Jimmy Page indexing his books during lockdown – Led Zeppelin News

At last! Something I have in common with Mr Page… This could well prove to be a very significant piece of news for this site.

Jimmy Page has spent lockdown indexing his books, he said in a new BBC radio interview.


Page spoke to Zoe Ball on July 22 to promote the release of “Scarlet,” a 1974 song he recorded with The Rolling Stones which will be released on their expanded edition of “Goats Head Soup.”


Ball asked Page what he’s been doing during lockdown. “I’ve been going through, I’ve been sorting out and indexing my books. I’m actually in the countryside,” Page said.


“There have been a lot of things that have come down here like boxes of records, boxes of books and I got a chance to really index everything and my records etc. And I’ve been playing some guitar as well. I’ve been putting the time to good use.”

Source: Jimmy Page said he’s been indexing his books during lockdown – Led Zeppelin News

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A friend, who was in the book business, used to recount being consistently outbid by a representative of Mr. Page’s, with a seemingly unlimited funds, at auctions in London back in the 70’s…I am sure there are a number of gems to be indexed…


Suffice to say Al was not a fan… with a ever a ready barrage of spicy derisive verbal cavalcades, soto voce grumbled upon those whom might interfere with his livelihood…to which the democratization of the book biz by Amazon represented the penultimate affront…he did though characterize the seventies around memories of the bloussom shiksas bouncing in emblazoned tee shirts bearing the baloonaged hype rock band’s stigmata to be worthy of further envious appreciation as he was like an robert crumb come to life where the soundtrack was more zappa beef heart upon full reverie of having seen the great jazz… Read more »