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    Draft Bibliography

    Manuscript and typescript scans

    “The Amalanatrah Working”
    “TS OSF5a”, Yorke Collection, Warburg Institute U.K. & OTO Inc. U.S.
    “Achad TS” Collection of Hymenaeus Beta.
    “Atlantis TS” Private U.K. Collection (purchased circa 1975 Altantis Bookshop, London).
    “OTO Fragment” (TS) OTO Inc. U.S. via archives.bapho.net

    “Diary OSA2”
    MS Yorke Collection, Warburg Institute U.K. & OTO Inc. U.S.
    TS Private U.K. Collection.

    “Rex de Arte Regia”
    MS Yorke Collection, Warburg Institute U.K. & OTO Inc. U.S.
    TS Private U.K. Collection.

    “Record of Astral Skrying” (Jones & Lincke)
    TS Private U.K. Collection

    Electronic versions
    Breeze, W. and W. E. Heidrich, eds 1990 The Amalantrah Working [Liber XCVII]

    Published titles by Aleister Crowley
    Crowley, A & A. Bennett Sepher Sephiroth
    Crowley, A. 1916 Concerning Death. Liber CVI
    Crowley, A. 1913, 1928 Little Poems in Prose
    Crowley, A. 1929 Magick in Theory and Practice
    Crowley, A. [edit year first published] Tao Teh King
    Crowley, A. [edit year first published]The Confessions of Aleister Crowley
    Symonds, J. & K. Grant, eds. 1972 “Rex de Arte Regia” in The Magickal Diaries of the Beast 666
    Thelema Lodge, ed. 1993 “A.C. annotations to the Abbey of Thelema Library Copy of Diary of a Drug Fiend” in Thelema Lodge Calendar for April 1993 e.v.

    Published Biography
    Badger, R. 1995 A Life in Ragtime: A Biography of James Reese Europe
    Booth, M. 2000 A Magickal Life
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    Thackeray, W. M. 1885. “Sterne and Goldsmith” in Roundabout Papers.



    draft acknowledgements, love is the law, love under will: I couldn’t have done it without youse ,<3/93

    archive access
    Francis Dashwood, John Symonds & Kenneth Grant, William Breeze & William E. Heidick, Frater Anonymous, Brian Christapher Bailey, Steffi Grant, Michael Staley, Frater VVV, Warburg Institute, O.T.O Inc.

    research and criticism
    John Symonds & Kenneth Grant, Gerald Yorke, ignant666, John Griffith, Frater Horemakhet, Frater Anonymous, Frater VVV, Michael Staley, google.com, wikipedia.org, lashtal.com,

    draft & proof-reading:, Frater VVV, Francis Dashwood, Michael Staley, James Gosling, Frater Anonymous, Julia Stöckigt, Ricardo Flores

    technical support: Michael Staley, Paul Feazy, Linda Plowman, geocities.ws/nu_isis/fonts.html



    and Ian Glynn Perkins, for all the coffees and breakfasts



    also Andrew Driely: archives, research, criticism


    Michael Staley

    and Ian Glynn Perkins, for all the coffees and breakfasts

    Well, Elsie, we all need someone to run around after us whilst we are immersed in our work.



    What has it got for it’s breakfastses, precious?



    rough draft beginning editorial preface

    0. Necessary acknowledgements
    1. Brief Bio of RM and choice of title
    2. The identity of 3
    3. Presentation and conventions of this edition.

    0. Necessary acknowledgements
    Obviously “Elsie Gray Parker” is a pseudonym, an ironic “Anon.” as a nom de plume, and this is equally due to the fact that an edition such as this, much like the Working it records, can never be the work of any single person, and so now perforce the present editor must acknowledge the actual human people, without a single one of which, “Elsie Gray Parker” is just another mysterious “unknown referent” mentioned in The Amalantrah Working, and this edition would not exist:

    for archive access: John Symonds and Kenneth Grant, Hymenaeus Beta and William E. Heidrick, Frater Anonymous, Daimon Mac Aleister, Andrew Driely, Steffi Grant, Michael Staley, Frater VVV, bapho.net, Gerald Yorke, Warburg Institute, O.T.O Inc.

    for research and criticism: Wikipedia, google.com, John Griffith, ignant666, Frater Horemakhet, Andrew Driely, William Breeze, Gerald Yorke, Kenneth Grant, Frater VVV, Michael Staley, Frater Anonymous, Ian Glynn Perkins, lashtal.com.

    draft and proof reading: Frater VVV, Frater Anonymous, James Gosling, Ricardo Flores, Julia Stöckigt, Ian Glynn Perkins

    technical support: Hymenaeus Beta and William E. Heidrick, Michael Staley, Paul Feazy, Linda Plowman, Ian Glynn Perkins, facebook.com, geocities.ws/nu_isis/fonts, fontspace.com/digital-type-foundry/enochian, bibleworks.com/fonts.html

    1. Brief Biography of Roddie Minor and choice of title
    Roddie Minor, like Leah Hirshig just one year before, was born on the 9th of April, in 1884 e.v., a day 20 years thereafter to become the second of The Three most important Thelemic feastdays, in Gwinnet, Georgia, U.S.A. She died, poignantly given the nature of her visions, without issue 93 years later in Accomack, Virginia. She was married but estrangeed from Louis Zimm by the time she met Aleister Crowley and later married Robert Lee Warwick after they had parted.

    By the time Katherine Miller had introduced her to the The Master Therion in the depths of his Chokmah Days in New York in late 1917, she taken a doctorate in chemistry from Columbia, and worked as a cosmetics chemist ….

    Though the 4 typescripts (hereafter TSs) compared herein each have no other title than “The Amalantrah Working”, I have, perhaps somewhat controversially, and entirely on my own initiative, editorially sub-titled this rendition of Typescript OSF5a [hereafter TS OSF5a] “The Amalantrah Working” annotated with variant readings, with the other contemporaneous diaries in parallel, and with later accounts appended, as:

    Soror Achitha’s Vision or The Amalantrah Working being Liber XCVII et DCCXXIX

    To me, this is just, and not only because “her memory is cherished by a lot of people”1, nor only because “the seeress throughout is Soror Achitha or Roddie Minor with two exceptions”2, but because the first few entries in particular seem beyond doubt to be Soror Achitha’s recounting of a series of extraordinary visions she experienced in which she encounters the eponymous Amalantrah, and at 12.10 a.m. on January 14, 1918 e.v. began this record of them.

    However, as the V.H. Fra. AA who kindly criticised the first draft of this edition accurately remarks, that from the “typescript by [Gerald] Yorke” (i.e. TS OSF5a) “there is simply no way to know who wrote the original… though in many places one can guess via context”.

    With no original manuscript/s (hereafter MS, MSs) of 729 visibly extant, who wrote what when is perforce speculation. We do know that E. A. Crowley kept other, separate, contemporaneous personal magickal diaries, including Rex de Arte Regia (hereafter Rex) and A.C. Magical Diary 28 March 1917 – March 2 1918 (hereafter Diary OS A2), the portions of which synchronous with 729 are collected here in parallel with it for the first time anywhere.

    In any case, TS OSF5a, the only TS with at least some its corrections clearly in A.C.’s own hand, was collected over time from disparate sources, some of it presumably at least before 1948 and all of it no later than 1953 or 1983. Yorke considered it to be “Practically Complete” by 1953.2

    In fact, internal evidence in both ETS and f5a indicate the working may have been recorded in at least two different MSs – see notes 1 pages 56 and 61 below.

    Clearly there was a variety of relevant 1918 MSs and by 1929 Aleister Crowley had envisioned at least 2 or 3 “unpublished” books from them: Liber DCCXXIX The Amalantrah Working (hereafter 729) and the clearly related, but generally regarded as lost (or never written), title Liber XCVII Soror Achitha’s Vision (one or both of which seems to also include the original draft for Liber CCLXV The Structure of the Mind.)

    And, notably, in 1990 Hymenaeus Beta and William Heidrich published their worthy ASCII hybrid as The Amalantrah Working [Liber XCVII] under the copyright of O.T.O Inc, so they at least seem to regard it all as one book, perhaps under different numbers for O.T.O and A:.A:. editions?

    (At this point I must here acknowledge H.B.’s gargantuan keyboarding effort of 729’s 23 000 words, and W.E.H.’s file conversions, which has since sent 729 viral online. Their original work was not only the most onerous job necessary to the production of this edition, it is its original draft (“needs further proof reading”)3, without which Elsie and friends’ exhaustive critical minutiae would simply not have been possible.)

    1Breeze accessed 2017.
    2Yorke Archival Introduction.
    3Beta & Heidrick 1990



    At this point I must here acknowledge H.B.’s gargantuan keyboarding effort of 729’s 23 000 words, and W.E.H.’s file conversions, which has since sent 729 viral online. Their original work was not only the most onerous job necessary to the production of this edition, it is its original draft (“needs further proof reading”) without which Elsie and friends’ exhaustive critical minutiae would simply not have been possible.)


    Michael Staley


    I’m delighted to see that this project is coming to fruition. I’ve long been facinated by the Amalantrah Working, and regret that the surviving records of the Magical Retirement on Aesopus Island which followed it are so fragmentary.



    can any one tell me which Simon Iff story has “a man … who was tortured and who tortured his wife”? (quote from The Amalantrah Working)

    cheers, Love is the law, EGP



    another question: can any one identify “Musclow” mentioned in April in Liber 729?



    “Is Musclow the rich man from the west mentioned in Liber Legis ?” …

    “Can you get a more definit answer to first question (re Musclow)
    A / Has Musclow found any mineral gold?
    Calla Lily handed to Wizard by child.
    T. Get Tarot card or number.
    83 .”

    Neither the Kazcynski or Churton bios mention him, nor does the name occur in the Confessions.

    Any ideas and/or info will be gratefully received and acknowledged.



    PS re Simon Iff story, presumably the reference is one of the following:

    The Scrutinies of Simon Iff
    6 stories written in Dec 1916, published in The International under pseudonym Edward Kelly.
    Big Game (published in The International XI 9, Sep 1917)
    The Artistic Temperament (published in The International XI 10, Oct 1917)
    Outside the Bank’s Routine (published in The International XI 11, Nov 1917)
    The Conduct of John Briggs (published in The International XI 12, Dec 1917)
    Not Good Enough (published in The International XII 1, Jan 1918)
    Ineligible (published in The International XII 2, Feb 1918)

    or perhaps

    The Butterfly Net / Moonchild
    begun after the first 6 stories in 1917.


    Simon Iff in America
    12 stories
    What’s in a Name?
    A Sense of Incongruity
    The Ox and the Wheel
    An Old Head on Young Shoulders
    The Pasquaney Puzzle
    The Monkey and the Buzz-Saw (Annotated)
    A Dangerous Safe Trick
    The Biter Bit
    Suffer the Little Children
    Who Gets the Diamonds?
    The Natural Thing To do
    written around the time of The Amalantrah Working.




    Anyone know anything about this


    The Amalantrah Working. A record of communications with a discarnate entity calling itself “the Wizard Amalantrah” through the mediumship of Soror Achitha (Roddie Minor). Class C. Planned for inclusion in The Paris and Amalantrah Workings, edited by Symonds and Grant (93 Publishing, 1975) but this was never issued. Published by “Oroboros Press” in 1993; scheduled for inclusion in EQ IV (3).

    also mentioned here




    Michael Staley


    I have a copy of ‘The Amalantrah Working (Liber 729) by Aleister Crowley and Friends’ published in 1993 by R.F. Paul under the imprint of Oroborus Press. Unfortunately there is no information as to the size of the print run. However, I was in correspondence with R.F. Paul at the time, and had the impression that there were not that many copies. He states at the end of his Introduction:

    “In editing this work I used three different versions to correlate, correct and create the present edition. One was composed by Bill Heidrich in 1987 e.v. Another was the original 93 Publishing typescript by Hymenaeus Beta. The origin of the third is still unknown to me. The only changes to the text made were in format; anything else I have noted with Ed. All errors contained herein are mine. I encourage one and all to find them, and as new research is unveiled and new information discovered, may one day a better edition of this seminal working be published.

    “October 1992 e.v. – January 1993 e.v.
    “R. F. Paul, Editor, Oroboros Press”

    I’m assuming that the “93 Publishing typescript” was made available to Breeze by Peter MacFarlane after his publishing relationship with Grant and Symonds broke down.

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