Fortified Island Journal #4 Out Now

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Fortified Island #4 is out now. Content includes:

Editorial: Paths of Thelema
The Arkay Agam Mageia. Ordo Mizbe’ah and the Katharos Lineage – John Hope
An Informal Introduction to the O.’.A.’.
The Magick of Earth and Stars – Oliver St. John
Is Mise Erin – John-Paul Patton & the Land Herself
The Book of the Balance and Autumnal Equinox – Frater D
Lebor na Grainne (Irish Sun Adoration) – John-Paul Patton
A Commentary on Basic Adorations



Digital copies of the fourth issue of Fortified Island, the journal of the Irish Order of Thelema are now available for online viewing and download. The document is embedded below. This journal is offered without charge, produced by our members and friends at their own cost and time. In the light of this we always welcome any donation you can offer. 

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