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I came across an interesting quote tonight, "Claudius Aelianus wrote that Egyptians called the god Apollo 'Horus' in their own language."

I have not seen this referenced before although the solar connection between the two gods is clear. After reviewing the wikipedia page of Apollo I sure do see a ton of overlap between AC's interests and Apollo. I was wondering if the scholars of this forum would have references of AC's writings on the topic of Apollo and any source books or poems he would of taken as inspiration? 

Furthermore, if you would dare entertain a foray into speculative spirituality, if the above quote by Alianus is true and if Horus or Ra-Hoor-Khu is a veil for Apollo, how much Apollo is present in the 93 current either in the writings of AC or the post prophet milieu?

I note that Apollo is not included in the Gnostic Mass, where one would think it be an obvious figure to include (instead there is the unclear for what reason he appears, Apollonius Tyanæus).

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I don't recall Crowley making much of the Apollo-Horus syncretism. Both are the Sun - Apollo as Phebus, Horus as Ra - but in most other ways they differ. He identifies Horus with the war gods Ares and Mars in the relevant columns of 777, for Geburah-5, but does not name him as the Sun in Tiphereth-6. Rather, he names Ra as the main Egyptian god here. 

Since Tiphereth is the Sun, the comments on the relevant columns of 777 show the syncretisms he made:

Col. XIX Egyptian Gods

6. Asar, the prototype of man. Ra and On the Sun God. Harpocrates is of Tiphereth as being the Child. Also he is the centre, as Tiphereth is the centre of the Ruach. His body is rose-pink, as in the King Scale of Tiphereth. Hrumachis might also be placed here for the same reason. 

Col. XXXIV Greek Gods

6. Iacchus as the Holy Guardian Angel. Apollo as the God of the Sun and male beauty. Adonis, the dying-God. Dionysus and Bacchus as different aspects of this God.

Col. XXXV Roman Gods

6. Apollo, the Sun God. Bacchus, the inspirer of Harmony and Beauty; also called Aurora, Goddess of Dawn, rose-pink of Tiphereth. 

Here are some others I can think of -

"Hymn to Apollo"

Part of the trinity of Dionysus, Aphrodite, Apollo as wine, women, and song, in "Energized Enthusiasm," parts IV and IX.

The little story “Apollo bestows the violin,” with poetry that invokes the sun -