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Frosty the Snowman
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25/02/2018 8:03 am  

Yesterday I finally got around to creating geometrical images of ideas I have had over the years vis-à-vis cobbling al together into some form of figure or another. I availed myself of the one indisputable character in the manuscript not in ccxx - the ⊗ character - to increment the number of alpha-numeric characters in the book to 23113 - a square square centered number, and I arrayed the characters in a square.

In the image below the letters are arrayed “from right to left and from top to bottom” starting with the first letter of the book at the top vertex of the square, and ending with the last letter at the bottom vertex of the square. Other squares position ⊗ at the center and are rotated.

The ⊗ centered square has the letters AIDE surrounding the ⊗ - which if the ⊗ is read as the original Phoenician letter T – the origin of the Greek Theta – it allows the five interior letters to be read AE-DIT which is identical in isopsephic value to HADIT.

It is a 20 megabyte image so I recommend saving it and opening it in an image viewer not in a browser –


The simple sum of the 428 characters of the edges of the square above (12323) equals the finals sum of Sepher Yetzirah I 8 (GRA version at and the Kaplan version)

<strong>עשר ספירות בלימה בלום פיך מלדבר ולבך מלהרהר ואם רץ פיך לדבר ולבך להרהר שוב למקום שלכך נאמר והחיות רצוא ושוב ועל דבר זה נכרת ברית</strong>

It also equals the names of the letters of Proverbs 3:13 <strong>אשרי אדם מצא חכמה ואדם יפיק תבונה</strong>

“Happy is the man that finds Wisdom, and the man that acquires Understanding.”

There you have it. There is a black an white image of the square at the same url path as the color square called alsquare.png.


Not a Rajah
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23/04/2018 3:47 pm  

"Happy is the man that finds Wisdom, and the man that acquires Understanding.”

But this is neither Understanding nor Wisdom, as it is a mental construct. However, you do seem to be happy, so carry on!

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23/04/2018 4:54 pm  

very cool! thanks for sharing this. i can't imagine how much work this was to do. for those interested in downloading the b/w version it is here:

Frosty the Snowman
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20/06/2019 7:58 pm  

I just spent an hour responding in good measure to each of you, but alas! I accidentally closed the page. Luckily, after all these years I realize that there is no perfect work of art lost forever - variations on a theme. I will start a new thread because I have uploaded the image and it may be purchased on line - call in stele in reverse.