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    Can you explain why anyone interested in Faculty-X should be interested in the criteria that you think Los would use to assess the usefulness or otherwise of Faculty-X? Do you consider Los some sort of authority?

    I think it was a botched attempt at point-scoring Michael.



    dom has been accused of of having Los as a guru.

    According to the latter’s blog Thelema and Skepticism, it is of chief importance to Los’ perspective on Aleister Crwoely’s Thelema “… that experience has no explanatory power […] because the process of explaining is a rational one. It is rational thinking about experience that has explanatory power.” (Source: http://thelema-and-skepticism.blogspot.com/2015/10/experience-has-no-explanatory-power.html)

    According to the text provided by dom at the beginning of this thread, Colin Wilson insists that rationality and poetic intuition are two aspects of the same reality. The detailed rational view is our everyday attitude, and the poetic intuitive view may come to us as glimpses of a larger meaning. The poetic intuitive view, however, tends to occur accidentally, and we need – according to how Colin Wilson’s Faculty X is described in the said text – to learn how to make it happen intentionally. And within the text provided by dom at beginning of this thread, it is stated that the rational view and the poetic intuitive view should function together, according to Colin Wilson’s Faculty X. (Source: Faculty X — https://colinwilsononline.com/faculty-x-2/)

    dom claims that “Faculty X is about Will.” (Source: https://www.lashtal.com/forums/topic/what-is-faculty-x-and-how-is-it-attained/#post-110167)

    But dom has given no answer to the following question to dom from ignant666:

    “If you think it is so obvious that Wilson’s “Faculty X” “is about [AC’s concept of] Will”, why not dazzle us all by clearly explaining this in terms that make us doubt our own intelligence for not having noticed it before?” (Source: https://www.lashtal.com/forums/topic/what-is-faculty-x-and-how-is-it-attained/page/2/#post-110176)



    I think I already explained about sensory information meeting willed effort as Faculty X so yes I did answer Ignant’s query. Go forth and develop Faculty X is identical to Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law then. Why complicate it?

    I could elaborate by once again including Gurdjieff’s concept of essence in the right brain and false will in the left brain and work or effort as a means to overcome fake will. Overcoming fake will to release true will? Yes that’s pretty “Crowleyan” isn’t it?



    interesting subject, interesting thread.. I have experienced faculty X fleetingly .. Amazing experience….earth shattering…

    working on the intentionality aspect…. marrying the rational and intuitive….

    It scares people, its easier to pretend the emperor has new clothes than to see the naked truth in front of them.

    DOM… CW stated that there are basically two people in our brains or more. This correlates to the left brain and right brain. When the connection between these two lobes is cut they are oblivious to each other and behave like two separate people. The problem is that we think we are just the left lobe, we think wrongly that we will what we do. Somehow Gurdjieff knew this before science discovered it.

    I feel there is only one in me…

    but there is multiple facets that come down to the two which is the millennial me AKA the being subjected to 2018 whims and standards and laws and the stripped naked me… AKA the really real the one who knows
    they are separated and have been for centuries, herd mentality – Divided for chance of union ….

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