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    Hi all
    I am hoping that someone can help me with this.  I have had no end of trouble with this mob with orders that I have placed.  Now they just don’t answer emails at all despite me sending numerous emails in the past couple of months.  Now their emails are bouncing and the site has been down for the past couple of days.

    Has anybody had contact with these people? 

    Sorry if this ain’t strictly Thelema but I’d appreciate it if anybody can enlighten me with their recent experiences, if any.  And it may serve as instructive if they do exist and others were thinking of dealing with them.  I know people may say that they have been around for a ages and are reputable etc but my experiences in the past couple of years has been one of emails that take months to get a reply to, books I ordered being sent only after I chase them and curt email replies without explanation as to why books regularly take six months to arrive following pre-order. 



    "Mazus" wrote:
    … this mob … emails that take months to get a reply … books regularly take six months to arrive …

    Google search (just now) shows “unable to connect” with a whole string of “hits” on the search engine.
    Their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Three-Hands-Press-Occult-Monographs/482170655160793 is still online, but shows their last (final?) post was Nov 12, 2012 – maybe they collapsed with the end of the Mayan calendar.

    Sorry, I have had no truck with this mob, and you’ve probably tried the same searches, but I just wanted to try my own hand at it/them. Unless proven to be stable (like, for example, Starfire), all (or at least “many”) borderline “occult” publishers are subject to flackiness, delays and unexplained dissolution.

    Oh, by the way, their facebook page says “Joined Facebook November 12, 2012,” so they (he/she/it) only made one post.



    Three Hands Press is a spinoff from Xoanon, the publishers of the Cultus Sabbati texts including the 2014 publication “Dragon Book of Essex.”  Three Hands Press produces books that are related to Cultus Sabbati material, often written by the same authors, but meant as texts that are not necessarily specific to the Cultus.  I’ve preordered books from both, and have always received them.  The most recent book I preordered was the “Dragon Book” from Xoanon, and received it during the summer of 2014.

    They are a small group that do all the work and do tend to fall behind on things like email from what I’ve experienced.  You could try contacting them through their Xoanon contact info as well as their Three Hands Press contact info to see if they can help you.

    Here’s the email address I’ve got for Three Hands Press: books@threehandspress.com
    Here’s the email address I’ve got for Xoanon: xoanonlimited@gmail.com

    The Three Hands Press mailing address I’ve got is:
    15501 San Pablo Avenue
    Box G313
    Richmond Vista, CA 94806

    For Xoanon, I’ve got:
    Xoanon Limited
    1511 Sycamore Avenue
    PMB 131
    Hercules, CA 94547

    Good luck!  I hope they haven’t gone under as they have produced some interesting work.



    One other comment — when preordering, it’s common for books to take six months to a year (or more) before they are finally in your hands, regardless of publisher.  I’ve preordered books from a lot of occult publishers and it’s uncommon for preordered books to come out right on schedule.

    Once the book is officially out, though, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of months for the publisher to finish shipping out the preordered copies. 



    Thanks for the replies. Yes, I am well versed in the time lag with pre ordering.  The books@threehands etc is the one I have been using to no avail.  I have been a brilliant customer for them over many years but this latest episode will be my last unless they produce something outstanding.  It will hugely disappointing if they have gone under and equally disappointing if they haven’t but won’t answer email.  There is, of course, no redress with paypal for orders placed so long ago.  If I don’t hear from them in the next week or so I will contact paypal and let them know what has transpired. I do know of one bookseller who is now not allowed to take pre-orders via paypal so maybe they are beginning to tighten things up. The order that I have outstanding with them is substantial in monetary terms so I need to do something.

    Thanks for taking time to reply and for doing some searches.



    Google search (just now) shows “unable to connect” with a whole string of “hits” on the search engine.

    Very strange – never seen that down before.



    Daniel Schulke on behalf of Three Hands Press posted the following on Facebook today:

    “The website for THREE HANDS PRESS is currently off-line for maintenance and will be restored by tomorrow. In the meantime, we may be contacted through the XOANON e-mail address: xoanonlimited@gmail.com. Image: detail of poison tableau by Benjamin Vierling, from a forthcoming book by Daniel Schulke.”



    well now, it seems we’ll all be witnesses to some real necromancy.



    Thank you for the recent posts guys.  I have resent to both the Threehands and the Xoanon addresses.  Six emails now over two months ignored with outstanding orders of around $300.  Not ok and it will signal the end of my support for their business.



    Hello, I just want to ask about Three Hands Press, I cant contact them so maybe I will find some aswers here.
    I have placed an order and I got email “Your order has been received and is now being processed”- ok.
    After a week I got another email “Hi there. Your recent order on Three Hands Press has been completed.” and here is my question… completed how? Sent? Delivered?
    Because I still didn’t get anything.

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