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    @shiva The magical activities of the Nazis is well known (see: The Occult and the Third Reich, and The Spear of Destiny … both published long ago and still available. I have covered the Nazi magical history in Darko, a chapter in The Master Codex. Want a copy? Buzz me at with the subject line SEND DARKO.

    sort of what is what I have been pondering, given that Crowley annoyed the crap out of fruher I am sure there would be some dastardly acts returning on a V1 along the aethyr

    thanks for that into on the Germans magicking, Shiva, I was pondering all day today, after you reminded me in your reply I remembered Crowley had actively Magicked and I knew the wiccans acted to. I was not sure on the old brotherhoods and as I am thinking about them, Im remembering the Saturn Fraternity having Germanic roots and or Germanic leaders, so if that is the case, there there may have been a war going on many more levels than the average Joe soldier and citizen would of been aware of…

    ps no wonder the americans gave their pilots meth .. they needed to steel their nerves if they would turn around and see the co pilot turn into the beast or babalon all light with flames in the cabin only the hear a spirit wind sound and the temp drop below freezing..

    it opens up a lot of thought avenues, highways and byways .. some more things i will ponder on….
    the microcosm: was crowley justified in using magick to control an outcome of something so big?..
    the macrocosm: why would anyone bother learning, balance themselves, go through ordeals, gradings, geometric degrees and years of study, when everyone can just blast sh8t at everyone in every way to get their way… the strongest wins.. at what cost..

    a bit like our plastic planet’s toxic .

    Need I say more, or do some readers require further input (because you don’t know what I’m talking about … Poor Shiva, he’s lost his mind).

    you could go nuts thinking about it, yet of all things to lose, you cannot lose your mind…… your “mind is you” the only one you can’t ultimately run away from

    @tiger thank you for the witches youtube above. some interesting points of reference for me to mosey on over…

    @ tiger speaking to @Jamie
    Well it’s about time for you to give us another history lesson ?!.

    Yes, nods appreciatively.. I am sitting up with my hot toddy trying to keep warm over here with @tiger over there and I too am totally down with Jamie’s storytime about history. You are a great storyteller with soo much knowledge and a cheeky sense of humour. I might even bake a batch of fresh warm ANZAC bickies to warm the cockles of the hearts.. we have an antarctic blast over here apparently according to murdoch media.. or maybe that’s just like a normal winter as opposed to our globally warmed one.. *groans I just had to ask myself .. what are cockles of the heart..heard the saying as long as I remember and still dont know what a cockle is lol… *off to google

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    Double not game to edit the other *sheepish smile

    @shiva. speaking of Sirius, I noticed this thread on my old forum about Sirius, the guy Jim, has a fantastic astronomy observatory west of here, if he is still there, this was 15 years ago now at maidenwell observatory

    it is awesome to go back and go over old work and see what I created, not worried about the finger pointers saying EGO EGO.. its not …. An amazing introspective analysis of being. I have spent the last 20 years being abused especially so around the times of this forum and the site I built. I was knocked down and had it constantly reinforced that I was a mistake to be erased, I almost believed it but in recent weeks the universe has nudged me and showed me the me of yesterday and the me of today.

    and I slowly came to the realization of soemthing I knew but didn’t see… that I haven’t changed, I’ve been me since I awoke in this life life didn’t shape the me in me…. that’s the me in me’s shape

    in my backchat forum bio the answer include among others some eternal parts of me..
    the only change is nowadays I hate running out of Pepsi not coke
    some of my 2004 answers
    Goals/Ambition: To learn everything and be happy….. in 2019 same goals/ambition To learn everything and be happy….
    Your Alias: Mayet – Goddess of Truth, Justice and the New World Order…
    also the true spelling of Ma’et is first two and last two letters of my name Margaret
    Hobbies / interests: Everything
    Hates: Cold Weather, Narrow Minded People, people who think they are better than everyone else, wet feet, running out of Coca Cola in the morning, Blackouts on cold days, running out of firewood.



    Please return to the topic.



    Nice to have you back posting again in a political cross fire thread; keeping the perspective balance Jai Shiva !

    awesome graphics awesome chapter Darko

    “Not in a forest, not in a coven, but (in his usual way) in print. It was subtitled, A Talisman to Win the War, and it threatened Adolf personally and directly.

    Need I say more, or do some readers require further input because you don’t know what I’m talking about … Poor Shiva, he’s lost his mind “

    well didn’t you lose the mind and dance at one point before remembering
    and do say some more .

    The Talisman to Win the War subtitled in print ?
    or is it another one ?

    anyone jump in



    T: … back posting again in a political cross fire thread

    No crossfire at the moment. Put your heads up, folks … but keep your eyes open. Anything can start at any time.

    well didn’t you lose the mind and dance at one point before remembering
    and do say some more .

    I have daily episodes of mental loss. It was a pamphlet titled, “ENGLAND STAND FAST – A Talisman to win the war.”

    Anyone can read it at:

    But that link is a ’39 publication. It was re-issued later with additions 1 & 2:

    1. A Talisman to Win the War subtitle was added.

    2. The last (new) page said:
    “To Adolf Shickelgruber:” (Shickelgruber was his grandmothers last name)

    “Remember the following:”
    (He then went on to list many names of people who had crossed him … and perished in one manner or another)

    I cannot remember any of the names, except one: S.M. Mathers.



    “Arise, O man, in thy strength! the kingdom is thine to inherit,Till the high gods witness at length that Man is the Lord of his spirit.
    Pass round the watchword through the battle-smoke;England, stand fast!
    Shake out Old Glory to the Skies!With heart and hand defiant flingOur purpose against Destiny’s.Ashes to ashes? Dust to dust?So let it be! In God we trust.
    Dead are the craven creeds;Truth demands noble deeds,All free man dares.
    Free from the bogle faith,False fear and wastrel wraith,From shame and guilt,Rise, in thine own self-awe,Live to the living law:Do what thou wilt!”

    ““There is War in Heaven.” Jesus and Lucifer are perpetually at each other’s throats, and the archangel Michael has his sword drawn at all times. Similar imagery can also be found in occultism, where motifs such as the ‘magical attack’ or the stereotypical figure of the ‘magical warrior’ are commonplace. Such martial symbols most often derive from purely personal conflicts – the products of egotism, paranoid imagination or persecution complexes. However, on the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, this article looks at the ways in which magic was used in the wider conflict of World War II. Alongside the aerial battle being fought overhead during the summer and autumn of 1940, there was another battle being fought simultan­eously – a magical Battle of Britain.”

    King Arthur won his victories with his faithful sorcerer Merlin at his side and his magical sword Excalibur in his hand.
    Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay.
    Queen Elizabeth I’s mathematician, court magician and spy, Doctor John Dee, is alleged to have conjured a massive gale to blow the retreating Spanish Armada into disarray.
    The threat of Napoleon’s invasion in 1807 is said to have been, at least in part, turned back by south coast British witches performing rituals to psychologically deter the French from thinking they could cross the sea in safety.
    World War I saw the appearance of the mystical motif of the Angels of Mons among other supernatural interventions , and on an individual level many soldiers carried homemade folk-magical talismans to prevent injury or death.

    World War II was destined to be fought on many levels. The astrologer Louis de Wohl was employed by the British Intelligence services, whose staff also included Dennis Wheatley and Ian Fleming, to feed disinform­ation about astrological predict­ions regarding Hitler directly to the German high command; it has been argued that this is what led to Rudolph Hess’s bizarre flight to Britain in May 1941. See panel ‘Aleister Crowley and Operation Mistletoe’.

    One figure more than any other has come to be associated with the Magical Battle of Britain: magician and writer Dion Fortune. she sent a series of weekly (and later, after the tide of the war had turned, monthly) letters to her followers, describing in great detail an escalating series of magical meditations to be performed every Sunday, based on Golden Dawn protection and visualisation techniques and centred around the building up of a vortex of powerful psychic imagery from the ‘national spirit’.

    Then, through breathing and relaxation, each member, wherever they might be, would enter a meditative state, thinking about the week’s subject and producing visualisations of the appropriate symbolic images and archetypes: “Think of yourself as part of the Group-soul of your race; your life a part of its life, and its life the basis of yours. Then, invoking the name of God, open your minds as a channel for the work of the Masters of Wisdom”

    the symbols were already taking on their own “definite astral forms and appeared and maintained themselves of their own accord”.

    We know that Fortune’s campaign of meditations really did happen between 1939 and 1942, even if the Once and Future King didn’t arise from his slumbers under Glastonbury Tor and smite the Nazi foe with Excalibur. Gerald Gardner’s 1940 Rufus Stone rite might have actually taken place in some form, although it would seem that Crowley’s Ashdown Forest working is more than likely pure myth. Both Fortune and Crowley died soon after the end of hostil­ities, with Austin Spare following in 1956 and Gardner living until 1964.”*l0P7vSXQbG1r9BP50K-dWoBkVuqFBKUs0AvyGnNpotUAgXi5BHckF172S9s7PaX*PKXxRsTEn-stW1nFD/TheMagicalBattleofBritainFeaturesForteanTimes.html

    couldn’t find the lat new page



    Note that the first link tiger posted with Thumbs Up: A pentagram — a pantacle to win the war includes the full text of “Hymn For The American People (Independence Day)”, from which i quoted the last stanza in my OP in the “The Glorious Fourth!” thread. Just keeping our cross-references tight here.

    AC clearly learned from his WW I mistakes. Pasi argues that, at this point in his life, AC was opportunistically hopping on any popular cause he could seek to coopt/hijack for purposes of promulgating Thelema.

    Pasi further argues that the “my country right or wrong”/John Bull patriotism he displays here (and displayed from time to time throughout his life) was not disingenuous or insincere, but rather picked from a palette of many contradictory political attitudes that AC held simultaneously.



    “ The MASTER THERION himself, with all his successes in every kind of Magick, sometimes appears utterly impotent to perform feats which almost any amateur might do, because He has matched his Will against that of the world, having undertaken the Work of a Magus to establish the word of His Law on the whole of mankind. He will succeed, without doubt, but He hardly expects to see more than a sample of His product during His present incarnation.

    FRATER PERDURABO composed His talisman by invoking His Holy Guardian Angel according to the Sacred Magick of Abramelin the Mage. That Angel wrote on the lamen the Word of the Aeon. The Book of the Law is this writing. To this lamen the Master Therion gave life by devoting His own life thereto. We may then regard this talisman, the Law, as the most powerful that has been made in the world’s history, for previous talismans of the same type have been limited in their scope by conditions of race and country. Mohammed’s talisman, Allah, was good only from Persia to the Pillars of Hercules. The Buddha’s, Anatta, operated only in the South and East of Asia. The new talisman, Thelema, is master of the planet.

    I compel the visible appearance of the Spirit of Time, and make him acknowledge me his master. I have used the appropriate kind of means, in adequate measure, and applied them in ways pertinent to my purpose by projecting my incorporeal idea of ambition in a course of action such as to induce in others the incorporeal idea of satisfying mine. I made my Will manifest to sense; sense swayed the Wills of my fellowmen; mind wrought on mind through matter.

    The Will is furnished by Nature with an apparatus adequately equipped to convey and execute its orders.

    It is only necessary to inflame the Will to the proper pitch and to issue its commands

    Almost any duffer can “pull himself together”, devote himself to study, break off a bad habit, or conquer a cowardice. This class of work, although the easiest, is yet the most important; for it includes initiation itself in its highest sense. It extends to the Absolute in every dimension; it involves the most intimate analysis, and the most comprehensive synthesis. In a sense, it is the sole type of Magick either necessary or proper to the Adept; for it includes both the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, and the Adventure of the Abyss.

    A storm is caused by atmospheric conditions on a scale so enormous that the united efforts of all us Earth-vermin could scarcely disperse one cloud, even if we could get at it. How then can any Magician, he who is above all things a knower of Nature, be so absurd as to attempt to throw the Hammer of Thor? Unless he be simply insane, he must be initiated in a Truth which transcends the apparent facts. He must be aware that all nature is a continuum, so that his mind and body are consubstantial with the storm, are equally expressions of One Existence, all alike of the self-same order of artifices whereby the Absolute appreciates itself.

    to enliven the afternoon

    a man, cannot pray to God to cause them, for the Gods are but names for the forces of Nature themselves. But, “as a Mystic”, he knows that all things are phantoms of One Thing, and that they may be withdrawn therein to reissue in other attire. He knows that all things are in himself, and that he is All-One with the All. There is therefore no theoretical difficulty about converting the illusion of a clear sky into that of a tempest.

    On the other hand, he is aware, “as a Magician”, that illusions are governed by the laws of their nature.
    He knows that twice two is four, although both “two” and “four” are merely properties pertaining to One.
    He can only use the Mystical identity of all things in a strictly scientific sense. It is true that his experience of clear skies and storms proves that his nature contains elements cognate with both; for it not, they could not affect him.
    He is the Microcosm of his own Macrocosm, whether or no either one or the other extend beyond his knowledge of them. He must therefore arouse in himself those ideas which are clansmen of the Thunderstorm, collect all available objects of the same nature for talismans, and proceed to excite all these to the utmost by a Magical ceremony; that is, by insisting on their godhead, so that they flame within and without him, his ideas vitalising the talismans. There is thus a vivid vibration of high potential in a certain group of sympathetic substances and forces; and this spreads as do the waves from a stone thrown into a lake, widening and weakening; till the disturbance is compensated. Just as a handful of fanatics, insane with one over-emphasised truth, may infect a whole country for a time by inflaming that thought in their neighbours, so the Magician creates a commotion by disturbing the balance of power. He transmits his particular vibration as a radio operator does with his ray; rate-relation determines exclusive selection.

    In practice, the Magician must “evoke the spirits of the storm” by identifying himself with the ideas of which atmospheric phenomena are the expressions as his humanity is of him

    We see, then, that we can never affect anything outside ourselves save only as it is also within us. Whatever I do to another, I do also to myself. If I kill a man, I destroy my own life at the same time.

    Every vibration awakens all others of its particular pitch. “

    on and
    ” Let the Magical Link be made strong! It is “love under will”; it affirms the identity of the Equation of the work; it makes success Necessity. ”




    Ig: Note that the first link tiger posted with Thumbs Up: A pentagram — a pantacle to win the war

    Og, good. You poked around and got the titles straightened out. What with my displaced mind and Borg-ridden memory, I feel it is my job to point things out – sometimes only generally. Then other people will sort things out, and I needn’t be bothered with finely-tuned accuracy. Of course, it was Thumbs Up that I was thinking of, and England Stand Fast got substituted.

    a palette of many contradictory political attitudes that AC held simultaneously.

    What a mouthful of a diagnosis. It sorta sounds like either samadhi or multiple-persona syndrome.



    displaced mind and Borg-ridden memory

    “England Stand Fast” is the first of the five poems in Thumbs Up, so not totally gaga yet.

    What a mouthful of a diagnosis.

    “A palette of many contradictory attitudes held simultaneously” (my summary of Pasi, not his words, to be clear) pretty much summarizes AC’s views on almost anything, doesn’t it?

    Samadhi? “Multiple persona syndrome”/disorder? 8=3-ness? Perhaps. As Whitman (“Song Of Myself” 1892) said

    Do I contradict myself?
    Very well then I contradict myself,
    (I am large, I contain multitudes.)



    Ig: “A palette of many contradictory attitudes held simultaneously” (my summary of Pasi, not his words, to be clear) pretty much summarizes AC’s views on almost anything, doesn’t it?

    Oh, yes. The concept is clearly understandable. It can be viewed as paradoxical or schizophrenical. No one dares call either viewpoint valid unless they have an agenda to crucify or commit (to a mental institution).



    I cannot really agree with Mal in regards to his chosen successor to the ‘Throne’

    I have and always will be a staunch nationalist and I too want to make our country so-called’ Great again’

    That is a cheesy perspective but one that fits with the lower class and less educated.

    As I have said before I am probably? most likely in the centre right position.

    I took a lot of those political quizzes and I came up like Margaret Thatcher and sometimes like Martin Luther King lol.

    Anyway my point here is, that America is dying because of her lack of education, culture and togetherness.

    I think I love you but as far as politics go, you cannot have a ‘thing’ called a ‘country’ without borders.

    These so called ‘migrants’ are not even seeking asylum. They are going through the desert points where there are not legal ports of entry.

    IF you want to be outraged, you should be outraged at people knowingly taking their infants through the desert where there are no ports of entryh and no civilization, On Purpose, so they can get in ‘for free’

    I have said it before and I will say it again, if you want to do it right, get a green card and get a real asylum pass and or.

    Most of them have no real grievance they are political pawns used by the cartels, human traffickers and others.

    And the left wing news eats it up.

    SO I am for rule of law.
    I am for the Constitution.

    i am for true human rights (not fake breaking-the-law- leftist ‘rights’ ie being an anarchist while claiming asylum)

    I am for doing to your body want you want. But you can’t expect to get a real job unless you can hide it.


    PPS RE political magick.

    In the Army (US) I was so tired and spiritually pained.

    I was lucky to not have to pay rent (of course) SO I had money for books.

    My ‘locker’ was full! Despite my uniforms and weapons I had a good bookshelf.

    Thanks to that I read a lot when I wasn’t doing other things so
    Point is I wanted to undo this CO of ours.
    He was a generally good captain but he wasn’t the best leader.

    They are all young and inexperienced but very quick of tongue.
    Long story short, I think this is political, I created an egregore. In the barracks and I had my friends help.

    It jumped on his shoulder and let me get what I wanted.

    When I saw him in a few days (the CO) he was shaking and dropped his pencil. He was either scared or angry. Or just scared. He was shaking and just had to turn his back.

    So it worked.

    That’s all.

    I think military magick is poltical. It depends.

    I am a fan of Michael Aquino. But not a total fan.



    If you’re Government is failing you
    then hold them accountable



    Every vibration awakens all others of its particular pitch. “

    so what you are saying is that we are not searching for truth, we are searching for logos that speaks it?

    It is only necessary to inflame the Will to the proper pitch and to issue its commands

    ok that one requires a total karmic rethink

    @tiger He transmits his particular vibration as a radio operator does with his ray;

    @shiva What with my displaced mind and Borg-ridden memory,

    @christilibrany I created an egregore. In the barracks and I had my friends help.

    It jumped on his shoulder and let me get what I wanted.

    There we have the hammer and nails of my old friend of love and hate hexagram 23 Po it does not further one to go anywhere

    and until the world all puts on raybans every being will be subjected to the forces of Egregores

    @shiva I feel it is my job to point things out – sometimes only generally.

    yes I know and I thank you all from the bottom of my being

    ps I have to google egregores now 😀
    brownie points and bushy thickets awarded to me in lieu of waffles

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    good writing mayet

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