Talk on a new biography of Lady Frieda Harris

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I went to a very interesting talk by Christina of Treadwells Bookshop, Store St, off Tottenham Court Road on 29th October.

She is beginning to write a biography of Lady Frieda Harris who created the Crowley Harris Tarot with Aleister Crowley during WW2.

I am particularly interested in this as my book on this tarot deck ‘My Dear Aleister’ has included many letters between Frieda and Aleister when they were painting, drawing and designing the cards.

Christina has much research to do in covering Frieda’s life as there is not all that much material that is easily available. I was able to give a short talk on my book to the assembled throng. This went down well and I felt very uplifted that Lady Harris’s contribution to Thelema is now being thoroughly recognised.

I look forward to reading Christina’s book when it eventually is published.

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