In Memoriam: Bill Heidrick

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I am saddened by news of the passing of Bill Heidrick. Back in the day, it was Bill who kept the flame alight through the publication of Crowley’s writings on the internet and, before that, through the Bulletin Boards. He was always enormously generous with his time.

The OTO’s Fr Sabazius announced Bill’s passing:

‘It’s impossible to overstate the magnitude of his service to the development of the modern O.T.O. and the world community of Thelemites, not just in his Treasury and administrative roles, but also as a scholar and archivist, and as a senior member who was always willing to engage in friendly correspondence with…basically anyone. O.T.O. would be a very different organization without his influence, and I honestly doubt that I’d be a member of it. He was one of the nicest, funniest, and most idealistic (and stubborn) people I have ever met.’

Godspeed, Bill Heidrick | The Invisible Basilica of Sabazius | Essays, speeches, commentary, and rituals by the National Grand Master of OTO USA (

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Well, I for one, am sad to learn of the death of Bill Heidrick. He had a legendary history, of course, but I only first had any contact with him in March to May of this year. I had been translating sections of the Kabbala Denudata from the jpgs which he had put online sometime ago and wanted to ask his permission to include some of them with my text, in the possible event that it ever got published. He was slow to respond and apologised for the fact that he had been busy “whacking weeds” among other things. Anyway,… Read more »