Gregory von Seewald’s Library For Sale

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Gregory von Seewald’s personal library being offered for sale.

Following the tragic passing of Greg in May of 2013, his daughters have now decided to offer his extensive library for sale in the hope that many of his prized belongings will find good homes.

On offer will be rare Thelemic and other occult books, Crowley ephemera, Marcelo Motta literature and signed items of considerable interest and scarcity that likely will not come on to the market often. Greg’s daughters are slowly sorting through these items, which will be posted as they are catalogued and priced. Prices are pitched as being very fair, and some items are open to offers being made as well. If you are interested, please go and have a look at the link below.

The offering of a library such as Greg’s is a once in a lifetime chance to see and acquire items that have been collected with care and love by a committed Thelemite over many, many years.

Gregory von Seewald’s Library for sale

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