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    Mayet, this is not a social media site where you get to talk endlessly about yourself and your situation. This is not a group therapy discussion where you get to talk about your problems. This is not an arts and crafts workshop where you get to perform copyright infringement.

    Please get your situation together in any fashion that works. Please stop writing about yourself.



    An other worldly focus
    a kaleidoscopic balance
    rendering a 3d effect
    to the art of Lady Frieda Harris

    bled through
    the clouds of turbulence, challenging situations, uncertainty.

    It’s a Jungle out there,
    in the ugliest and harshest conditions,
    a flowering of beauty can happen in the swamp.

    Difficulties, obstacles are teachers and training in the dojo of life practice.
    Those looking for security and predictability always hoping to be comfortable and safe are less likely to awaken.

    Self deception when the world is filled with evil ego clinging outcome,
    weaving opinions, prejudices, strategies, emotions, a big deal, out of a story line, into a solid reality can spin out real ing the same old self drama preserved sense of being.
    let go, try something else for a change.
    Give it some space; relax in the midst of chaos.

    The essence of galvanized focus if controlled can be directed.
    Cut through delusion.
    Isfet can be overcome. replace disorder with order, achieve Ma’at .

    hail to the jewel in the lotus

    wise posts from all

    oh and my suggestion for small people looking to start martial arts would be Brazilian Jujitsu.
    Take the height and the weight out of the equation, leave them with no leg to stand on and know your ground.


    Jamie J Barter

    There have been words of would-be good old, well-meaning, well-intentioned sensible advice written here. But anyone (=any body) in mayet’s position will not only be reluctant (if not actively resistant) to ‘listen to’ (=read it carefully & internalise) it, they will actively resent you (=anyone) from giving it them (the advice), valid as it may be, because (=for the reason that) — as I also pointed out in my essay on Blue Magick q.v. < http://www.lashtal.com/pub_pdf/Metaphor.PDF > — in being perceived to ‘lecture’ it will be seen (=felt with all available senses conscious & subconsciously instinctual) to be coming from the pack position of one’s superior: this is ingrained primate behaviour for the last hundreds of thousands of years. (In a sense the resistance involved could also be seen as the major drawback to the A.’. A.’. concept of ongoing descending transmission as well).

    So, not only will it go unappreciated under present circumstances it will also be actively resented and you (anyone) will without doubt be in for an unhealthy dose of it should you indulge/engage (until a guiding light of realisation be seen). Which is why I won’t be adding my own log to this particular fire: nuff has been said already and doubtless mayet is feeling sore and raw and pretty mad at all us men folk, too!

    So, to get back to basics: there may not actually have been that many cards used (certainly not most of the deck) and it might even have been fair use after all, but rightly or wrongly & like it or not & this way or the other the decision of the webmaster is ultimately final. That being said, I feel I should now point out this exquisite irony: that Lady Freida Harris would rather the copyrights to her Thoth tarot artwork ended up with anyone, anyone other than the “fools”/ “clowns”/ “idiots” who comprised the membership/leadership of the Caliphornian OTO (I can’t remember the exact phrase of denigration she used, but it was in that vein — I believe it was in a letter to Yorke, but maybe somebody else with whom this rings a bell might supply?). In the interest of all that thoroughness and accuracy, etc.

    Her low opinion was apparently borne out in the end by (c)OTO head honcho Greedy McMurtry’s action in betraying the legacy by selling it off to Llwelyn/U.S. Games Systems for 30 pieces of silver — in effect, a quite paltry meagre sum at the time which came to be disparagingly referred to as “Grady’s beer money” and which is the primary source of contention which his successor has been trying to wrest back again ever since.

    Your deal?
    N Joy

    PS Borg attack: some of my posts seem to mysteriously be appearing and then dematerialising?




    What’s the funniest joke you ever heard?

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    @Mayet Have you read ‘Aleister Crowley In America’ by Tobias Churton? If not, then you should. It could help you.



    @dom oh you fucking prick! ha ha


    Jamie J Barter

    We have a new “Potty Mouth of the Year” award winner ?!

    Have you read ‘Aleister Crowley in America’ by Tobias Churton? if not, then you should. it could help you.
    How so? — maybe she could hit her landlord over the head with it to make herself feel better?

    N Joy



    My turn for belligerence. I want to match the frequency here.
    In a style of joy.

    Tiger and I are on the same page these days. I THINK. Brings me back to me college days. Sometimes our younger selves know more. Before we lie and shoot, we sit and think. We see the trees. We don’t get emotional about the trees. We just see the beauty and internalise it.

    If a soul is hurting, and she calls herself Mayet, it makes one think of Maat. But Maat is balanced

    If the soul comes back, to talk about her pain, what do we do?
    There is only so much one can do.

    We are doing our best. The Mayet is not the MAAT because MAYET is not balanced and is spewing her Qliphoth on us. We have truly been doing our best but we are only human and tired… I am sorry I am no super person I just was trying to help but I am getting tired.

    All these sorrows are as shadows and will pass.
    Life is but joy . So:


    Just think nothing.

    One needs to learn to really just shut up and calm their mind.

    ‘Typing really is fun.

    Lalalalalala typing. (that was a joke you see)’

    But the point is, no one really cares what any one else says. We can try to connect.

    How about try going to the Bush and tossing your PC into the river or sand.
    Live for a year or so like in the Military with nothing,
    Then come back and say
    I am free.

    I think no matter who we are, we all need a large period of silence.

    I am just here because I felt there needed to be some more Push to the Boat.
    I think the Boat of Ra is going out of the Harbour. Too too! Hail Unto Thee…

    Quick Mayet, Get on the Boat!



    How so?

    I will confess that I’m also a bit baffled by the previous posts. Am I missing some comedic reference?

    I will say that the one Churton book I have is his volume on Blake. Quite impressive.

    But really…I’m obviously missing the joke.

    I gather Mayet is dealing with some heavy duty and painful stuff. Apparently, there is humor to be had.



    If a soul is hurting, and she calls herself Mayet, it makes one think of Maat. But Maat is balanced

    Can Ma’at be thrown off Balance?

    Can Osiris be rent into pieces?

    Can Horus be cast off his Throne?

    Or…as the KLF asked:




    fuckin pricks jousting
    don’t know nothin
    i talked to the Lady
    Frieda Harris
    about Magi,
    she was over joyed
    about the 3d Atu remarkable seeping balancing pursuance;
    and she said
    never underestimate coders
    offspring of light espoused to the moon chassis




    …you rock.

    That’s all.





    thanks my friend

    The sword of Ma’at
    both ways

    mother prajnaparamita




    oh you



    potty mentality socio-sexual brain transference


    and once more a potty mentality socio-sexual brain transference

    Can a female be a ‘prick’?

    ha ha

    Unreasonable primate domination attempt via the most basic schoolyard politics tool of laughing with pointing finger.

    Makes a change from the ageist and sexist comments you make about so called ‘old codgers’.


    I represent Australia, the land of the green and gold with the red white and blue

    No!”! This guy represents Australia;

    What’s your favourite joke or at least the last joke that you laughed at?

    Maybe others here have also as well as you experienced bad shit in their time but they choose not to blow it all over the forum. Imagine that?


    You know when someone is blowing their emo-issues all over Lashtal isn’t it rude to talk about them in the third person? Shiva faced the volatile chaos-gas direct and tried to give it boundaries by encouraging it to apply grammar.

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    Michael Staley


    Can a female be a ‘prick’?

    Yes, I think they can. However, the comment by Horemakhet was clearly addressed to you, and I’ve never had the impression that you are female.

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