Keys to the Hoodoo Kingdom by Sean Woodward

Now available from Hell Fire Club Books, exploring the mysteries of the Voudon Gnostic, Typhonian and Thelemic traditions by a Grand Master of OTOA-LCN and Bishop of EGS.

A Review of Sean Woodward’s book, Keys to the Hoodoo Kingdom, by Dr Arturo Royal:

Keys to the Hoodoo Kingdom is a masterpiece. I read it in about three days. Which is fast for me; and that is due to the brilliant seamless simplicity of Sean’s language on the page. Sean Woodward’s wording in this book is very direct and matter of fact, but what he’s conveying, through his simple yet elegant ‘conversation’, is a multilayered work of art, which depth and meaning is inexhaustible. KHK is a sacred and profane book, and grimoire, but it is so in the way Crowley’s the Book of the Law is so. Although not so much a “revealed” book but a guided book, guided by both Sean’s decades of learned wisdom and gnosis and by his Spirits. This is a very, very ‘human’ book, made by a man; by his hands, his mind and heart.

Keys goes beyond the confines of definition in both the magickal and literary arts, for aside from the profound storage of magickal wisdom and depth of gnosis, there is also a very human component in KHK which brings the reader directly to the bare bones experience of what it is like and what it means to be a human being working within a very (sur)real life and magickal ecosystem.

This book is truly a Master’s “gift” to his Chela: the parting of true gnosis in the form of actual and deeply personal EXPERIENCE. Sean draws from his real life adventures, both magickal and mundane (at times within the same breath!) to impart to the reader layers of sacred and hyper-occult knowledge. It is unprecedented! A true modern grimoire, its chapters vary from deeply heartfelt and poignant to surrealist sci-fi, and always imparting technical and workable occult knowledge, and always directly to the core of human experience. It is an unbelievable tour-de-force of a book that could be read once and enjoyed; however, it’s going to take several hundred more readings for me to “find” more and more “keys”; as I’m quite sure it will be for many. Although always an exciting and actually entertaining reading nonetheless! I KNOW there’s a vast universe waiting for me between the hardbound covers of this outer/inner space grimoire. And I’m going to study the glyph-words in Keys to the Hoodoo Kingdom with the same joy, alacrity and attentiveness of an archeologist discovering arcane hieroglyphics found on the inside walls of some long ago buried pyramid.

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