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    Ig: L I B E R A T I O N

    Basically, both formats mean the same thing. No wonder their spelled similarly. Although Lib may lead to Libros, Libers, Libraries, and Liberace, our present focus remains focused on the focal point: “free.”

    (Yeah, yeah! Reading books can free a person, but only from ignorance. There are scarier foes waiting in the wings of Netzach)

    A Liberated Person is “free,” or has been “freed.” Freed/free from what?

    The Angels sound many trumpets. The weight of a lifetime, and even a lifeline, is couched in many terms: The cycles of reincarnation, The seven circuits of mortality. The seven chakras. The seven veils. The Mind. The Ego, with its child, the ego. Karma. Personal karma, past life karma, inherited karma. These are all the same thing. Toot your own horn, sounding your own words, your own definition of Hell.

    I am in favor of Libation For Temporary Liberation. It’s only temporal, subject to time limits, but it gives a great Preview of Coming Attractions.

    Qabalistic Insert for the Dwellers of Hod:
    Libation For Temporary Liberation LFTL (30+6+9+30 = 75 = NUIT .

    Now if you’re serious (I am not writing specifically here for Ignant’s sake, as he already knows, but you probably already figured all that out, what with your sharp mind, and all), and particularly if you’re Sirius, you will want to always combine Magic or Rajayog (or both) with your consumption.

    The difference between casual ingestion and ceremonial libation can be compared to the difference between the 7th, Akashic circuit and the 8th, Quantum circuit. Think of it as the difference between Chesed and Binah.

    Legal Insert: Most libations, suitable for Crossing the Abyss, even if only to say, Hello,” and then slide down the Bardos to your bed, are illegal in most countries, except where they’re not, if you have the necessary fee in cash in your pocket, and should not be ingested, certainly, in any first-world country.

    UK + USA = 93.

    Returning to the political aspect of this thread, I see that there’s been an attack on LAShTAL Registration by evil robots. Whether we compare them to migrants or terrorists, depending on our leftness or rightness, the fact is that these buggers also recently swamped another beacon of light site; no need to cite references or provide links. Maybe a youTube video?

    Seventy percent (70%) of internet traffics is robots. Beware the Borg. I don’t know that 70% is accurate because I didn’t do the measuring. I’m just parroting some tech site.

    Aleister Crowley, or his agents, published a small size Book of the Law in either 1938, or 1942, or some close kin, that was re-produced intact by Solar Lodge.

    Historical Insert: Ordo Templi Orientis, London, 1938, privately issued (US edition 1942, although dated 1938) – Wikipedia

    It was the version that listed its publication history and linked such acts with major wars that broke out 9 months later. The list ended with “1938 – the war that will destroy civilization.” Pretty harsh stuff, eh?

    My personal feeling, or insight, or delusion, is that WW1 & WW2 were one war with an intermission, and WW2 never stopped. We read the daily news and see the end coming.

    “Oh, c’mon! There’s always been wars,” yells a drunk robot who avoided the closing of the LAShTAL border.

    Sure. History is filled with wars. Little wars. WW means “World War,” as in multiple, international aggressors mixing it up. Today, it’s a game of International Chess. Multiple nations playing proxy war.

    And then there’s the damn robots, and cyber-snooping, and digital destruction.

    Your only chance of survival depends on your ability to zero out without an external pharmaceutical or power-plant name.



    Hey this sin’t the first politics thread here;

    Politics and Thelema

    Anyway apparently a new world or balance of power is emerging. Balance of power means those empires who ‘call the shots’ basically. In the nineteenth century it was generally Britain and France but the Kaiser wanted a piece. America has long seen itself as the world policeman but the right wing elements are very concerned about losing control as we see the rise of the might of China, Brazil and India.

    How will all things Thelemic react to such a power shift? Imagine that , India and Brazil and China as the new superpowers.

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    Alternative News Media sites, those radical crazy people, have been announcing the proximity of The Event, The Changeover, The Rapture, The Ascencion, The Apocalypse, The “Arrests” of members of The Black Lodge (other terms may apply).

    This coincides with my concept of The Transitional Period between Aeons. Ra Hoor Khuit took his Seat in The East at the Spring Equinox in 1904.

    “The East” is where Ra rises. “The East” is also a high-up-there realm. It takes Time for that realm to overlap its dimension upon our pitiful world. Thus we refer to a transition zone.

    “Various pundits tell us such periods last around 200-3oo years. A review of history shows us this transitional overlap is probably closer to 1000 years, 500 years in either direction from the changeover date.

    “It is the Transition Periods that are of interest in this treatise. With astronomical data pointing to 67 BC as the beginning of the Piscean Age, and with modern, western chronologists using our present calendar, based on the Roman church’s designation of Ø BC/AD, as the beginning of the Christian era, we hold that time range (67 BC – Ø BC/AD) is close enough for government work and historical speculation.

    Technically and astronomically speaking, we haven’t reached the Aquarian Age yet, but transition into something new has certainly been underway since the turn of the 20th century.

    “The 2,000-year Aeon concept seems to be right on schedule, with the legend of Horus versus Set being the prominent archetype that is overshadowing human consciousness and behavior.

    The Master Codes, Ch 1, Chrono

    My most recent calculation put the tipping point in the early 2020s. Pretty close now, isn’t it? This was a purely mental calculation, not some mystical insight, and not a message from an angel.

    My mystical insight does, however, tell me that the feces in really being shoveled into the oscillator. A potty mouth is not required. Everybody can see the manure piling up in the machine. Let me count the ways:

    Climate, gunmen (not often women … if ever?), North Korea, Hong Kong, Kashmir, Yemen, Gaza, almost all of Africa, Brexit. Surely, I’ve left some hotspots out … you can fill in the gaps.

    Thelemic politics is an oxymoron.


    Thelemic anarchy is closer to the heart of AL.



    Tacitus said 63



    ok after that interesting portly interlude Imma gunna finish opening the movement of the hidden star like the true hero Im not…



    Y’know Robespierre had something on Danton. The latter liked to make money from investments. They say he got rich from the revolution but he (Danton) didn’t think that his wealth interests conflicted with his overall political approach.



    Could capitalism rise from it’s ashes?

    I’m thinking of a Mad Max scenario. People would barter but they would (imo) inevitably realise that bartering is inefficient. Maybe RAW was onto something with his Law of Fives piss-take. I assume all here have The Illuminatus novel? The Appendices have various essays one of which is about cycles i.e. the inevitable phases of socio-political and socio-economic interaction based on Hegel’s triad of thesis-antithesis-synthesis. This seems be almost mystical-occult and ironically enough staunch materialist Marx was said to have borrowed this idea of cycles and inevitability from Hegel..



    Y’know Robespierre had something on Danton. The latter liked to make money from investments. They say he got rich from the revolution but he (Danton) didn’t think that his wealth interests conflicted with his overall political approach. “

    Sounds like Danton was french and of course the other guy how about that the 2.0 version switched the enter return back space key back to normal or at least functional ! Take opportunity of the problem cause a reaction present a solution to duh peasantry be get em in the funnel inclination of the culture and peoples of the time wether individualistic socialistic or something will rise from the other “Y’know add punctuation divide the spaces make it happen by any means necessary to go

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