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    So mayet is Pegasus?




    not exactly….but Pegasus and Pandora are Mayet.



    @Mayet –
    ‘Ouch “the entity” that sounds harsh and dehumanized lol…… kicked out? evicted darling evicted…
    Still known as Pegasus when I fly but one has to hit the ground sometime.’

    I figured it was you. You have the same pseudo-babble thing going on. But you seem more stable so that is good. Best of luck to you 😀

    Off to brush my sheep.



    I figured it was you. You have the same pseudo-babble thing going on. But you seem more stable so that is good. Best of luck to you 😀

    The universe gave me a gift, which in the theme of Tigers words’ “is a blessing is a curse” and actually the universe has given me a whole heap of these cursive gifts. They haven’t all downloaded yet in their entirety or in other words, the veils aren’t all off. The universe and I knew what was coming, one of us wouldn’t accept it. The universe as usual, needed to teach me somethings that I had purposefully “foolishly” ignored… and strip away the veils of ignorance to the raw.
    The one gift, concerning your comment though, leaves me almost speechless in amazement and yet laughing with joy when I think back at the ways of the universe…

    The cursive gift was an ability to see lies with the added bonus of every time somebody lies to me I receive in @jamiebarter ‘s words “a torrent of information” also known as truth. I mean we all see lies to a degree, but this was more. I learned so much. I am learning so much more. Still only pieces of a much larger puzzle. There is only one truth but it has many levels.

    regarding your comment here christilibrany You have the same pseudo-babble thing going on.

    nice double word whammy there… babble Im fine with .. but pseudo ..yeah nah… can we change that to “psycho babble” cos I won’t wear anything pseudo.. and if I didn’t know me I would think I was psycho… but babble, that’s my words and that is part of me.. I look at your words and in reply, I use my words I guess…and I love words. and I like to think that when I use them I put a part of me in with them. I like to think that your psycho babble of mine, wasn’t wasn’t inane, false, throwaway comments with sly innuendos lying between the lines…… and was something that came from the heart

    I posted here with the raw emotion of those lightning downloads and veils removed by the universe, the naked truth. Another possibility is as my frequency raised, I opened genetic memories, maybe both. That goes with my DNA theory of reincarnation. I will say though at all times, it was me and is me being me. There has only ever been one here. Me. Not a thousand voices, personalities or beings in my head. Some of those times I posted I was aware of me being a more me than me. That DNA theory of mine again..

    The avatars that I assume, which I can only assume if I identify with and not pseudo or borrowed or taken, are all one and the same with different aspects of as seen from different societies, whether it be …. as Mayet, Magi, Maat, Kali, Endless Spirit, Pegasus, Sphinx, Pandora, the mother, the daughter… and .. all part of me… but that’s in my world… not even my kids live in my world.. oops they do as the mother which goes back to the highlighted words from last paragraph

    In your world you are who you are and you haven’t just assumed the source code of a being around you to change yourself into a pseudo version of them. In that way your journey is the same as my journey. To find ourselves inside us and become. So all that psycho babble of being in a raw state open to a universal current that one doesn’t just tap into every day, it’s possible that some very old code was speaking.

    @christilibrany But you seem more stable so that is good.
    perhaps a little more comfortable in my being… but I’m still me…. still like hitting the nail on the hammer 😉
    I can still babble.. but is it a lie or is it truth. Pseudo or real

    Ps back to you brushing your sheep…I find a pair of shearing brushes gets those Knots in the wool out real easy



    Springing forth from Medusa’s neck
    fed by the Gorgon’s blood,
    pain and sea foam.
    Striking hoof to the earth,
    water burst forth
    a Pierian Spring,
    a winged steed,
    raising warriors .





    So far, we have me, Jamie Barter, and mayet/Pegasus as the only actual parents here, is that right?

    This seems unusually low, given most here are old enough to have procreated.

    Are most Thelemites childless? If so, why might that be?



    I think that is probably an astute observation that most are childless but then again I have only met like 3 and only 1 had children. Perhaps due to the intense inner life of the adept needing more time and space?
    I am in a very happy marriage but I know that it is hard enough to find time for that let alone all the Work on the inside and self too, hence sinyasins and all that jazz.



    Kid has just bought new-to-him laptop: an IBM Thinkpad boat-anchor.

    Came into my study to use ethernet to download some shit to simulate his fuxored Android phone on laptop til replacement arrives in mail.

    Laptop has lots of stickers: Tristero muted post horn from The Crying Of Lot 49 (his favorite book, You Can’t Win by “Jack Black” being #2), DEA Cocaine Task Force, “Selesnia Conclave” tree symbol (Magic- The Gathering stuff), Heritage Skateboard Foundation, Waite tarot “Death” card, and… “The Mark Of The Beast” AND the A.’. A.’. seal- ???!?! Also, just borrowed AC anthology The Portable Darkness. And The Professional Thief, a ’20s criminolgy classic.




    I don’t have kids. Haven’t met the right woman.

    Ignant is your lad still into Become A Living God?

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    [OP] Dom: “… i am curious what folks may, or may not, have done as far as their children’s education.”

    ignant666: “For a philosophy/religion/practice that is more then a century old, there must be many who grew up with Thelemite parents, and grandparents, by now.”

    “A Feast for Fire and a Feast for Water[.] T Polyphilus, Ep. Gn. These ceremonies are intended to celebrate a boy’s puberty and a girl’s menarche. […] Prior to the Feast, the child who is to be honored must prepare two or three pieces, as demonstrations of competence to the community. […] The other piece(s) will demonstrate aesthetic and/or athletic proficiency, and they may consist of musical recital (instrumental or vocal), dance, dramatic monologue, gymnastics routine, martial arts demonstration, or other activities in this broad orbit. […] The Feast begins with the child’s demonstrations, and concludes with a banquet. The private ceremonies take place between these two community events. Ritual texts for these two phases are given below.” (Source: A Feast for Fire and a Feast for Water – – – https://hermetic.com/dionysos/fiwa)

    The following example from youtube.com of girls and boys dancing, could be serve as an inspiration with respect to the suggested dance in T Polyphilus’ above mentioned ceremonies for ‘A Feast for Fire and a Feast for Water’. As the boys and girls in the said feast are symbolized by, respectively, fire and water, the boys could be dressed in red, and the girls could be dressed in blue. As Crowley’s The Book of the law (III:11) contains “… Let the woman be girt with a sword before me: …”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4nczjS0j30&list=RDF4nczjS0j30&start_radio=1 – – – “Ubyh dance – …”



    As Crowley’s The Book of the law (III:11) contains “… Let the woman be girt with a sword before me: …”, the girls should also have swords.



    david: Huh? The boy has never had anything except utter indifference to spiritual/religious/occult matters since he learned to read; he did love the myths when we still read to him.

    That is, until yesterday, see my post immediately above yours, re Beast/A.’. A.’. stickers, and wanting to read AC.

    Should this new interest be sustained, i will recommend he start with martial arts and yoga, and lots of reading. The same thing i would tell anyone interested in “this stuff”.

    AC does not discuss martial arts because they did not really exist in the western mind yet in his day, but they are a good, or perhaps even the best, starting point i think. There is nothing like getting smacked in the jaw to get you to stop thinking.



    Ig: There is nothing like getting smacked in the jaw to get you to stop thinking.

    In 2004, I asked sensei (teacher), “Have you ever had time slow down?”

    “Sure,” he replied … “When you get hit.”



    I can agree martial arts would be good.
    Despite a martial household my dad started me with piano lessons. I think that helped me to learn to stop thinking at least once you get in the zone and memorise a piece. I did judo as well but I wanted to hit people not toss them so I didn’t last long.
    Funny that they even have A.:.A.:. stickers these days lol.
    Definitely wouldn’t start a kid out with yoga personally. At least the real kind; too much concentration. Martial arts or music…

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