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"The Cactus" never existed

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Ignant666 recently referred me to AC and the Peyote Papers, which were heralded on this site, but overlooked by myself.

Now there's not much "new" in those Papers that we haven't already read and known. But one interesting fact stood out.

In my book, Coruscatio - The Magical Cactus Voice, which was designed to replace the "lost" Cactus book, I repeated the "usual" statement by saying:

"Dedicated to the Lost Liber: The Cactus, Liber CMXXXIV - 934 - "An elaborate study of the psychological effects produced by Anhalonium Lewinii (Mescal Buttons), compiled from the actual records of some hundreds of experiments; with an explanatory essay." "All known copies of The Cactus appear to have gone missing sometime after World War II. It is generally believed that no copy survives."

But then the Peyote Papers announced this amazing profundity:

"In 1928 Crowley wrote to his close friend and student, the English writer Gerald Joseph Yorke (1901 – 1983),
saying: "The Cactus was ever written. What existed was a package containing something like 100 records of people who experimented with anhalonium lewinii."

""Apparently these ‘records’ were destroyed by British Customs during the 1920s."

- The Cactus and the Beast (Patrick Everitt 2016)

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I presume you meant never written. That's interesting. Maybe it was just a germ in his eye.