which is the opposite], indicating being very high on opiates/opioids.



    I kinda doubt it, as Scientologists obsessively avoid both pharmaceuticals and psychologists. More likely it is a result of the bright camera flash or other light but hey, you may be right.



    They avoid “psychiatric drugs” but this may not include “pain medication”. Most photos are done with bright lights; eyes that pinned are not a common effect of photo lighting.

    Of course there might be other causes; I am not saying he is a secret dope-fiend, just calling attention to one aspect of his very odd eyes.

    And of course, Elron was a heavy drug user, so the rules may be different for the Operating Thetans and the plebeian Pre-Clears.

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    Speaking of Scientology in the media, Battlefield Earth was probably the most terrible film ever made. The book was okay though.


    Serpent 252

    “pinned” [very tiny iris-openings- i am sure there is a some medical term Shiva can provide, but i only know “dilated”, which is the opposite


    Reflex contraction of the sphincter muscle of the iris in response to a bright light (or certain drugs) causing the pupil to become smaller.

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