Grant’s ‘The Magical Revival’ Reprint

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‘The Magical Revival’ is currently being prepared for reprint, and will go to the printers next week. This is a straightforward reprint of the 2010 edition, and will appear in two formats: hardbound and softbound. This image shows the back, spine and front of the softbound edition. More news when the book goes to the printers.

Thanks to Michael Staley for the information…

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Michael Staley

Thanks to Paul for posting this. The Magical Revival is the first title in a programme of bring all the volumes of the Typhonian Trilogies back into print. The next reprint will be Outside the Circles of Time, and thereafter we shall work through sequentially from Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God onwards.

Whilst the programme of reprints is under way, we shall also be publishing new material, such as the first volume of The Selected Letters of Kenneth Grant, and a collection of unpublished essays from the 1950s. There will be more information in subsequent announcements.


Beautiful news.


Excellent news indeed.

Congratulations on finally getting some softcovers out too! That will increase circulation exponentially, one would imagine?

Looking forward to the letters/essays!
Still digging into Aeon of Maat. Very deep and great introduction so far.