J Edward Cornelius: ‘Essays No.1’

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From the A.’.A.’. Lineage who brought you Red Flame, A Thelemic Research Journal, The Aleister Crowley Desk Reference and The Magical Essence of Aleister Crowley and many other classics: 


There are 37 different essays in this book.

Many were written in response to a student’s request for information which they deemed not clearly explained in Crowley’s writings. Since many students ask the same questions, J Edward Cornelius started writing his replies in the form of essays which could later be handed out or emailed to other students who might be asking the same if not similar questions. In this light the essays run the gamut of thought from easy magickal foundational information to more intricate theories related to the Qabalistic spheres on the Tree of Life in which the student resides. It is also important to note that some of these essays were written to male students, while others were written to female students. All these essays are considered foundational stones designed to open a dialogue between a student and their teacher on often difficult topics.

A limited edition of 200 hardback copies. At present there are no paperback editions. Each book is black cloth, 6×9, no dust jacket, 300 pages. Every book is a signed copy.

The essays included in Volume I are No.1 to No.37 in the private archive. If you would like to review these along with a short blurb as to their contents, visit: http://www.cornelius93.com/untitled1.html

RELEASE DATE : March 1st 2015

​Prior to the official release they can only be purchased through:


$65.00 plus Postage & Handling — $11 U.S., $31 International

To reserve your copy, email: Cornelius93@aol.com 

Sorry, no Credit Cards or PayPal


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