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    finally getting some music re-released. here is a track “the Hitcher” from the Evicted soundtrack. listen free on youtube or spotify:



    the Hitcher

    Desert highway
    Dawn bleeding
    Acid dreams
    I awake

    Lizard man
    Silent kingdom
    Asphalt river
    I wait

    Parting glances from rusty steel coffins
    Faithful prayers to a dead religion

    To L.A.
    I must go
    They must know the truth

    Give me a ride

    Indian retreat
    Snake worship and heavenly Gods
    I have seen them quiver, weeping

    Take me to those who think I am dead
    Look deeply into my hollow eyes

    To L.A.
    I must go
    They must know the truth

    I am alive

    from Evicted Soundtrack album
    lyrics 1993 michael tierney
    music 1996 the Weird
    released 1999 & 2018

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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