High Quality Scans of Liber Al – Petition [Updated]

petition has been launched to ask the OTO to release high quality scans of Liber Al vel Legis. 

NB: This site has had no role in the publication of the petition. It is mentioned here (on behalf of Bethsheba Ashe) as a service to members.

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Apparently nobody has signed it yet. So I just did – seems like a good idea to me


I cannot see the point of this. I also can’t see much harm.
I won’t sign the petition though, because I think petitions are bad.

Michael Staley

I can see a point. There are some people who want to carry out detailed research on the original manuscript. It’s not something which particularly interests me, but on the other hand there are all sorts of things which are of intense interest to me but leave others cold. I signed this petition on some Facebook page a few days ago. I don’t think petitions are bad, but each to his own, Alan.


93 All… Um, I did sign it and I do fully support the publishing of color scans of Liber XXXI but I did not start the petition… Usually I avoid them as especially in this case it doesn’t matter how many desire it or would be willing to produce it. It is not up for a popular vote.

I would dearly LOVE to have this manifested… I can still recall the sensation of actually *holding* the manuscript in my hands… it is only a matter of time, may it happen in my lifetime!

Love is the law, love under will.