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    Michael Staley

    Work has recently begun on a series of volumes provisionally entitled The Selected Letters of Kenneth Grant. The expectation at this early stage is that the first volume will cover the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. The letters will be arranged in date order showing the development and varied interests of Kenneth Grant.

    When Kenneth Grant stayed with Crowley at ‘Netherwood’ in 1945, he wrote many letters to Steffi Grant. These letters have been preserved, and will be published for the first time in this first volume. There are also letters to Karl Germer from 1948 until 1956, and to other Thelemites such as Wilfred T. Smith, Carl Petersen, Frederick Mellinger, Friedrich Lekve, and later in the 1960s Mildred Burlingame and Israel Regardie.

    Grant had a life-long interest in Eastern Mysticism, and during the 1950s became particularly interested in the work of such as Ramana Maharshi, Anandamayi Ma, and Pagal Haranath. He maintained a correspondence with fellow advaitins both here and abroad, such as Arthur Osborne, Mouni Sadhu and Paul Brunton. A close friend, Duff Mellis, returned to India in the mid 1950s but sadly died out there; Grant’s correspondence with him is particularly insightful.

    The letters to Spare from 1949 until 1956 are also included; though the bulk of these were published in Zos Speaks! which has been out of print for some years now, their publication here will be an opportunity to see them in the context of Grant’s other interests and developments at the time. In the mid 1960s a publisher contracted to publish a book by Grant on Spare, with the eventual title ‘The Images and Oracles of Austin Osman Spare’; unfortunately this never saw the light of day and the contract was cancelled in March 1968, and some of the letters from Grant to the publisher, describing the projected book as it develops, are here included.

    The particular value of these letters is the light they throw on Grant’s preoccupations and in particular how those preoccupations fed through into the Trilogies. As the period of this first volume draws to a close, Grant is writing ‘Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God’, a typescript that Muller suggested could form the basis of two books, the first of which was published as The Magical Revival.

    I was hoping originally that this first volume would be published in Autumn this year, but now that I’m sourcing correspondence, and finding more than I was originally anticipating, it seems clear that publication sometime during 2018 is more realistic.



    Thanks for the information. As someone who has repeatedly returned to the works of Kenneth Grant – often surprised by how much he learnt between my readings of the same volume (!) – I find this announcement very exciting.

    Please keep us updated on developments. It’ll be interesting and a rare opportunity to watch things develop. And do, please, let me know if I can offer any assistance.



    I wish people could have had the opportunity to get hold of the complete Zos Speaks!, if not in paperback, then at least in a digital format. It would have been a win win for everybody. It would guarantee a lower price, yet Fulgur would earn money on it. I’m sure they could partner up with amazon to reach out to an even greater numbers of readers.



    Thanks Mick! Eagerly awaiting these volumes as well as the Achad letters!
    Sure I will learn a lot.


    Michael, I just learned about this interesting project. We are in 2018! Is there any possibility of being released later this year?


    Michael Staley

    I’m planning to publish Volume 1 at the end of this year. At present it’s my intention for this first volume to go to the end of 1969. However, there are a lot of extremely good and often lengthy letters during the first half of the 1950s, when KG was running the British Bramch of the O.T.O., corresponding with Germer, and – for a year or more from Summer 1952 – was immersed in Advaita Vedanta and corresponding with fellow Advaitins. Many of the letters in this period are extremely interesting – rivetting, in fact – and I wouldn’t want to exclude any of these on the grounds of lack of space. Thus, depending on how many more archives I locate over the next few months, this first volume may run up to the end of 1959 instead.

    There’s a great deal of interest in this publication, and I’ll update this thread from time to time, as well as create a page on the Starfire Publishing website.

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