LAShTAL List 1: Misc Books From The Archive

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These items are available for purchase direct from the owner and editor of LAShTAL.COM, Home of The Aleister Crowley Society. They are offered to collectors from a private collection – profits will be used towards the costs of running and developing the site and its allied projects.

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Further lists will be published regularly. This list consists of a range of items to suit most interests and pockets – future lists will focus on specific subjects.

Read on for the list…

Adamski, George             Behind The Flying Saucer Mystery

Paperback Library 1967, paperback, 160pp.

Good to Very Good, given its age and cheapness of production. Shelf-worn, title page has a slight cut, gift note on inside cover – but still holding together well, unlike most copies you find of this one. First Printing as stated on the copyright page.   £10.00 Ref ID: EM005

Bertiaux, Michael            Cosmic Meditation        

Fulgur 2007, hardback in slipcase, 86pp, illus.

As New in As New dustjacket and As New slipcase. A beautiful book, signed by the author. Number 19 of 77 copies thus. Colour frontispiece tipped in. An introduction to a way of thinking, Cosmic Meditation explores the universe from the standpoint of the spiritist philosophy. Through a simple, but multi-layered narrative the author guides the reader on an inner journey of exploration, making connections between the metaphysical and spiritist philosophies. The original work was privately printed and appeared in limited numbers nearly thirty years ago. In this new edition the text has been revised, corrected and augmented with a new introduction and many illustrations drawn especially for this edition.       £250.00                Ref ID: TH002

Charpentier, Louis          The Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral     

Research Into Lost Knowledge Organisation 1975, paperback, 190pp, illus.

Good. First English edition. Highly acclaimed text presents the author’s insight into the history and mystery of lost knowledge of the cathedral of Chartres. This book refers back to deep sources of divine knowledge, unveiling answers regarding the manifestation of a secret communicated to mankind by occult or mystical means, which required the services of a man equipped to receive a Dedication in occult language, a man competent to translate the message into numbers and a master craftsman who knew what he was about and could express such numbers or relationships in curves, verticals and volumes.    £39.00 Ref ID:   EM009

Collins, Andrew                               Gods Of Eden   

Headline 1998, hardback with dustjacket, 372pp

Near Fine in Near Fine dustjacket. A scarce first edition in this condition. A groundbreaking historical documentation of the secret history of pre-Pharonic Egypt and the race of angels that built it.    £38.00 Ref ID: EG001

Douglas, Alfred                The Tarot            

Victor Gollancz 1972, paperback in dustjacket, proof copy, 254pp, illus.

Very Good in Good dustjacket. Paperback ‘Uncorrected Proof’ of the first edition so poor quality paper covers. A rare opportunity to buy a near unique version of this classic!   £35.00 Ref ID: OC003

Evans, Hilary                      Visions – Apparitions – Alien Visitors     

BCA 1984, hardback, 320pp

As New in As New dustjacket. A comparative study of the entity enigma. Deals with the study of ghosts, apparitions, astral doubles, alien visitors, and the many other non-human entities. A careful analysis and assessment, including the latest theoretical approaches. Interesting chapter on Crowley at Loch Ness.   £17.50   Ref ID: EM007

Frater Shiva                        Inside Solar Lodge, Behind The Veil       

Desert Star Temple 2012, paperback, 314 pp, illus.

Near Fine. First edition. Foreword by Martin P. Starr. This paperbound copy includes the scarce author-signed bookplate usually only seen in the hardbacks. Very scarce.           £85.00 Ref ID: TH001

Gardner, Laurence          Bloodline of the Holy Grail        

Element 1996, hardback, 490pp, illus.

Fine in Near Fine (price-clipped) dustjacket. Jesus married Mary Magdalene, and she was pregnant with his child when he was crucified at Qumran, not Golgotha as it is usually thought. Mary delivered a male child before she and her son were spirited out of Palestine to France, where she died. This child became the scion of an amazing genealogy that terminates in the House of Stuart. Furthermore, that house did not expire but flourishes to this day. Still with me? This book is an amazing patchwork of scholarly trappings and dizzying detail, stitched together with myth and fable, until it arrives at the amazing argument that indeed the Crown of England properly belongs to the Line of David through Jesus Christ himself. A surprisingly good read. £23.50   Ref ID: EM004

Harper, Clive                     Revised Notes Towards a Bibliography of Austin Osman Spare 

Holmes 1999, stapled booklet, 44pp        As New. Signed by author on title page. Includes some apparent handwritten amendments by author.     £22.00                 Ref ID: TH003

Ligotti, Thomas                Grimscribe: His Lives and Works             

Robinson Publishing 1991, hardback, 214pp

Famous for its dustjacket illustration of Aleister Crowley, this is a superb collection of chilling short stories by Ligotti. This first edition book is in Fine condition with a Fine dustjacket. It is signed by Ligotti on the title page. SOLD                Ref ID: FC001

Lorenzen, Coral                                The Great Flying Saucer Hoax   

William-Frederick Press (for Aerial Phenomena Research Organization) 1962, hardback, 257pp, numerous illus.Good to Very Good, edges slightly bumped, bookseller’s sticker, etc. No dustjacket, although parts have been inserted loosely into the book. A rare title. Chapter titles give an indication of the contents of this important work: Chapter headings include: In the beginning; No other answer; 1952- the first landing; 1954 – Europe and South America; The “Contacts” Flying Saucers and censorship; Test or Attack; Physical evidence; More keys to the puzzle.          £52.00                  Ref ID: EM002

McIntosh, Christopher  The Astrologers and Their Creed

             Arrow 1971, paperback, 191pp, illus.

Very Good – some shelf wear but appears to be unread. A highly respected history of astrology and astrologers by the much admired author of ‘The Rosy Cross Unveiled’.           £7.50    Ref ID: OC001

Michel, Aimé                    Flying Saucers and the Straight-Line Mystery    

Criterion 1958, hardback, 285pp, illus.     First edition. Fair to Good – no dustjacket. Seller’s label, etc. Tight reading copy.     £28.00 Ref ID: EM006

Ouroboros Press              Picatrix Vol I     

Ouroboros 2002, hardback, 174pp

Fine in Fine dustjacket. Limited first edition (1,000 numbered copies). A grimoire originally written in Arabic titled Ġāyat al-Ḥakīm, which most scholars assume was written in the middle of the 11th century.            £166.00                 Ref ID: OC004

Raudive, Konstantin       Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead     

Colin Smythe 1971, hardback with dustjacket, 391pp, illus.

Very Good in Good dustjacket. A classic of psychical research. First edition – very rare.    £58.00 Ref ID: PR001

Regardie, Israel                                The Art and Meaning of Magic 

Helios Books 1971, hardback, 100pp.       Good (gilt titles on cover and spine are bright, but owner name and stamps inside) – no dustjacket. A ‘bird’s eye view of the whole field of magic, covering divination, evocation, invocation, vision and initiation.’                SOLD OC005

Robinson, John J              Born In Blood   

Guild 1991, hardback, 376pp, illus.

Near Fine in Near Fine dustjacket. Historian Robinson persuasively links Freemasonary’s origins and goals to the once powerful and wealthy Knights Templar order.
£22.00   Ref ID: OC006

von Daniken, Erich          Gold Of The Gods           

BCA 1974, hardback with dustjacket, 216pp, 61 b/w illustrations and line drawings             Near Fine in Near Fine dustjacket. The contention that long ago, planet earth hosted extra-terrestrial beings, drives the author on to search the cave systems of South America.          £11.00 Ref ID: EM001

Wilkins, Robert                                The Fireside Book of Death        

Robert Hale 1990, hardback, 256pp, numerous illus.

Near Mint in Very Good dustjacket. Surprisingly scarce. First edition. Anthology of bizarre, humorous and irreverent anecdotes on the macabre aspects of death and dying.            £17.50 Ref ID: EM008

Williams, Jerry J               Contemporary Astrology             

Sherbourne Press 1977, hardback, 362pp, illus.   Very Good (owner’s signature and stamp) in Very Good dustjacket. A handsome first edition of an influential tome.         £23.50 Ref ID:   OC002

Wilson, Robert Anton   The Widow’s Son           

Bluejay 1985, paperback, 343pp

Very Good, unmarked internally, spine uncracked, creased on rear cover. Scarce first edition. Vol 2 of The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles £14.00 Ref ID: RW001

Wood, David                     Genisis, the First Book of Revelations  

The Baton Press 1985, hardback, 309pp, numerous illus.

Very Good – no dustjacket. First edition. Further investigation into the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau & Berenger Saunier. Black cloth boards with gilt lettering to spine. £32.50 Ref ID: EM003

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