Interview: J Daniel Gunther

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We spoke with esoteric author J Daniel Gunther about his now seminal texts on Thelemic magick, Initiation in the Aeon of the Child and last year’s The Angel and The Abyss, and in particular the system of initiation of the A∴A∴, of which he has emerged as that movement’s most prominent teacher.

“The system of the A∴A∴ is a system of scientific rigor, scientific illuminism.”

During the interview, while discussing his global lecture series on Duplexity with officers of O.T.O., he had stated that they had come into areas where local O.T.O. bodies had requested them to lecture on this most prominent contemporary issue within the Thelemic movement. As pointed out by Mr Gunther after the interview, a clarification of that statement should be made – some American O.T.O. bodies were not, necessarily as welcoming locally; there is, however, unequivocal support from the U.S. Grand Lodge of O.T.O; this points out the ongoing evolution of this issue, the need for the work these lectures are providing on healing the same breach.

We hope you enjoy our discussion.

“A political perspective that we can call our own, yes, its called Liber Oz. I can’t think of anything that’s more succinct and sums up our point of view, its basically, very much to the point.”


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