In Memoriam: Steffi Grant

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From Michael Staley of the Typhonian Order:

‘It is with great sadness that I am announcing the recent death of Steffi Grant. She passed away at a hospital in north-west London on 6th October after a short illness. It was agreed with her family not to announce her death until after the funeral, which took place yesterday afternoon.

‘A highly-skilled artist whose work was integral to Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Trilogies, she was also an extremely good writer, as attested by her enthralling Introduction to ‘Zos Speaks!’ as well as several essays of hers throughout the Carfax Monographs.

‘On behalf of Steffi’s family, I would like to thank Professor Henrik and Maria Bogdan for flying from Sweden to attend the funeral, and Robert and Aïsha Shehu-Ansell for the long-distance drive to take part.’

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R.I.P. Mrs. Grant and thank you for your great contributions to life, art, and the occult.


R.i.p.Steffi Grant!


“There is joy in the setting-out; there is joy in the journey; there is joy in the goal.” (Liber XC/22)

Michael Staley

I first met Steffi Grant in the early 1980s. After Kenneth Grant’s death in 2011, I worked closely with her on the systematic republication of the Typhonian Trilogies. She was very generous in allowing me full access to Kenneth Grant’s papers, typescripts and correspondence, since her main concern after her husband’s death was to preserve and build on his legacy. Steffi was born in Berlin on 1st December 1923 into a Jewish family, and they came to the UK as refugees shortly before the Second World War, being settled in London. She met Kenneth in 1941, and they married in… Read more »


Thank you for sharing this Mr. Staley. My deepest condolences for the loss of your friend.

Michael Staley

Thank you, frater121. She was an extraordinary person, and I miss her very much.


Her art was such an inspiration to me. My sincere love goes out to her family and friends.