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Orgies of Cant  


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28/05/2014 4:21 am  

"We are in for one of our periodical orgies of Cant."

This is the first sentence of the first Work with Aleister Crowley named as author, published in America. That is as far as my research informs me.

What I would like to know from you all, is Why, you think he spelled Kant with a C? Was it a reference to Cunt? Wouldn't THAT have been the perfect first sentence?

Does any you know? I suspect not. Just one of those play on Proper names, that now 100 years later, I ponder.

Kant once wrote, 'Do what is right, though the world might perish.' Or something like that.

I tend to believe Crowley was a believer in Natural Law as a moral philosophy, not Deontology or Utilitarianism.

What is an orgy of Cant?

William Thirteen
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28/05/2014 6:39 am  

Cant -
hypocritical and sanctimonious talk, typically of a moral, religious, or political nature.
"he had no time for the cant of the priests about sin"
synonyms: hypocrisy, sanctimoniousness, sanctimony, humbug, pietism, affected piety, insincerity, sham, lip service, empty talk, pretence

what was the name of the work?

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28/05/2014 9:41 am  

From the Cambridge dictionary site -

English definition of “cant”
noun       /kænt/ 

› statements, especially on religious or moral subjects, that are not sincerely believed by the person making them:
Shelley's friendship with Byron was rooted in their shared contempt for cant and hypocrisy.

› special words used by a particular group of people such as thieves, lawyers, or priests, often in order to keep things secret
  (Definition of cant noun from the  Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus  © Cambridge University Press)

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28/05/2014 10:35 am  

AC uses the word in a few other places.

From the Commentaries:
AL II.25:  "Ye are against the people, O my chosen!"

The cant of democracy condemned.  It is useless to pretend that men are equal; facts are against it.  And we are not going to stay, dull and contented as oxen, in the ruck of humanity.

From the Blue Equinox - a review of THE DORIS CASE OF MULTIPLE PERSONALITY. By WALTER F. PRINCE, Ph.D., and JAMES H. HYSLOP, Ph.D (pp287-288):

Here are a few typical “Nuggets of Wisdom” from the sittings:
“They are not so clear about the life here as they will be when they come
but they mean all right. I had faith too but the knowledge is better. I had in
mind a prayer that I used to want her to say long ago for I felt it important to
pray and teach her to say the little prayer." (1917, p. 327.)
If this isn’t mediumistic cant, I should like to know what is!

Cant (n) insincere talk. 1709 or earlier "a whining manner of  speaking, especially of beggars." Borrowed from the Old North French canter (to sing) from which we get chant. The latin Cantare was used as a contemptuous reference to church services. Source: Chambers Dictionary of Etymology.

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28/05/2014 11:34 pm  

what was the name of the work?

"Honesty Is the Best Policy"

Thanks for all of this. I feel like a fool for not looking up the word first, but I suppose because he capitalized Cant, that I assumed it was a reference to a proper name.

I can still imagine my theory was correct...Cant I?

jamie barter
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29/05/2014 11:32 am  

For the benefit of those who may not have come across it before, since it’s such a little gem it’s worth repeating:

“You mentioned Cant and I was shocked, so shocked!
You know, where I come from none of the girls have such foul tongues...
Guess I was wrong because you fled
Leaving me with my Michelin guide and a half empty foreign bed”

(Ron Mael, Hasta mañana monsieur)

Norma N Joy Conquest