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Please solve this!

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How come the Aeon of Osiris suddenly turns out to be the time of the Lion king, when the Aeon of Isis is the time of the fish and this does not make any sence acording to astrology, and does not comply with the fact that Horus is the age of Aquriarius???

From the Book of Thoot. Could someone please (the word I dont know how to spell)..... pretty...I am asking ou to tell me hiw it is, tell ne something else that makes sence.

Above all I´ll give my heart to Venus, my love.

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You appear to be a little confused about some very basic material, none of it relative to the "literary" Forum or really of any significance to a site that is home of The Aleister Crowley Society.

You'll find most of your questions answered by way of a Google search and others by reference to Crowley's Book Of Thoth and Magick.

LAShTAL.COM is not a beginners' site and does not offer an introduction to Thelemic principles. Please take the trouble to read the Forum Guidelines:

Such questions are by their very nature distracting, and it is not the job of any member to perform the duties of a researcher for anyone else. This policy is to the advantage of the forums as a whole, since it is normal for genuinely knowledgeable persons (those best placed to answer such questions) not to reply to that type of question; and so any replies are likely to be written by other novices, and will therefore tend to be incomplete or even misleading.

I've locked this thread.

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