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545660503The Getty Images site remains a fascinating resource. Recent additions include what I’m given to understand is a previously unpublished photograph of Aleister Crowley (above) and some behind-the-scenes images from the London, 1971, filming of Lucifer Rising.

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The caption beside the photo reads: Crowley, Aleister -1875-1947 – writer and painter, 68 – 1931

The photo is from the “Ulstein Bilderdienst”, possibly related to the Ullstein-Verlag, being a well-known, still extant publishing house.


William Thirteen

AC met with one of the editors at Ullstein in November 1931 to discuss writing for them, so this photo may have been taken in connection with that, or it may have been created as part of the press package for the exhibition of his paintings which opened the month before.