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    Union Peelings always gets me in very overwhelming ways, it’s a powerful parable of sorts.



    One could almost say it brings tears to one’s eyes. A nicely “Freudian-slip”-ish typo there, Sonofthoth.

    BoL has always been my favorite AC work. When i married a few years back, I read “The Southern Cross” to my South American wife, she read “The North Star” to North American me.


    Michael Staley

    I too have a very high regard for The Book of Lies. Amongst so many gems, the one I’d pick out is ‘Pilgrim Talk’. I love in particular the concluding verse:

        O thou that drawest toward the End of The Path,
          effort is no more. Faster and faster dos thou fall;
          thy weariness is changed into Ineffable Rest.
        For there is not Thou upon That Path: thou hast
          become The Way.



    Liber 333 was my constant companion at a certain point in the Great mid-60s. Like a Bible-thumping evangelist, I affected a demeanor of holiness by constantly clutching it [333] to my beast or under my arm. However, I never thumped it nor did I stand on a soapbox at busy intersections while shouting out its contradictory/complimentary verses.. Then I got tired of that silliness, because there was too much real work to do.

    Liber 333 is “official” for the Babe of the Abyss [as if anyone is reading any text(s) in the Abyss]. Nonetheless, it’s a very good book, suitable for Babes of any grade.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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