Lecture: Aleister Crowley & Wicca (Australia)

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Saturday 9 February 2013: Buratti Fine Art – 222 Queen Victoria Street, North Fremantle, Western Australia

Aleister Crowley is most associated with his magical-spiritual philosophy of Thelema and the Orders he reformed or created to promote it, but his influence can be found within modern Witchcraft or Wicca which uses his magic and writings to high degree. This lecture will explore how this occured, noting several different theories and revealing a side to Wicca not known by many of its modern adherents.

An illustrated lecture presented by Peregrin Wildoak.

Peregrin Wildoak was born in Warwickshire, UK and emigrated to Perth, Western Australia at age 12, where he has lived ever since. In his youth he came into contact with the western mystery traditions and was initiated into the Golden Dawn. He has also received initiation and training in several other traditions including Wicca and an Isis Mystery School. Peregrin is a former editor of Pagan Times and Greenspirit, and co-founded the EarthDreaming tradition and the Golden Dawn Society of Western Australia.

Limited numbers, so rsvp fast by email to mail@buratti.com.au or phone 08 9433 6369 to secure a spot.

Sponsored by New Dawn Magazine, and Buratti Fine Art.


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