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    Ig: “hook line and sinker”

    Isn’t that hooker, limey and snicker?

    How is it that Jesus was able to lay in his tomb for three days and three nights, between Friday night and Sunday morning?

    Looks like a typo to me. Looks like Biblical accuracy might be a bit frazzled here and there. The Book was shaped by the cultural bias of the officially appointed Nicean Council: “Let’s leave number 567 in, but 568 has to go. 569 is ok if we remove the part on reincarnation. Etc.”

    “And if anyone ever finds the Dead Sea Scrolls, our progeny will have to suppress that stuff.” Etc.

    “And change all fills to kills.” e.g., He killed his cup.


    Barbara Green

    Ignant666 and Shiva,

    I honestly can’t answer all of your questions and don’t feel led to even try. Sorry. We all have limits on how to explain the hard questions of the universe, and some things I just trust God over. I have never made a study of supposed Biblical inaccuracies, and don’t feel compelled to undertake it. If you want to declare victory over me, go ahead. That doesn’t change the fact that I care for you and enjoy communicating with you.




    bg: We all have limits on how to explain the hard questions of the universe.

    Yes, some of usl have limits on how to explain the illusions of the universe.

    Netzach. Cultural programming at its best.

    Maybe you’ll just want to drop the contention and join us in our never-ending study of the enigmatic Aleister Crowley, which is the purpose of this site.



    This thread especially), among others, is continually displaying the “Reply” box, without any posts above it and no way to find them (the “above” posts) without going back to the Main Forum Menu, selecting the category, finding the specific (in this case, “People”), then clicking THE NEXT TO THE LAST PAGE listed therein. Yah, that’ll do it. But it’s a long way to Tiparary … yes, it’s a long, long ways to go.

    (Edit) Oho! That did it. This msg kicked me into my own post above the REPLY box. I have turned over a new leaf, eh, page.

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    YHVH is a symbol for sex and reproduction.


    Barbara Green

    Is that so, Dom. I had no idea. I am not against sex. I just prefer to do it with my husband of 39 years who loves me than a bunch of random people.


    Barbara Green

    Ah, Shiva, I (truly) appreciate the invitation. But I am content with my path and the life God has given me. As for the contention between us (collectively speaking), I lay down my sword.




    There is no divergent thought within the Kingdom of Heaven. (Boarding Pass 11.8)




    Well, we are … but not forever. This hell actually exists. It is an internal realm occupying the astral/lower-mental planes (Yesod-Hod-Netzach). The Transhimalayan folks translate it from The Old Commentary as “The Burning Ground.” So anyone who has seen The Vision of Adonai (Malkuth), and has moved on to the second initiation (we call it Zelator 2=9), knows very well what this is about

    What is it? When does it occur? A constant Hell? Maybe it occurs before the Vision of Adonai when a neophyte starts working.

    But it doesn’t last forever. It onl seems like it’s going to.
    Now I don’t know how many people have passed through Paroketh (worldwide, in Thelema, in Christianity, or here on LAShTAL), but there’s bound to be a few around here. Basically, anyone who is self-reliant with some means of consciously working with the “higher Self,” or the “Angel,” or their “Abstract mind,” would qualify for this third initiation (covering 5=6, 6=5, and 7=4). By this time, the dreadful “Burning Ground” has been traversed. Did the hot coals blister your bare feet?

    Christianity bring people “up the tree”? What? Prayer?

    1st initiation: (Malkuth) The Birth of the Christ in the Cave of the Heart.
    2nd initiation: (Yesod, Hod, Netzach) The Baptism in the River Jordan.
    3rd initiation (Tiphereth, Geburah, Chesed): The Transfiguration.
    see: The sermon on the Mount.
    4th Initiation (Binah) The Crucifixion.
    Note: The entry point is what we call the Abyss. The actual crucifixion is where the initiate climbs down from the fixed cross of the Inner Order, and walks over to the cardinal cross of the Supernal order and affixes one’s self thereupon. (The out Order is the mutable cross.
    5th initiation (Chokmah) The ascension.
    Get it? The Jesus Myth is based on an initiate (emmanuel) who openly walked the Spiritual Path for everyone to see. The prophet Jesus (Jeheshua = “Savior”) was overshadowed by The Christ at the 3rd initiation. He was abandoned for the 4th (“The Angel leads him to the edge of the Abyss and there abandons him”). And reappeared, fused with Emmanuel/Jesus in the physical body. But like the resurrected Osiris, whose myth precedes the Christian Myth, but is the same thing, he cannot remain long in this state. Both (Jesus & Osiris) say their good-byes and move on to a scenario where they pronounce Judgment upon Dead People.
    That should sum it all up for the correlationist. The book says, “Do what tou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” What else do you want?

    What about the xtian blockage of SHIN, NUN and AYIN? SAMEKH is going to be way off base also.



    david: You seem skeptical that Christians might attain spiritually. Perhaps you have a little blind spot here?

    Note that the A.’. A.’. student list includes “THE SPIRITUAL GUIDE OF MOLINOS. A simple manual of Christian mysticism.”


    Michael Staley


    Note that the A.’. A.’. student list includes “THE SPIRITUAL GUIDE OF MOLINOS. A simple manual of Christian mysticism.”

    A good point, ignant, but I doubt it will make much impression.



    d: What is it? When does it occur?

    It is the Tuat. As in “Passing Through The Tuat,” which is the rite of a 2=9. It consists of burning up your personal impurities. It traverses Yesod-Hod-Netzach. There is no ceremony for 3=8 or 4=7; just one long Outer Order. Upon traversal, the initiate “rises as Ra,” which (of course) means he/she reached Tiphereth. No it’s not constant … it just seems like it is, at times.

    d: What about the xtian blockage of SHIN, NUN and AYIN? SAMEKH is going to be way off base also.

    What blockage? The one you are attributing to Christians, but not Thelemites? This seems to be a stereotypical aberration – a tattered flag that you are waving.


    Jamie J Barter

    @shiva :

    Please see Dom about proper logic and putting concepts in my mouth.
    Not a case of this at all. I was simply reacting & merely commenting on your words used — “the Crucifixion” — which without further explanation could be literally interpreted as the act of nailing somebody on a cross (crown of thorns an optional extra).

    Oh, YES. It does not fade.
    This does NOT follow on with your comment “… the Vision, of course, wears off and goes away”. And as I went on to say, “where is that ‘without a shadow of a doubt’ certainty now?” It either does or it doesn’t — you can’t have it both ways: you cannot have your cake and eat it, Dr. Shiva. Oh, no! — “Says so in the scriptures”!

    Oh, hell. You’re just making a list of excuses here.
    No. Just trying to clarify your meaning in our mother tongue (American English).

    If you’ve not had the experience, then just say so.
    I have no interest in getting involved in any sort of metaphysical ‘pissing the highest up against a wall’ contest, expressing my experience(s) may have been more profound or spiritually advanced than thine own. I am just trying to tease the meaning out, Mr. Grouchpot. No offence!

    As for ego-loss. Let’s face it. There’s gonna be an ego at work in daily life all the way up to (and including) Chokmah. […]
    At Kether, the situation may be different … but that’s another subject and dimension.

    Please explain why this is the case when ‘above the Abyss’ there is no difference and the Supernals can be regarded as one (or at least in terms of your own 8th neurocircuit).

    bg: “hook line and sinker”
    Isn’t that hooker, limey and snicker?

    I thought for a moment that it said “hook, line and sucker”! (truth!)

    @barbaragreen :

    I totally realize what I am doing and think it is worth the challenges it presents. “I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some” 1 Corinthians 9:22. I know I might look like an idiot to you all, but to me it is the saving of a soul.
    As I suggested earlier, Barbara, I would be astonished if you succeeded in managing to convert just one Thelemite to Christianity on this forum by your words. In fact I think the reason you’ve had an easy ride (or as ignant 666 put it, “a rather nicer reception here than you really have any right to expect”) is that the majority of Lashtalians regard the whole idea with bemusement or amusement. Why is this “challenge” so important to you — do you really think that without this (your words and guidance) all the rest of our souls remain ‘unsaved’ — in other words, because we (temporarily) choose not to believe in Jesus as our Saviour, we will all burn in Hellfire for all eternity? Doesn’t this strike you as a bit harsh on the part of a supposedly Loving and Merciful God: that for our mistakes made in this life choosing the Creator by one Name rather than another, we must suffer in torment for ever & ever? For this reason alone, I would refuse to have any truck with any religion that could conceive such punishment is right, justifiable and appropriate.

    I believe the Bible account of the creation. […] Once I believed the Bible, I believed all of it, hook, line, and sinker
    You are aware, I take it, that the Bible was put together for political purposes by the Council of Nicea in 325, which decided which books should go in and which should be excluded to the Apocryphea? (For example, the Gospel of Peter which described Jesus at the age of 12 killing one of his peers in a fit of anger as he didn’t know (yet) how to control his own powers?) Not to mention the number of hands the original Aramaic gospels passed into and was translated by, before ending up in the Latin Vulgate & the King James Version…

    However, as far as us all being on the same path, how can that be possible, if Crowley hated everything that I am.
    Question to Thelemites, although Barbara please also take heed:
    “In the true religion there is no sect, therefore take heed that thou blaspheme not the name by which another knoweth his God.” (Crowley: Liber Librae, v. 21)
    Does this apply also to the “crapulous creeds” named in The Book of the Law which are accursed?

    N Joy



    “ Note that the A.’. A.’. student list includes “THE SPIRITUAL GUIDE OF MOLINOS. A simple manual of Christian mysticism.”

    A good point, ignant, but I doubt it will make much impression. “

    yeah Michael
    probably over the heads of bible thumpers and pipsqueaks

    spit on the creeds
    not necessarily blaspheme the hallowed


    Jamie J Barter

    @tiger :

    spit on the creeds
    not necessarily blaspheme the hallowed

    No — just curse them! (threefold – ain’t that worse?!)

    Z Joy

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