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    Michael Staley


    Many thanks for your prompt response, belmurru.




    You’re very welcome. It was good to look it up to refresh my memory. Apparently the number 44 was Rose’s inspiration.

    Later in the notebook (I am using Marcus Katz’ edition), after the Ritual B2, AC has notes attributing Hebrew letters to Egyptian gods, and he gives, together at the end, מTyphon, פHoor, so 40 Typhon (Set) and 80 Hoor, which is consistent with my speculations about the “twin warriors” and “warrior Lord of the Forties” being those two.

    I’m not saying that is the correct interpretation of the verses, but it is something to consider in the context of the reception of the Book of the Law.

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    d: … the bombs that the USA had to use in the 40s to keep Fascist Imperial Japan in check.

    Actually, they didn’t have to use these bombs.

    Japan was already crushed. They were running their Zeros on oil distilled from pine tress (no petrol/gas). They were training every citizen, including children and the aged, in two basic Karate moves: The front punch, and the front kick. This was in preparation for the expected invasion, wherein the samurai spirit would die before surrendering. The bombs were not to keep Japan in check. They were checked. The bombs simply forced a quicker, and probably less bloody, end to a war that had already been lost.

    b: We didn’t have drills about what to do in the case of a nuclear attack …

    We had “drop drills” in school in the early 50s. The teacher would suddenly yell “drop,” and we had to get our fetal position crouched under our desks quick as a flash … because flying glass was going to be coming out of the windows. By the late 50s, these drills had been phased out.

    ms: Can you remember a source please for the attribution of 44 to Horus?

    “This is the special number of Horus; it is the Hebrew
    blood, and the multiplication of the 4 by the 11, the
    number of Magick, explains 4 in its finest sense. But
    see in particular the accounts in Equinox I, vii of the
    circumstances of the Equinox of the Gods.
    The word “Phoenix” may be taken as including the
    idea of “Pelican”, the bird, which is fabled to feeds its
    young from the blood of its own breast. Yet the two
    ideas, though cognate, are not identical, and “Phoenix”
    is the more accurate symbol.”

    – Book of Lies, Ch 44



    Nippon was already on it’s arse? Fanaticsm was alive and kicking though. I guess nuclear devastation put an end to the crazy resistance movement but anyway……



    … but anyway, those bombs were terrible. But it’s still likely that more lives would have been lost in an invasion. The bombs certainly saved many more lives on the Allied side. I haven’t done the math on whether the Japanese were more or less, depending on assumed statistics and mathematical manipulation.


    Michael Staley


    The bombs were not to keep Japan in check. They were checked. The bombs simply forced a quicker, and probably less bloody, end to a war that had already been lost.

    I agree that the nuclear bombs were not becessary, but I think it was simply the case that the USA wanted to test the potential of their new weapon.



    ms: I think it was simply the case that the USA wanted to test the potential of their new weapon.

    When the fifth ray scientists at the Manhattan Project were polled, they recommended dropping a bomb in Tokyo Harbor as a demo. But the first ray military said, “Screw that. We’ll bomb a city or two.”


    William Thirteen

    If one considers that A Flock of Seagulls formed in 1980 and released albums for the following six years, the argument that the 80’s were ‘abased’ takes on a new hue.



    If one considers that A Flock of Seagulls formed in 1980 and released albums for the following six years, the argument that the 80’s were ‘abased’ takes on a new hue.

    Are you kiddin’? They were awesome.



    Ah, long live differences of opinion and taste.




    I wrote this in a thread back in 2015:

    the Author of the Book is possessed of knowledge beyond any yet acquired by man.

    “…Ra Hoor Khuit contrasts the Forties and the Eighties. The Hebrew letters that equal 40 and 80 are Mem and Peh, connected to the element of Water and the planet Mars, thus the Hanged Man and Tower in the Tarot, “the Destruction of the world by Water and by Fire”. Also, the numbers 40 and 80 are antigrams in Trigrammaton qabalah. So with such polarities in mind, it is instructive to look at these two terms through the lens of both Hebrew and Greek gematria.

    … the ‘Forties’ can indicate the numbers from 40 – 49 inclusive, which sum to 445, the same as the 12 Hebrew single letters. Theses are all attributed to the Zodiac, and this leads on to the 12 Tarot cards connected to these letters. So to say one is the ‘warrior Lord of the Forties’ can mean that one is the warrior Lord among this group of 12 zodiacal trumps. This being the case, there are only two sensible candidates – the Emperor and the Chariot.

    The Emperor can certainly lead armies, but more often than not he is absent from the battlefield and is a figurehead, whereas the Charioteer is strictly a military figure, in full armor. Indeed, from the earliest tarots, Trump VII the Chariot was the symbol of victory in War, in contrast with its predecessor trump VI, named for Love. So it would seem that the Charioteer is the Warriror Lord, and this is strengthened by the fact that the letter of the Chariot trump is Chet, which is 418 when spelled in full, which equals Abrahadabra, which is the ‘reward of Ra Hoor Khut’, the warrior lord.

    We may then consider ‘the Eighties’ to be the sum of the numbers from 80-89 inclusive, equaling 845. With this we look to the Greek qabalah, and there find the word NEKROUS, meaning ‘dead’. This word can be used in two senses, literal and metaphorical; someone who is physically dead, or someone who is spiritually dead. In fact, the word is used in both these senses in the famous quote from Matthew 8:22, where Jesus says “Follow me, and let the dead bury their dead”.

    The remaining terms of interest are ‘cower’ and ‘abased’. Both indicate a lowering; to cower literally means to crouch down (in fear or shame), and abase means to humble or lower someone in esteem or position.

    Thus we can reinterpret the sentence to mean something like “I am the Charioteer of the Tarot, and the spiritually dead shrink away before me, and are brought low”.

    Of the Charioteer, Crowley says in the Book of Thoth that “The vizor of his helmet is lowered, for no man may look upon his face and live.” The spiritually dead would surely cower in fear before such a figure, and be at least humbled (if not humiliated) by his presence. But the spiritually alive would be awed by his presence, uplifted by his power, and recognize that he bears the Holy Grail.”




    Just throwing some ideas in…

    ‘EIGHTIES’ = 845 = νεκρους (NECROUS) = Dead (Mat 8:22)
    ‘FORTIES’ = 445 = νεκρος (NECROS) = Dead (Mark 9:26)

    “I am the warrior Lord of the dead: the dead cower before me, & are abased.”

    RHK, Horus taking the place of Osiris in the east?

    AL III.46: “I am the warrior Lord [Cheth, Charioteer] of the Forties: [Mem, Hanged Man]
    The influence of the left hand pillar on the aspirant in Hod.
    N.B. Forties = 445 = δαιμονος (daimonos, sometimes translated devils) suggesting a further influence via path of Ayin?

    the Eighties cower before me, & are abased.
    The aspirant transits the path attributed to Peh and the Tower.

    I will bring you to victory [Netzach] & joy: [influence of Jove, Jupiter, Chesed] I will be at your arms [spokes of the Wheel – Hands (at your arms), Caph, etc] in battle
    The aspirant is under the influence of the right hand pillar.

    & ye shall delight to slay.
    Aspirant traverses the path of Nun, Scorpio and Death.

    Success is your proof;
    The Aspirant achieves K&C of HGA in Tiphereth

    courage is your armour; go on,
    Clothed in the Sun (ON), under influence of the angel the aspirant traverses the path to Geburah (Stength, Severity)
    N.B. in the proof sheet for the Collected Works ‘armour’ is written as ‘ardour’.

    go on, in my strength;
    And, again, ‘go on’ by the path attributed to Teth (Lust or Strength)

    & ye shall turn not back for any!”
    Aspirant arrives in Chesed ready to cross the Abyss (without the aid of the angel). The English phrase is rather is odd: ‘turn not back’ rather than ‘not turn back’ drawing attention to it. Plus, ANY suggests ANI [i=y=10]. ANI is Hebrew for ‘I am’, self, ego.
    AC’s 7=4 motto O.M. = not Not.

    Ignant666 suggested “Not Not”, ie something like “I am”
    See: https://www.lashtal.com/forums/topic/crowley-motto-o-m/

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