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La Gauloise: Aleister Crowley at the Clavier  


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09/11/2009 9:10 am  

On The Beast Speaks Aleister sings a jolly ditty called La Gauloise, the one which ends Vive la France!

You can hear it at s">
At least I think it is him singing - the voice seems a bit deep; but some people have different singing and speaking voices.

The recording puzzles me.
1. When was the recording made? Crowley wrote the poem in 1942.
2. When were the other Crowley recordings made? I have seen a date of "1910-1914", which seems unlikely.
3. Is it Crowley singing?
4. Is it Crowley at the keyboard? It sounds to me like the singer is also the piano player. I think he would have played some instrument, but I can't remember ever having seen a mention of him playing one.

I also posted this at alt.magick