‘Magick Without Fear: The Gerald Suster Letters’ by George T Mortimer

Gerald Suster (1951-2001) was a prolific writer, historian and Thelemite. Best known for his biographies of Aleister Crowley (The Legacy of the Beast) & Israel Regardie (Crowley’s Apprentice), he was often described as a somewhat controversial and provocative character.

This volume comprises of the full collection of personal letters he wrote in correspondence with occult student George T Mortimer, spanning over eight years from 1992 until near his death at the beginning of 2001. They reveal an exclusive insight into this unique and complex character.

ISBN: 978-1-326-67860 428 pages. Perfect-bound paperback. Weight: 2.59 lbs. Dimensions: 8.26″ wide x 11.69″ tall (A4 format).


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Michael Staley

I don’t think it’s that hefty a price; in terms of number of pages, seems substantial. I knew Gerald on and off over the years. Though we differed on some points – in particular, about our respective estimates of Kenneth Grant – we had much in common as Thelemites and I respected him.


What an utterly fabulous book. It’s no dry series of magical detail, but should interest anyone who simply is intrigued by Suster and his writings without being a practitioner of the occult themselves. I especially like the large format and reproduction of the letters themselves rather than re-typeset transcriptions. There are magazine columns and other bits and pieces by both GS and Mortimer too, and Suster’s Crowley screenplay takes up a hefty page count too. Way, way better than even I hoped for.