Liber Loagaeth & Aleister Crowley – Zero Equals Two

Follow the link to a fascinating article by Frater Orpheus…

Crowley copied Liber Loagaeth while studying the Enochian material found in Elias Ashmole’s collection held at the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford.  In the early part of November 1909, just days before he would leave for Algeria with Neuburg, Crowley would visit the library and painstakingly copy this liber into the journal presented here.  But it is not known how, or if ever, he intended on using it.

Source: Liber Loagaeth & Aleister Crowley – Zero Equals Two!

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Well the handwriting is interesting as it provides an example of AC’s handwriting in a different context than Liber Legis to which only via some study do peculiar common characteristics seem to bleed through….