‘Magick Without Fear: The Gerald Suster Letters’ by George T Mortimer

Gerald Suster (1951-2001) was a prolific writer, historian and Thelemite. Best known for his biographies of Aleister Crowley (The Legacy of the Beast) & Israel Regardie (Crowley’s Apprentice), he was often described as a somewhat controversial and provocative character.

This volume comprises of the full collection of personal letters he wrote in correspondence with occult student George T Mortimer, spanning over eight years from 1992 until near his death at the beginning of 2001. They reveal an exclusive insight into this unique and complex character.

ISBN: 978-1-326-67860 428 pages. Perfect-bound paperback. Weight: 2.59 lbs. Dimensions: 8.26″ wide x 11.69″ tall (A4 format).


5 comments on “‘Magick Without Fear: The Gerald Suster Letters’ by George T Mortimer

  1. mortimer Post author

    My apologies for the somewhat hefty price. Making the book available for global distribution means that retailers like Amazon love to take a rather large slice of the pie (actually, pretty much all the pie). If you want the book cheaper, keep an eye out for regular publisher discount codes here: http://www.lulu.com/home

  2. Michael Staley

    I don’t think it’s that hefty a price; in terms of number of pages, seems substantial. I knew Gerald on and off over the years. Though we differed on some points – in particular, about our respective estimates of Kenneth Grant – we had much in common as Thelemites and I respected him.

    1. mortimer Post author

      Yes, I’m certain you are mentioned somewhere within these letters, Michael, although exactly where I cannot quite find at short notice. However, I recall that respect being expressed as mutual despite the different points of view held between the two of you. One other thing that might also be of interest to potential readers – which I failed to mention – is that there is an additional appendix in the book of Gerald’s unfinished screenplay ‘666: The Life of Aleister Crowley’. Special thanks must go to Jamie Barter for allowing me to reproduce it within the pages, and hopefully between James and I, we’ll be able to complete it to a standard that is in line with Gerald’s original vision. It might turn out a little long to qualify as a feature film, but there is also the possibility of turning it into a miniseries, or even graphic novel (which might be another gateway to film perhaps).

  3. sandyboy

    What an utterly fabulous book. It’s no dry series of magical detail, but should interest anyone who simply is intrigued by Suster and his writings without being a practitioner of the occult themselves. I especially like the large format and reproduction of the letters themselves rather than re-typeset transcriptions. There are magazine columns and other bits and pieces by both GS and Mortimer too, and Suster’s Crowley screenplay takes up a hefty page count too. Way, way better than even I hoped for.

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