Meeting Aleister Crowley and his Magic: Marco Visconti

Treadwells, London, on Tuesday 21 March 2017

Meeting Aleister Crowley and his Magic – Evening Mini-Workshop – Marco Visconti

For people curious about the man, his philosophy and his magic. This ‘mini-workshop’ offers a highlight-filled introductory tour of the key godforms, symbols and rituals which make up Thelema. Its an engaging interactive two-hour evening with imagery, slides, demonstrations and discussion. Whether you’re an artist exploring sigils and glyphs, or a musician curious about what Jimmy Page is so keen on, or a personal explorer — all are welcome.

Marco Visconti studied Religious Anthropology at Rome’s La Sapienza and Audio Engineering at Milan’s SAE, then worked 15 years as a touring musician. He’s been a Thelemite for 20 years and is an O.T.O. initiate and a Deacon in the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, currently an officer London’s AMeTh Lodge.

Price: £20 ring or book online
Time: Arrive 6.50 pm for 7 pm start. Ends 9.15 pm

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